Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Enemies of Liberty are ruthless.  To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..
**TO ALL .GOV WATCHING MY LIFE** You already know I am playing by all the rules. If you want to talk to me, just call or knock on the door. I'll meet you at your place, or invite you into mine. But there is no need to shoot my dogs or frighten my wife. Just so you know. ~ Kerodin

Friday, January 30, 2015

The Most Likely Trigger for WRoL & SHTF - Bubbles

"We've had two huge bubbles that collapsed already in this century," he said. "When this third bubble collapses—and surely it will—I believe that will be the day of reckoning. The credibility of all this central-bank-dominated, Wall-Street-coddling policy will be totally repudiated, and maybe then we can clean the slate and start over." - David Stockman, here.

The masses in America will not begin to take action in RevWarIII (which has already begun) until hardship touches their lives directly.  And not mere hardship will do to get Americans angry enough to get off the couch, much less leave the porch.  The average American (and American Patriot) will not go to the Green until he is faced with the inability to cover the basics of life - see Maslow.

John Parker was 46 years old when he walked to the Green in April 1775.  He had 75+ Militiamen who walked with him.  The men who assembled had to do much more than jump in a truck and drive a few minutes to the X.  Most of them lived miles from town center, and either walked or rode to be there.  (Can you muster 75+ Patriots who will meet you on the X today?)  There was effort involved simply in getting to town.  Hardships had to be endured - for a man on the Green is not tending to farms and livestock.  John Parker would be dead fewer than 5 months later.

When the next economic bubble bursts it will be an F5 event, because there are no more rabbits in the hat. When printing dollars no longer works to push debts into the future, every American will be faced with threats to the basics of life.  Hot war will be the only remedy.  Enemies of Liberty mean to have a war to obfuscate the theft of global wealth in an attempt to avoid a rope around their necks.

Everyone else will take a side, one way or another.

The economy today is an abject fraud - smoke held in place by nothing more than hope and lies.

It will fail.

When that happens brother will turn on brother again.

I hope you are doing everything you can do to be prepared for that day, which is imminent.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Realistic Training

This Patriot will not go out easyily.  
I've left the polls on the right sidebar until I had the time to synthesize the results into a proper post.

The results of the polls reveal much, and if you are not encumbered by too much Ego, the results can lead you to training that is necessary even if not necessarily as sexy as running your AR.  If you want to be able to run that AR in the real world when WRoL degenerates into full-blown SHTF, you'll need more than fast transitions and 20,000 rounds of ammo in your secret squirrel cache.

Here are some take-aways from the polls:  Respondents are satisfied with their rifle and sidearm skills at rates of 84% plus.  That is good.  How realistic those numbers are is another matter.  We all know shooting on a square range is not the same as shooting from prone.  And shooting from prone after walking to your favorite shooting spot is not the same as shooting prone after 2 miles of fast-paced get-out-of-Dodge under a full ruck in the heat of summer or the cold of a winter snowstorm in Wyoming while bad guys are hunting you. Make sure you are realistic with yourself.

Just about 1/3 of respondents admit when they go to the Green it will be with only one buddy. Another 1/3 are confident they will have 2 buddies - for a 3-man team.  Only 25% expect to have a 4-man team.  I think everyone understands how much badness is in these numbers.  If you are in this situation - build Tribe.  Only 24% have established IFF protocols with at least one person in each county surrounding their own.

Two-thirds believe they can set, spot and de-fuse the most common booby traps.  A full 85% are comfortable with their building/camp clearing skills while working in a team.  91% can land navigate with a compass, and a strong 83% are comfortable they can do it at night.  But the confidence level drops to less than 2/3 when you add hostile OpFor to the mix.  Obviously, some night work is in order.  Just over 3/4 are comfortable with their patrolling skillsets.  Just over 1/2 of respondents believe they could E&E out of a hostile AO while being hunted by their own team.

Fewer than 1/2 can use a OTP.  The numbers for those who have established pipelines for barter items is bad - just bad.  If proponents of Liberty rely only upon combat skills to win RevWarIII, we'd all better get ready for a long, cold winter.

Scary numbers: Only 58% are comfortable with their 2,3 and 4-man team skills.  Why?  Max offers Team Training constantly.  Only 43% are comfortable with their Comms skills.  Why?  Sparks has classes scheduled all year, around the country.  Combatives - 54% are comfortable with their skillsets.  When it comes to Combatives there is no excuse - there are schools all over America, and while most are not suited for teaching hardcore combat-effective skills for a life/death environment - ALL of them can probably teach you more than you know now.  6 months in any Krav studio in America will prepare you (and get you in better shape!) for 'most' people who may ever choose to put their hands on you.

