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Current ThreatCon for CONUS

Current ThreatCon for CONUS
Current ThreatCon for CONUS

Friday, June 24, 2016


Never Hillary

Trump hit the right talking points, for the most part.

Hillary is still in the power position - you simply need to look at the electoral map to understand why Trump still has a major set of hurdles to overcome.  The machinery behind Hillary dwarfs what the Republicans, at least so far, are willing to put in the field to stop her.  But populism and nationalism can defeat machinery.  We shall see.

Is Trump great? Is he even good for America?  Some questions simply can't be answered until they can be answered.

But here is the simple arithmetic: He is not Hillary.

Here's PJB on the topic.

FBI: No Gay Lovers for Mateen

Told ya.

We have mental midgets running this country from elected office and bureaucratic desks.

'He was gay!'

The brilliance underlying American counter-terror policy on display.

Here's the piece.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Death of the West: 50.2% of babies born in America 2015 were not white...

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If you have been paying attention, you knew this was imminent.  

If you think simply exporting all the non-white babies and their kin will fix the problem, you are wrong.

Because the problem isn't white or black or any other skin color.  It is a matter of embracing Natural Rights as only, historically, has been done by white Americans, and even then only by a small percentage of that racial group.

Eliminate every non-white person on the continent, and you will still have a continent filled with white people who overwhelmingly believe in redistribution of wealth, which is absolutely incompatible with the notion of Liberty.

And let's face it - 99% of all white babies being born today and who will be born in the coming decade in America, will be born to parents like the Mason Dixon dull-eyed, slack-jawed mouth-breathing duo - born and raised to be parasites, taking the King's Silver one way, or another.

Parasitic wannabe Masters breeding with the dim-witted does not lead to a healthy host, folks.

Liberty will be irretrievably lost to the planet if every Enemy of Liberty on the American continent is not extirpated within the next decade.

Here's the link.

That is all.

Team BearDragon

More on this to come.  Those who were there, remember...
Any light seen between the Bear and the Dragon is intentional and for American consumption - here.

Remember the Sandinistas?  Remember the Monroe Doctrine?  Here is why we should have killed every single Commie in our hemisphere when we had the chance to do so easily.

One more time for the folks who are slow to grasp what is happening - remember your Golitsyn (posted originally several years ago, and still balls-on accurate.) Here.

Redoubt News: Update on Twin Falls Rape

Here's the link from MJ.

So, is it racist to be anti-Islam?  Of course not.  You can't choose the color of your skin or your height when born.

Being Muslim is a choice.

In this world men and women are properly held to account for their actions.

Can it be argued that a child born into a Muslim home, who is taught the 'Muslim Faith' by mommy and daddy is being indoctrinated?  Sure.  Does that mean the indoctrinated fcuks are not responsible for their actions?  Of course not.

For the innocent child born into the Muslim home, I weep.  For that same being as an adult who follows Islam and acts upon his beliefs or indoctrination to infringe the Natural Rights of any other being - he is a disease to be eradicated.

April 19, 2015

Freddie Gray died of the injuries inflicted upon him by Baltimore murderers in uniform.

His 'crime'? and reason for his arrest that led to his murder?

He 'Made eye contact with LEO and turned away, failing to come to them when ordered'.

Baltimore LEO Brian Rice & Edward Nero began a foot chase and ultimately charged Gray with possession of a 'switchblade'.  (The State's Attorney held that the knife was legal under Maryland law.)

For his arrogance and failure to immediately bend knee and lick the boots of the Baltimore LEO involved, Gray was put into the back of a transport van and subsequently bounced to death in a bit of routine 'diesel therapy'.

Every LEO involved has not only walked on the murder, but now they are going to win a defamation suit against the State for many, many millions of dollars each.

Why did he die?  Because the King's Men decided to murder him.  He committed no crime, either malum in se or malum prohibitum.  

Conclusion: If you trust 'Justice' to other people in America today, you are an idiot.

Here's the latest piece.

Trump Speech: Never Hillary

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

PatCon 2016

August 25th - 28th.

It is time to start prepping for PatCon 2016!  

