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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Jedburgh Academy

October 27 & 28 - St. Maries Annex Dojo: Combatives in street clothing & Handgun Tactics at Contact Range

Details: www.Jedburgh.Academy

Saturday, August 25, 2018

K says...

If you've been there, feel free to comment.  If you've never been there - shut up and let the grown-ups talk.
The guy knows what he is doing.  He's trained.

It is what it is...

Chinese Military Joining Russians for Nuclear War Games - of course they are, according to plans that are now 75 years old.  Golitsyn. - Here

Chinese Communist Party Funds Washington Think Tanks - of course they are... Golitsyn.  President Trump is the only American in a position to be our McCarthy and make it stick. - Here.

Football participation declines for the second consecutive year nationally - of course it is... Trump - Winning. It's not about 'Hail President Trump' - it's about 'Fuck all those other guys who never used the power we gave them to do the right thing' - Here

52.1% of Kids Live in Households Getting Means-Tested Government Assistance - of course they do... See 'Golitsyn' and 'Parasites' and 'Patriots who take FedGov & StateGov welfare' (we can provide pics if requested) - Story is here.  (God bless CNS - one of the very few real media companies out there.)

Blain Lives!
Yes, boys and girls, 90% of StateGov and FedGov jobs are simply forms of welfare for people who could never hold a job in the private sector.  Here's a language version of the arithmetic for those of you who are not quite reaching mean IQ: Little Mason Dixon Soldier/Trainer/Survivalist/Wannabe Blain (from Terminator)  can't make a living in the private sector, so he takes a job in StateGov Welfare, moving (primarily) political prisoners from point X to point Y.  He is paid from taxpayer dollars.  He re-pays a share of those taxpayer dollars every April (That's part of the little taking-it-in-the-ass he has to pay to his Commie/Collectivist/Tyrannic job-masters for largesse - yes, my friends, a pillow-biter is a pillow-biter, no matter how they take it.  End of story.) .  But he never pays as much as he keeps - thus Taxpayer-funded welfare Job Corps - btw, 90% of the 'job' consists of keeping Liberty-denied Americans on the train...

Why work when dumbass Americans
pay me to stay home and zip-line?!
So to all of the Lane's and Dodge's out there raising kids & grandkids who are taught it's OK to receive the stolen wealth of your neighbors - Huzzah!  You are winning the fight of tyrants!

Regarding all the POTUS drama: President Trump is not the cause of the drama - he is the result of our intolerance of the problem.  He is where he is because we needed X and he answered the call.  You have witnessed the most focused and direct attack on our values from the Left at Donald Trump.

We put him there to answer our pleas for help.

If you abandon him now - you are a disgrace. 

If they take him down and we do nothing in response - we are a disgrace.


Thursday, August 16, 2018

A Brief History of the Deep State, Part 2 (Know your Golitsyn)

by JR Nyquist

In Herbert Hoover’s posthumously published book, Freedom Betrayed, the former president presents a lost chapter out of American history. The book is about Franklin Roosevelt's foreign policy and America's role in the Second World War. To understand the war, he suggests, we must first understand Communism and the nature of Soviet power.

According to Hoover, Communism is like a religion which exists in every country. Its methods include subversion, infiltration and influence operations. Hoover argues that these operations were facilitated by President Roosevelt, who entered office in 1933. At every turn, Roosevelt helped the Communists. In World War II, he helped the Soviet Union.

As Hoover explained, “Not until the inner history of the events leading up to our entry into World War II are brought into the daylight can the final history of how we got into it be written." It was during the Second World War, noted Hoover, that the “grip of Communism” metastasized “from 200,000,000 of Russian people to an Asiatic horde of over 900,000,0000” due to the Communist takeover of China in 1949.

How did this tremendous strategic turnabout occur?

It all began with Vladimir Lenin, the Soviet dictator. As early as 1920 Lenin taught his disciples that a Second World War was inevitable. The so-called “First Imperialist War,” he said, had brought the Communists to power in Russia. A Second Imperialist War, he added, would pave the way for the Communist takeover of all Europe.

Lenin’s contribution to Communist strategy was considerable. “Great questions in the life of nations are settled only by force,” said Lenin. War is also a revolutionary accelerant because war brings poverty, social chaos and instability. It paves the way to revolution. This was true for Russia in the twentieth century. The abortive revolution of 1905 grew out of the Russo-Japanese War. The revolutions of 1917 grew out of the First World War. It was, therefore, an elementary deduction for Lenin to make. War was good for Communism. Stir up war, set nation against nation, and reap the harvest of revolution.

In practice the Soviet strategists of the 1930s would rely on a “divide and conquer” strategy for Europe and the Far East. They would divide the newly forming “fascist” states from the “democracies.” Hitler would be, in Stalin’s conception, “the icebreaker of the revolution.” If Soviet statecraft could manipulate a collision between Hitler and the West, Moscow could sit back and watch the two sides destroy one another. When exhaustion had set in, the Red Army could enter the war from a position of advantage and “liberate” Europe.

The same logic would operate, as well, in the Far East. Nationalist China and Japan would be encouraged to fight each other. Agents of influence would be deployed. Japanese nationalism, however anti-Communist in spirit, was easily manipulated. The Soviet Union and its Chinese Communist allies would, in the meanwhile, gather their strength in preparation for a final blow once the Japanese and Chinese nationalists had battled to exhaustion.