Patriots: Not one single member of OpFor or their Useful Idiots is ever going to help you survive or prevail.  It's on you.  If your skills are weak in any area, it's on you to get up, go forth and work on them.  There are plenty of serious, high-quality trainers available, all over the country.

Training is NOT a matter of taking a class and being crowned an expert.  Training in the martial/combat skills is a lifestyle.  You will never know it all - but you need to know more than the guy trying to kill you and take your wife and daughters.  If you lose a fight because you chose to watch the Super Bowl rather than improve your combat pistol skills or putting in 4 hours of work in a dojo - or even worse, because you get lost in the local park and freeze to death because you never bothered to improve your compass skills - it's on you.  And when the winner vanquishes you and sells your women and girls to the local Democrat National Committee chapter for their 'entertainment' flop houses - well, it's on you.

You will be tested.  Life is a bitch - and Americans are in for a lesson in Reality not seen in this country for more than 150 years...


III Society: Dragon Leatherworks

The III Percent Society is determined to be a meeting place and network of serious III Patriots who respect the ideals put forth at our founding, ideals such as those put forth in the DoI.  We intend to support III Patriots as we demand that our Liberty not be infringed.  We also intend to embrace, support and promote serious III Patriots who understand the virtues of quality craftsmanship.

Craftsmen take pride in their work, and America was once filled with such people.

The III Society is proud to announce that Dragon Leatherworks is the 'Official Holster & Sheath Craftsman" for the III Percent Society for America.  Dragon Leatherworks is owned by a serious III Patriot and a serious Craftsman.  He has graciously offered a 5% discount on his custom leather products for III Society members.  Look at the holster below he made for Wirecutter:

Read Wirecutter's review of the holster, here.  Kenny is one of those Patriots I would trust at my back, one of those guys I'd leave my home to go help in a crisis, and one of those guys who has proved to us all time and again, he doesn't suffer fools or lie.  You can trust his assessment, as do I.

The Samurai believed in 'practical elegance'.  Not elegance for the sake of elegance - everything they owned had to serve a purpose and serve it well - such as their swords.  But they also insisted that their possessions be aesthetically pleasing while remaining absolutely practical.  It looks to me like Dragon has found that spirit.

Consider the impact of attending an open carry event (or your local Green when the time comes) with your sidearm of choice nestled in a work of art that is beautiful, functional, and carries the logo that tells the man next to you who you are deep in your Soul - a III Patriot.

Our thanks to Dragon Leatherworks, and to Wirecutter for his review.

I ask you all to support Patriot businesses whenever possible.  Dragon Leatherworks deserves your patronage.  You know you need another holster...


Use the Internet? No 2A for you, Whackadoo...

You will remember in the wake of Sandy Hook that American gunners went a little nutty, expecting FedGov to make a major national move on 2A.  Every shelf in America was cleared of everything 2A.  Take a moment and let the enormity of that sink in - every handgun, rifle and shotgun and the rounds to feed them, that were suitable for defense and combat in America, sold out.  Builders ran dry on parts.  Production came to a back-logged nightmare, grinding to a halt.

This blog did not expect any serious FedGov attempts on 2A - and we took a lot of heat for our analysis.  We posited that the plan was far more clever and sinister, that States would move on legislation and that FedGov would move behind the scenes to broaden the pool of 'Prohibited Persons' using Mental Health as the mechanism.

We were proved correct in just weeks after Sandy Hook.  You will remember that 'professionals' began working on new mental health standards quickly.  They decided, in their professionalism, that anyone grieving the loss of a spouse or child for more than 2 weeks was mentally unstable. Remember that?

Now they are moving again in this realm, and internet users can now be deemed mentally ill with ease.  Larry has the details, here.

Polygonal, folks.  You forget this at your peril.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

III Society: More Scholarships for Patriots

We were proud to announce that one III Society Member would win the opportunity to participate in the first Rifleman Challenge hosted by Max Velocity in March.  Post & details are here.