This year will be different.  This is a teaching & learning weekend, hosted by Jedburgh Academy.  Guests are limited to participants and guests in one (or more) of the several classes being hosted through the weekend.

On the schedule thus far:

Combat Pistol Training Course: 1.5 day course begins Friday
Combat Rifle Training Course: 1.5 day course begins Saturday afternoon
Our instructor will host these classes on the mountain, rain or shine.

1911 Build Class: Saturday
AR-15 Build Class: Sunday
Our instructor will (probably) host these classes in-town at one of our shops.

We are considering two additional 1-day classes: Tactical Comms and Strategic Services. Feel free to weigh-in with interest in either class.  Both classes, if hosted, will be split between mountain and in-town modules.

Obviously the class schedules will overlap, so attendees will not be able to participate in all class offerings.  As usual, we'll have evening fireside chats after classes.   

When our two firing ranges are not being used by our classes, guests are welcome to burn some ammo.  Trailers and tent camping are available - we have more than 100 acres available for guests.

As noted above, only class participants and their guests may attend PatCon 2016.  Guests are limited to immediate family and significant others only.

Full details will be posted at the PatCon blog over the next month or so.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Has anyone played with one of these yet?

It is called the Airbow.


If you have done a T&E on one of these, let me know.

Citizen Disarmament Call

Amitai Etzioni is added to the Enemy of Liberty list.



Local, local, local...

It matters who is sitting in legitimate elected office, especially at the local level.

Support good candidates.  Send them a donation.  Vote.

Sheriff Dave Resser is running for re-election.  Here's his campaign FB.

Carl Berglund for Idaho State Rep 5A.  Here's his site.  Here's his FB.

Rule Number One: Don't Lose

The first lessons taught in any prudent Combatives course are how to fall.  As in falling down.  

Falling down properly is good Defense.  In any real fight, you are probably going to take a few hits, probably going to get hip-checked into a wall, and very possibly thrown or tripped to the ground - especially if you are ambushed - and definitely if you are ambushed by multiple attackers.

If you fall properly, you probably won't shatter your elbow or knee on the concrete, taking yourself out of the fight.  If you fall properly, you can probably survive a hip throw - even from a strong Judo practitioner (Yes, Virginia - their hip throws are often more punishing than what you see in MMA matches.)  When you fall properly, and add a good roll, you can usually get back to your feet and continue the fight.

The next lessons are Defensive - how to protect your neck.  Protect your back.  How to avoid giving up an easy armbar. How to stay awake and alive.  How to protect yourself from attacks without being destroyed.

But good D is also laying the ground before the attacks - putting yourself in the strongest possible positions to defend.  Because attacks are inevitable, especially from the desperate and the weak.  Be in a position to defend when and where it matters, on your terms.  Learn to determine which attacks require first response, which attacks are meaningless, and which attacks are best engaged and defeated on your own timeline.

Then you need to work on getting your wind up.  The first guy to run out of gas usually loses.  Build your staying power.

"Can you show me the omoplata?"  Sure I can - but if you don't have good D, good wind, and one of the most important traits of a Warrior - patience - knowing the omoplata is useless to you.  Patience is one of the hardest skills to teach, especially in the martial world. If you are not patient enough for your enemy to make a series of mistakes, and strong enough to stay in the fight long enough, you'll never have the opportunity for an omoplata.  

In Combatives the easiest path to victory is often to let your enemy decide what techniques you will use.  Why go for a knee lock if he's leaving his neck open?  Why take the armbar now when you know you are only a few moments from breaking his spine and having him sh*t himself?

And before you run to look up the omoplata, here's one of the most important tips I can give as relates to the martial endeavors - when your enemy is making a mistake, do not interrupt him.

Remember your Ōishi.

He did it because [REDACTED]

Dropping the optics.

We told you it would begin to happen with more frequency and brazen disregard many years ago.

A selection of Traitors employed by FedGov have taken the decision to scrub all references to Islam from Mateen.  Those who mean to be Masters have decided to put forth their own narrative, for their own reasons, and they are so unafraid of Americans, they tell us they are doing it.