The theory of exploiting regional wars, and of anticipating a Second World War, was intrinsic to all Soviet economic and military planning in the 1920s and 30s. In 1921 Stalin wrote in Pravda, “The Party’s tasks are: (1) to utilize all the contradictions and conflicts among the capitalist groups and governments which surround our country, with the object of disintegrating imperialism.” Hoover quoted this passage in his book, and added another Stalin quote from 1924: "the reserves of the revolution can be … contradictions, conflicts, and wars … among the bourgeois states hostile to the proletarian state….”

It served Soviet policy, therefore, to divide the capitalist world into fascist and democratic states. It is no accident that Communist agitation in Germany and elsewhere helped to facilitate fascist (or nationalist) anti-liberal revolutions. This was intentional policy on the part of the Communists. Creating political chaos naturally engendered a fascist authoritarian reaction, since parliamentary government could not function under conditions of Communist agitation and social sabotage. The Soviets could then align themselves with liberals prior to August 1939, then with the fascists until 22 June 1941, and then to resume an alliance with Western liberals until the surrender of Germany and Japan in 1945.

Soviet Russia positioned itself to play both sides against the middle. Naïve Western liberals and unthinking fascists were alternately duped in turn. For this game to be played, however, the stage had to be set. Fascism had to be pushed into power in country after country. If Europe was blessed with 23 democracies immediately after the First World War, ten of those countries had retreated into fascism before the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939. Here was the key to Moscow’s strategy. Use provocation to create a bloc of fascist countries. Agitate Western liberals against those fascist countries. Exploit the outcome.

Read the rest here.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

3.5 million off food stamp charity since Trump...

Now if he could just go to work on the parasites claiming 'disability' and the unemployables who fill .gov jobs because they can't make it in the private sector...

Here's the piece.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

"When wrongs are pressed because it is believed they will be borne, resistance becomes morality."

Give up money, give up fame, give up science, give the earth itself and all it contains, rather than do an immoral act. ~ Thomas Jefferson

Each year about 6.5 million companion pets enter animal shelters in America.  

About 3.3 million are dogs, and 3.2 million are cats.

Each year 670,000 of those dogs are euthanized.

860,000 cats meet the same fate.

About 1/2 of all pets entering animal shelters are abandoned by their families.

Each year in America approximately 900,000 abortions are performed.

In 2014 19% of ALL pregnancies in America ended in abortion.

As a people, we abuse, abandon and slaughter innocents and the defenseless in our lives every single day - or we stand by and let it happen.

As a people, we have no legitimate claim to the 'Moral High Ground'.

When good men do nothing...

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hammonds Pardoned!!

Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding Executive Clemency for Dwight and Steven Hammond
- The White House

Today, President Donald J. Trump signed Executive Grants of Clemency (Full Pardons) for Dwight Lincoln Hammond, Jr., and his son, Steven Hammond.  The Hammonds are multi-generation cattle ranchers in Oregon imprisoned in connection with a fire that leaked onto a small portion of neighboring public grazing land.  The evidence at trial regarding the Hammonds’ responsibility for the fire was conflicting, and the jury acquitted them on most of the charges.

At the Hammonds’ original sentencing, the judge noted that they are respected in the community and that imposing the mandatory minimum, 5-year prison sentence would “shock the conscience” and be “grossly disproportionate to the severity” of their conduct.  As a result, the judge imposed significantly lesser sentences.  The previous administration, however, filed an overzealous appeal that resulted in the Hammonds being sentenced to five years in prison.  This was unjust.

Dwight Hammond is now 76 years old and has served approximately three years in prison.  Steven Hammond is 49 and has served approximately four years in prison.  They have also paid $400,000 to the United States to settle a related civil suit.  The Hammonds are devoted family men, respected contributors to their local community, and have widespread support from their neighbors, local law enforcement, and farmers and ranchers across the West.  Justice is overdue for Dwight and Steven Hammond, both of whom are entirely deserving of these Grants of Executive Clemency.

End Statement.

Here's the link.

Dwight & Steve are headed home.


Thank you to all our sources who looped us into the facts.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Founding Fathers Art Prints

Founding Fathers Art Prints

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Thomas Jefferson: The Tree of Liberty...

Second Amendment

Samuel Adams: Crouch Down...

Patrick Henry: Liberty or Death

DoI Preamble

Benjamin Franklin: Rebellion to Tyrants

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Hammonds to receive full pardon...

Wait for it...

...it's going to happen.  There is a LOT of action off the radar.

Greg Walden: President Trump "seriously considering" Hammond pardon
July 1, 2018 Press Release

Greg Walden: President Trump "seriously considering" Hammond pardon

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Representative Greg Walden (R-Hood River) today released a statement following a phone call with President Trump regarding the pardon of Dwight and Steven Hammond:

“Late Saturday afternoon, President Trump called me to say he is 'seriously considering' pardoning Dwight and Steven Hammond. The sentencing of Dwight and Steve Hammond to five years in federal prison is unjust. Period. Federal Judge Michael Hogan agreed, when he used his discretion to apply more appropriate sentences, calling the mandatory minimum sentence for this case something that would ‘shock the conscience.' Multiple editorial boards across Oregon have concurred.

"Prosecutorial overzealousness by the federal government under the Obama Administration ignored Judge Hogan’s judicial discretion, and doubled down, forcing them to serve a mandatory minimum sentence established for terrorists.

"President Trump can right this wrong. I again strongly urged the President to administer the justice that is long overdue for these eastern Oregon ranchers by granting them a pardon so that they can get back to Harney County and their families.”