Grid Down Comms: We are also proud to announce that the Society is offering two class slots to Grid Down Comms classes taught by Sparks31 of Signal Corps.  We have one slot to offer for the Tulsa, Oklahoma class, and one slot for upcoming classes in Wyoming (the winner may choose the Wyoming class that best fits his/her schedule & location).  As with the Rifleman Challenge, all III Society Members are qualified to enter for the scholarships - but please do not enter unless you are certain you can and will attend the class.  We'd hate to leave an empty seat in a class that another Patriot could use.

To enter, simply email for the class you'd like to attend: Wyoming or Tulsa.

The winner will be chosen by random number generator.  Scholarship includes class fee only - travel and lodging and expenses are the responsibility of the winner.  Remove clothing before ironing.  No charge for Members to enter!

Good luck!

Georgia Force on Force 14 Feb. Event: The III Percent Society is sponsoring one prize (to be awarded by the Georgia FonF organizers) for a $100 gift certificate to any training class offered by Max Velocity during 2015.  If you win, simply let us know when you book your class with Max, and the Society will cover $100 of your class fee!  We are also sending some gifts for the winning team!

Not a member, yet?  You can sign up from the links on the right, or at the Society blog, here.


Earn your bones: Ukraine - Check. Senkaku...

Golitsyn.  Oh, never mind.

I counseled Patriots to watch China for signs they were moving on Senkaku in the wake of Ukraine. Such a move, I posited, would telegraph that China and Russia were moving together.

Here's the column.  Draw your own conclusions.

Personally - I am not sanguine that Washington DC will remain radiation-free for my lifetime.  Not that I am completely opposed to such an outcome.  Color me conflicted.  ;)

Folks, in all seriousness, the Bear and the Dragon are allied, and 'regional hegemony' is not what's for breakfast.  You are on the menu.  Plan accordingly.

You have been warned - repeatedly.

Oh - and Russia has no interest in us - they still move their troops by trains!


Government Charity

"Choose your associates carefully. Your next door neighbor on the guvmint dole, your relative, or the one who flies the flag every chance he gets – each will rat you out in a heartbeat.” – WRSA Reader

The quote above is currently atop WRSA, here.

Sometimes it takes a while for patterns to be recognizable.  Here's one: Most of the head-banging I have encountered in the Patriot community is with "Patriots" who in some way, shape or form have monetary ties to .gov.  Be it a salary, a retirement, Social Security, Medicaid/Medicare, (Don't take more SS/Med benefits than you have paid into the system) or .gov contracts - I have found that "most" people who accept taxpayer money have a quantifiably different worldview.  The rhetoric may sound similar, but after one scratches the surface, the differences in brain wiring are on display.

Choose your associates carefully, indeed.


Monday, January 26, 2015

III Society: Rifleman Challenge Scholarship!

The III Percent Society is proud to offer one Society Member (in good standing) a slot at Max Velocity's first Rifleman Challenge March 27-29.

Who will be the first III Society Member to earn the Rifleman patch?  Are you up to the challenge?

**UPDATE** Read this latest post from Max.  Training is a process, a lifestyle.  No one can do it for you, but many will do it with you.

The III Percent Society will award one scholarship to attend the first Challenge, hosted by Max Velocity, the Training Advisor for the III Society.  We will award the scholarship to a Member who is serious about attending and able to attend the 3-day weekend event at Max's training facility.  The III Society scholarship will cover the fee for the Challenge - lodging and other expenses will remain the responsibility of the participant.  So please do not enter to win the scholarship if you are not certain you can and will take advantage of this great opportunity.

How to win the scholarship: Simply send an email here with the subject line "Rifleman Challenge Scholarship."  On February 15 we will determine the winner using a random number generator.

There is no cost to enter, though you must be a Society Member.

Training to standards is essential for Patriots.  Talk is cheap.  Stand up!

Opera non verba.  Deeds, not words.

Good luck!


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Symbols & Rhetoric Part I

The image above popped-up at WRSA this morning, and is ideally appropriate for a discussion about Symbols, Rhetoric and the effects thereof.

Let's begin by identifying an assortment of symbols currently part of the polygonal battlespace, and your gut reaction to them.

Gadsden flag
Stars & Stripes flag
The word 'Forward'
* Add your own

Also in comments, feel free to add symbols and rhetoric you identify as part of the battlespace currently.  There are many.  Let's focus on the big ones.