NRA made the same revelation, though inadvertently, when they scolded Trump about who may and may not be armed, when and where.  Trump suggested that people in the club, had they been armed, could have fought back.  NRA insisted that laws prohibiting customers in a bar from carrying were 'common sense' and reasonable.  (Remember folks - 'common sense' and 'reasonable' in 2A discussions are exacly why Marxist nuts insist that 'common sense' and 'reasonable' restrictions on climate change 'deniers' warrant punishments and are acceptable under our BoR.)

Laws already exist against shooting people.  If a drunk shoots someone, he is as guilty as had he been sober.  But let's leave that Darwinian argument alone for a moment.  What about the designated driver of the group from the office who isn't drinking?  Should he lose his 2A rights just because he walks through a particular doorway?  NRA means to be the entity that decides what is, and is not, reasonable regarding your Natural Right of self defense.  They are as guilty of infringing your rights as the politicians in DC, California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey that have banned 'Assault Weapons'.

SCOTUS has decided not to hear challenges to the AWBs in those seven Blue hell holes.

The people your neighbors voted into political office are murdering America.  Many of your neighbors - and disgustingly, some of YOU, work for entities under the control and direction of those politicians.  Our private sector is also filled with American Quislings - see NRA above - and outright traitors.  

When LEO is permitted 'under law' to take your wallet during a traffic stop, swipe and lock all your debit & credit cards, you must understand you are living in East Germany 2.0. 

When self-identified Enemies of Liberty are brought into the country and resettled in American homes, paid for by American taxpayers, who then unleash their little animals to hunt your kids, you must understand our 'Leaders', their petty functionaries in the bureaucracy, and every single American who supports them, is guilty of Treason.

What is truly foul and repugnant - they get no serious pushback for their hubris.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Rule V: Traitors First

As Anders Breivik in Norway, Thomas Mair in Britain.

Regardless of what you think of these men or their acts, the pages of today's history books are being written, right now.  

How they are remembered will depend upon the winner of the Global Liberty Games currently underway.

Brexit T minus four...

Here's the piece.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Has anyone checked this guy's papers?

War against the ideals of the republic.

It is nothing less serious.

Here's the piece at WaPo.

Friday, June 17, 2016

There will be more from Mo's Morons

As a political terrorist, Osama bin Laden rivals Gavrilo Princip, whose assassination of the Austrian archduke set in train the events that led to the Great War that brought on the downfall of the West.

PJB, here.

Bad People in America are bringing Muslims into the country.  This is treason.

Many of the Muslims coming in now will never bomb or shoot anyone - but they will begin planting seeds immediately that will soon resemble Marteen - second generation haters of Americans.  Bush sent Americans overseas to stop Mo's Morons from fighting here, and now it is the policy of this nation to import those same murderous animals.  


Every American gets to decide for himself - will you stand back and allow people to murder you and all you know in slow motion?  Because that is exactly what is happening.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Britain First

She has been out campaigning to keep Britain in the EU and there are people in the area that are against it.

Now, she is dead - stabbed and shot reportedly by one of her constituents who wants Britain out of the EU.

Some people take notions of patriotism and Liberty seriously.  Some people actually defend themselves when their Natural Rights are pressured.

It is never, ever 'The Government' that does you wrong - it is always individual people who do the deed.  Always.

Treason is a dangerous game.  Play at your own risk.

Remember: Traitors first...

Here's the piece.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Drudge to DHS: You go first, Brah...

I have said before, Matt Drudge will be recorded by History as the modern equivalent of a Founding Father - assuming we get to write the history books.

Here's the piece.

Never.  Ever.  Disarm.

Practical Prepping

It has been another week.  What have you accomplished in the last seven days or so to forward the ability of yourself, family, friends and Tribe to survive and prevail the coming Liberty Games?

Did you stock up on more guns, ammo and replacement parts, anticipating a potential Sandy Hook run on the shelves after Orlando?

Are you stockpiling gear to distribute to new allies who WILL show up at your door once things get sporty?  No matter how 'Grey Man' you think you are, those in your work/friend/community have already tagged you as 'That Guy'.  By default, you will become an Officer in the Liberty Forces.