Real quick - my gut on the Symbols & Rhetoric above:

AK - Commie
AR - American
1911 - the ultimate symbol of American Liberty - much as was the SA Colt in the 1800s
Gadsden flag - Excellent symbol, though causes kneejerk reactions in our enemies and insufficiently defines our intent
Stars & Stripes flag - Excellent symbol for Liberty
The word 'Forward' - Good word, but co-opted by the Left and now tainted for our use
Resist: A good word for the 'background', as it were - an undercurrent.  Even suitable, perhaps, as a slogan.

I usually don't encourage a lot of comment activity, but I invite everyone to weigh-in on this one.  The results will shape my path forward.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Symbols & Rhetoric

I am working on a post in my head about symbols, symbolism and rhetoric as relates to the fight for Liberty.

The topic began bubbling in my head with the recent announcement of Kalishnakovs being manufactured here.

I think most of us agree that symbols and rhetoric are a major part of the fight.  Even today we look at Gadsden and the Sons of Liberty flags and know what they are, what they meant, and that men fought under those symbols.  Same same with the Confederate battle flag.  Even today for the younger among us, the word 'Comrade' carries a definitive Leftist flavor.

I invite you to consider the topic as well.  It will not be a discussion about the AR platform versus the AK - let's not devolve to that sort of discussion.  Nor will it be a long discussion about the AK - but about the symbolism and rhetoric that is defining this fight for Liberty even now.

I may not post it for a day or two - traveling creates erratic schedules.


Terror as Tactic

For terrorism is simply a tactic, and arguably the most effective tactic of the national liberation movements of the 20th century.


We have no religion; we have an ideology — secular democracy. But the Muslim world rejects secularism and will use democracy to free itself of us and establish regimes that please Allah.

In the struggle between democracy and Allah, we are children of a lesser God. “The term ‘democracy,'” wrote Eliot, “does not contain enough positive content to stand alone against the forces that you dislike — it can easily be transformed by them. If you will not have God … you should pay your respects to Hitler or Stalin.”

Germany used democracy to bring Hitler to power. Given free elections from Morocco to Mindanao, what kind of regimes would rise to power? Would not the Quran become the basis of law?

More PJB brilliance and common sense.

Remember: Terror is nothing but a tool, a tactic.  And Islam, while sincere within its ranks, is merely a tool being wielded by our Fifth Column Enemies of Liberty.  On its own, Islam could never conquer Liberty.  It will be discarded and returned to insignificance once those who would be our masters have reached their goals.  Be aware of the dangers of Islam (like a fire), but never forget it is our True Enemies who are the real threat.

Here's the full PJB piece.


Thursday, January 22, 2015




Plumbing, as to Third World America...

When running our HVAC company, I hired several young men (and women) from one of the larger HVAC trade schools in the country.  These kids usually graduated High School, then instead of going to college, they chose to go to a trade school for a year (which was charging $21,000 per year at that time) and graduate with a "certificate" declaring them prepared to enter the HVAC trade with skills and knowledge far advanced over the average apprentice.

When these kids arrived in my shop, we found that the 'school' included very little hands-on skill development.  Not a single one of them had ever touched a torch, for instance.  Not one could locate the proper place to apply gauges on a simple residential machine, much less understand the gauges.  Not one had been instructed in basic safety procedures to prevent them from catching a face-full of flame when working on a gas or oil furnace that may be malfunctioning.  In a nutshell, they were robbed by this 'trade school', because I have to tell you, if you can't solder or braze two copper pipes together, or simply protect your eyebrows from a furnace, your value in a working HVAC shop is zero.

H and I are traveling, and in theme with my above paragraph I just need to share another discovery that reveals the decline in America.


Basic plumbing is relatively simple.  There are 4 key rules needed for anyone who wants to call himself a 'Plumber'.  (Real plumbers will get the joke and grin.)

Rules for being a 'Professional Plumber':

1: Hot on the left
2: Cold on the right
3: Sh*t flows down hill
4: Never eat the last bite of your sandwich

That's it.  If you remember those four rules, you can earn a good living as a plumber (and avoid a mouth-full of feces at lunchtime.  ;)

Now, seriously: In the last two places we crashed for the night - national hotel/motel chains - at least one plumbing fixture was plumbed incorrectly.  This may not seem like a big deal.  But consider this - when national chains hire 'professionals' to do work, and those professionals either have not been taught the basics of their trade, or worse, perhaps know the basics but choose not to do the job properly, consider the devolution of standards that is on display.  Now consider this: When a 'plumber' puts the hot water supply on the wrong side of the device, you might get a surprise and a little discomfort.  Your child may be scalded.  What if he tapped hot water to fill your bidet?  What if, by either incompetence or neglect, he plumbs your home in such a manner to allow backflow to contaminate your fresh water supply?

What if your 'electrician' is applying the same standards to wiring hidden in your walls?  What if the carpenter is applying the same standards to the staircase or deck that your children use every day?

Now consider this sort of shabby work in a national chain, at different properties several hundred miles apart (indicating it wasn't just an isolated incident involving one plumber - but a devolving work standard within the profession) and the corporate chain does not have quality control mechanisms in place (or worse, don't have quality control people who have a clue what they should be doing!) to catch such workmanship (or even worse - doesn't care!) - the conclusion that we are devolving into a nation of unskilled, incompetent people willing to endure standards that are nearing third world status, is unavoidable.

This post isn't big-think.  It is simply observations and conclusions over many years that support a broader narrative.  America is devolving because the vast majority of people living among us no longer aspire to standards of a first world nation.  Pride and self respect are rapidly losing their place in society among our Countrymen.  Entropy is on display.

And it is only to be fixed when people are no longer given the necessities of life, and must go forth and earn in a competitive and unrestricted environment.  Only then will the individual improve his game.  Only then will he be rewarded for doing better work.  It's called the Free Market.  I know I am preaching to the choir - but I just had to preach for a bit.

The men and women who built this country into the dominant power on Earth in just a century or two were aggressive, hardcore survivalists who worked hard and smart to ensure they had the necessities of life.  Men built railroads not because they were born with an undying desire to move products from A to B more efficiently.  They built railroads to earn money, to ensure they would have the necessities of life until they died - with some left over for their loved ones.

The worst part of it all?  Understanding that we have not even come close to bottoming out in this country, yet.  The majority of people will not 'get it' until they are faced with a standard of living equal to Somalia or Yemen.

The saddest part of it all, at least for me?

Knowing that I will probably watch us hit bottom in my lifetime.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Telling the world where you stand doesn't always require your words.

How many people pass your home on a given day?  A 1911 mailbox says quite a bit.  Bill has many offerings, all first class.

And Bill is a seriously good guy and Patriot to the bone.

Take a look at his place, here.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

MVT Rifleman Challenge: Details

Max clarifies details and expectations regarding the Rifleman Challenge.

Details, here.

Better to face a test with Max, rather than on-the-job where mistakes will probably be fatal.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Enemies of Liberty in America have a Name...


Label them.

Label them boldly and loudly.

Make Communism/Marxism/Leftists once again a shameful label.

Give them no quarter, for they mean to be your Masters.

Here's the link.  Thanks to ToneDeaf for the link.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Find anything in here?


Oh, misty eye of the mountain below
Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls
And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke
Keep watching over Durin's sons

If this is to end in fire
Then we should all burn together
Watch the flames climb high into the night

Calling out father oh
Stand by and we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side

And if we should die tonight
Then we should all die together
Raise a glass of wine for the last time

Calling out father oh
Prepare as we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side
Desolation comes upon the sky

Now I see fire
Inside the mountain
I see fire
Burning the trees
And I see fire
Hollowing souls
I see fire
Blood in the breeze
And I hope that you remember me

Oh, should my people fall
Then surely I'll do the same
Confined in mountain halls
We got too close to the flame

Calling out father oh
Hold fast and we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side
Desolation comes upon the sky

Now I see fire
Inside the mountain
I see fire
Burning the trees
I see fire
Hollowing souls
I see fire
Blood in the breeze
And I hope that you remember me

And if the night is burning
I will cover my eyes
For if the dark returns
Then my brothers will die
And as the sky is falling down
It crashed into this lonely town
And with that shadow upon the ground
I hear my people screaming out

Now I see fire
Inside the mountains
I see fire
Burning the trees
I see fire
Hollowing souls
I see fire
Blood in the breeze

I see fire (oh you know I saw a city burning out) (fire)
And I see fire (feel the heat upon my skin, yeah) (fire)
And I see fire (uh-uh-uh-uh) (fire)
And I see fire burn auburn on the mountain side

Georgia Force on Force: Winter Muster

Ready to test your skills?

Here are the details.  If you can, you should.  You know it.



Brock has a link to ZeroHedge detailing the most recent move by Vlad and Russia.

Six countries had their gas from Ukraine shut off - in January.