Make certain you have the fundamentals of Shoot, Move, Communicate, Auxiliary & Strategic Services to pass out to friends and neighbors who can help improve your manpower deficit.

Have you noticed...

Most of the MSM coverage regarding the dead and injured in Orlando are using female pronouns.

'She' was injured.  'Her' wounds were severe.

Was it a Lesbian bar?  Or is MSM simply pushing the sexual identity meme that males who want to identify as female earn the pronoun of choice?

Maybe both males and females were in the club, and there is nothing to this at all.

Just an interesting tidbit.

And for the record - I am not buying Mateen was a self-loathing gay who snapped, either. That is just too convenient a bit of spin with multiple PR goals.  1) Calling him gay is a childish means to try and call into question the masculinity of Mo's Morons.  2) Calling him gay is an attempt to bring the LGBT community into a mainstream conversation - legitimizing them.

He may have been gay.  But if I had to bet my dinner on it, I'd call BS.

To protect us from ourselves

“Human rights law requires [member] States to protect people from harmful private activities and to adopt appropriate regulatory and institutional frameworks,” the report reads.

That is from a UN douche who wants America to tighten gun laws.

Forget the 2A aspects - read that quote again.

"...to protect people from harmful private activities..."

That is the motivating ideology behind 'Human Rights Law' and the UN is in the business of institutionalizing that world view at the nation-state level.

When it comes time for everyone to sweep their own porches, you New Yorkers are going to be busier than most.

Here's the piece.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Trump 2016

Regardless of your take on the man, one thing is undeniable - he has done more to reveal that the R's and D's are two wings of the same bird than anyone else in modern memory.

When the R's and D's agree that Hillary Clinton is a better choice for President, you know we are in for a fight.

Here's the piece.

God save the republic - but we all know God will only support us if WE do the heavy lifting.  So, let's get to it.

Time to repeal 2A

David S. Cohen gets credit for the revival of the Enemy of Liberty list on the sidebar.  He is calling for an outright repeal of the Second Amendment.  We won't be taking it down again.

Item the First: None of the first ten amendments may be repealed.  They are beyond the repeal process because they are fundamental Natural Rights codified as part of the original ratification.  The preamble makes it clear that the first ten amendments are declaratory and restrictive.  But let's not get into what they may and may not do, because we all know the BoR has been gutted over the last 200 years.

Let's just make it clear that even putting forth the legislation to repeal 2A is casus belli and will result in immediate hostilities.  And the first people to face the wrath of real Americans for their treason against us?  The people who support such legislative attempts to deny fundamental Natural Rights.

Here's the piece.

The head of DHS is also now attempting to reach into the Gun Control debate and make it a matter of National Security.  Here.

I have said it time and again - these people want a war, they need a war.  

They are pushing for war.  They are moving to Contact...

Stop, leave, or feed the maggots & worms...

Devout Muslims believe there is “no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet.” Logically then, Muslim nations reject a “First Amendment” in their own societies that would protect a right of Christians to convert Muslims, or any “freedom of speech” that permits the mockery of Muhammad.


Islam, not only in its extremist forms but in its pure form, is incompatible with modern Western democracy.

And the conflict appears irreconcilable.

The policy that should result from this reality is that while we fight side-by-side to annihilate our common enemies, ISIS and al-Qaida, the West should give up the idea of democratization and secularization of the Islamic world.

Here's the link.

Irreconcilable.  Existential.  And that description does not only apply to Mo's Morons.  

Marxists, Quislings and Entitlement-suckling parasites share the same moral place as the Muzzie Hordes.  If they choose to continue their treasonous behaviors and petty tyrannies, they can all share the same unmarked ditch.

Brexit & Gold

Brexit fears are being credited with the rising price of gold.  Here.

Market Watch claims gold will likely hit $1400/oz if the vote is to leave.  Here.

Even as manipulated as gold has been for the last few years, a 10% shift is a big deal. Consider what the price of gold would be without the current manipulation.

Brexit is a domino that will fall, one day or another.  The sooner the EU begins to unravel in a tangible sense, the sooner the world can get on with coming adjustments.