Honey?  Where did I put those old emergency stove camping heater pellets?  Yeah, that's going to help.

If you've never really played or watched serious political hardball, or watched as a world runs head first into a meat grinder, just watch Russia.  School is in session.  You are watching it all happen now, real-time.

Bullets rarely kill more people in a war than cold, hunger and disease...


Oh - and don't worry.  None of this sh*t could ever splatter on us here in the USA.  Afterall, Russia still moves their troops by train!  HA!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hypocrisy is indeed the tribute that vice pays to virtue

What he said, and how he said it:

When Aaron Burr challenged Alexander Hamilton to a duel, and killed him, he was not attacking the First Amendment freedom of the press, but rather Hamilton, for defamation of Burr’s character, which had helped to destroy Burr’s career.

What the commentators seem to be saying about the assault on Charlie Hebdo is that not only is what is spoken or published protected by the First Amendment, but those who print and publish vile things must never suffer violent consequences.

People who believe this is attainable are living in a dream world, and may not be long for this one.

Here's the link.

And here is another relevant link on the topic, and the polygonal battlespace.

And if you can't connect the dots between the White Death and our reality, I simply can't help you.


Travel & Tech Update

Just an FYI: email glitches and server issues at our web host.  Emails being eaten and access issues across some Kerodin domains.  They say they are working on it - but if I am blacked-out, don't take it personally.  Apparently sending email has been an issue for several days - so if you were waiting for a reply, or sent me something, it may be in the ether.

More when able.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

ToneDeaf: III to III

Several months ago a fellow Patriot took his time and energy and sent me some information from his profession that today became very useful.  Thank you.

For every Patriot who has helped another, in any way large or small, it is in these moments when we understand just how real and tangible these alliances we build online can be.  Be certain not to take them for granted.

III to III is the key to restoring our Liberty.


Monday, January 12, 2015

General Update

There is a III Society Update over at the blog, here.

A few blurbs, to be followed by proper announcements as appropriate:

All of you who plan to train at Studio III will receive a discount if we have trained together before, or if you are a member in good standing of the III Society.

T.O.C. Redoubt Tour: Look for the T.O.C. to tour various locations during 2015 in the Redoubt and beyond.

Citadel: Yes, we have been quiet about the Citadel.  We never wanted Drudge exposure - but it is what it is.  III Patriots continue to grow this project, and if you have supported these efforts in any way in the past - thank you.  The foundation of the project continues to grow - quietly.

Redoubt PatCon: At some point this summer there will be a PatCon/Yapfest/Get Together in the Redoubt.  All III Patriots are welcome.  Anyone with interest in the Citadel, III Arms, Studio III, or the other projects running under the III banner are encouraged to make Idaho a family vacation destination and join us when we get together.  We'll talk, and much more.  A full agenda will be announced once the details have been sorted.  You can be present as we break ground for multiple...

IIIGear: Packages shipping (III Militia tabs, caps, and a few assorted orders).  We have deliberately not promoted IIIGear in recent months, simply because the logistics of satisfying orders while moving to the Redoubt would have been insane.  When we settle into our new offices, we'll be offering our traditional IIIGear line-up, as well as offering Rothco gear, and several additional lines of products useful to III Patriots.


Sparks31 Training Update

If you planned to get some training time in with Sparks31 in 2015, your options have narrowed.  You can read his update, here.  My advice: Book yourself into whichever class best fits your schedule and travel abilities - but book yourself into a class!  True Masters of their Arts are few and far between, and Sparks31 has demonstrated to us all he knows his art and science.  In addition - finding a true master who has the ability to impart his knowledge to newcomers is even more rare.

One weak spot in the III Community that has been revealed is simple, *old-school Comms that are truly secure.  Sparks did the community a service and broke-down the mechanics of the One Time Pad (OTP) in this post, here.  Read it.  Learn it.  Use it when lives are on the line - because modern Comms, at present, are the dominion of the Enemies of Liberty.

*Old School.  You will see this again.


Your Month in Review

Take a moment and look over the last month of your life.

How have you forwarded your odds of prevailing what this way comes?

Now ask yourself a more intimate question: Was it enough?

Obviously these are rhetorical questions to be answered to yourself, not the world in the comments section.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Allies Far & Wide

Either you get it - or not.

Be wary of the Patriot who promises to be at your shoulder forever - instead put faith in those who stay there, year after year.

True allies remain.  False ones simply fade away...