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Current ThreatCon for CONUS

Current ThreatCon for CONUS
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

FBI Hitting the Refuge...

Many reports, nothing verified yet.

Why Trump v. Bloomberg is a Goodness Thing...

PJB - here.

DoJ Pivots Toward You and Me...

We've posted a story or three about this topic in recent weeks.  Now Reuters chimes in as well.  

(Personal note: I have dealt with Reuters personally on several occasions, beginning during my head-butting with the brand new DHS more than a decade ago - Reuters has less Intellectual Honesty than even the WN racist F*cks posing as III)

In the aftermath of Sandy Hook, when so many people were running around predicting a new AWB that would make Clinton's treason look like AA ball, and that door-to-door raiding parties were imminent, we offered the assessment that no such moves would be made on the Federal level, for many reasons.  We predicted a renewed gun control push in Blue States - and that happened.  We predicted and warned of a serious, well-financed bureaucratic push to dramatically broaden the 'Prohibited Persons' lists, especially using mental illness as a premise.  That happened, big time.  That continues even now.

What you are witnessing now with DoJ and other Marxist assets is the next phase of tangible action against their ideological enemies.  The last 150-plus years of moving the country Left and laying the ground to ostracize supporters of Natural and Constitutional Rights has now reached a point, at least in the minds of most politicians, bureaucrats and their voting blocks, that large-scale physical action will be tolerated by most and cheered by a significant percentage in America.

They intend to metaphorically (and in some cases literally) begin filling the boxcars.

They are prepping for Hunting Season on you right now.  They will escalate their Direct Action significantly before the winners of the next election are sworn into office.

There are people in elected office right now who want their names attached to the purge of 'Right Wing Extremists'.

Normalcy Bias may stand between you and them.  In that case, you will lose - brilliantly.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Gary Hunt: Burns Chronicles No. 6


Cliven Bundy headed to Oregon...


This is how Civil Wars go hot...

The State of Jefferson

In-depth - here.

Either we have access to the Right of self-rule - or we do not.

If we do not, what more fundamental Right is there for which to fight?  Must we wait until physical chains are placed upon us?

Monday, February 8, 2016

Gary Hunt: Burns 5


If you are not studying these events - Malheur, Bunkerville, BarryGate, Ferguson, Freddie Gray, Bugs Barry, DipShit Dodge, Camel Toe, the full retard acceptance of racism at most III blogs, et cetera, you are not seriously prepping the ground for the survival of you, yours, or Liberty.

The fight for Liberty is happening now, and these examples are merely skirmishes.  When it gets real it will be on every single street of every single neighborhood in America - rural and suburban and city alike.

Extirpate the Traitors, then move on to ideological enemies.

Study now.  Prep now.  The final grading curve will be existential.

Understand the Challenges We Face

In the comments - here.

If you do not understand the conflict, your best hope is to stumble into a temporary advantage - you can never prevail.

Beauty is skin-deep.  Ugly goes to the bone.  And The Stupid is generational...


Paying attention?


Sunday, February 7, 2016

"Back Then I Was A True Believer" - How A Military Officer's Life Changed Forever 13 Years Ago

A Patriot I know and trust relates to this piece.

Read it, please.

And think...

Playtime is over.  War is upon us all.

If you have taken anything said over the last years seriously, you have already found your hill and dug-in.

If not...

Gary Hunt: Burns Chronicles No 4 – Stand Up; Stand Down


On the ground, with his own eyes.

David Fry Phone Call

Many unknowns - but here is the call:  Click Here

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Burns Chronicles No 3

From Gary Hunt, here.

In-depth Analysis of Global Economy


This report probably remains too optimistic.

Financial collapses of any significant magnitude usually result in hot wars over essentials.  

In the case of what appears to be imminent this time, only wide-scale regional wars around the world are capable of offering Banksters and Thieves the cover they need to hide their crimes.

Finicum Shot 9 Times - Unarmed

Shooting report - here.

Not armed - here.

No more free Waco's, huh?

Seems to me Waco's happen daily - and they have all been free...

Friday, February 5, 2016

Extremists: So - how many of these symbols do YOU fly?

Personally, I'm in for four - and several others not even listed here.

We have been IFF'd as 'Extremists' by Enemies of Liberty and bureaucratic Useful Idiots.

My weekend just got better...

...it's always better to know who wants you dead than to be surprised at the last moment.

Here's the PDF.  Thanks TD.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

From Gary Hunt: Indictment PDF

I can attest the man has been involved with the players at Malheur since well-before they went to the Refuge.  He is a serious, honest broker.

Here's the PDF of the indictment.

Remember what Max recently stated: You no longer live in the country that was created in 1781. That Constitutional Republic, based on rightful liberty and equality before the law, no longer exists. You live in a a lawless banana republic, where might is right and there will never be justice. - Max Velocity

Patriots: There is no time for bullshit or Ego or silly side eddys and currents that distract us from the attainment of Rightful Liberty.  Ignore and dismiss the obsessed fucktards who are nothing but living embodiment of the Sparklie.

We are out of time.  War is here.  You waste your time with cults of personality at the expense of those you claim to love.

Get to fuckin' work.

You want to know why America is in such a sad state?

Because we allow our Communists, Socialists, Parasites (Free Shit Army 'Patriots') and Useful Idiots to die peacefully in their beds of old age, surrounded by family.

Until that changes, Rightful Liberty has no chance...

Politics Matter...

There is a small, vocal minority within the Liberty Movement who like to snidely dismiss the relevance of national, and even state/local politics.  'It doesn't matter' they say.  'It's all rigged' they say.

While they are free to dismiss reality, they are not immune to the effects of dismissing reality.  Some smart woman said something like that once.

Who is on the bridge of the Titanic when it is in the North Sea matters.  Who is deciding what happens next, when the ship is taking water, matters.

Local politics is most important.  Get a good Sheriff.  We have one here, and his burden will be legendary once things go fully sideways.  His Deputies will carry a load for the local citizenry that will be recorded in History books.  The elected Sheriff is the average Americans first and most important line of defense when things get ugly.

Next you need the best possible people in your town and county politics.  You need people who do not do the job for the salary or the Ego - they need to be genuinely committed to bettering the lives of you and your neighbors.  When the world goes sideways and the supply trucks for the local grocery store stop rolling, you'd better have a solid core of decent neighbors sitting in positions of elected office.

Upstream you have your legislative houses at the state level.  Make sure your local rep goes to your state capitol with the proper mindset.

The Governor matters - he can mobilize your Guard.  He can call up your militia.  He can defend your borders against the next state over or even the Feds when they come for your pantry and farms and ranches.

Feds?  It matters who is sitting in the Oval, if only to decide when and where we put serious firepower downrange on Bad People who want your stuff.  Obviously, this guy can do more damage than good, so choose wisely.

But if YOU do not help choose, then you leave these decisions to your Lib/Marxist neighbors who '...like what Bernie is saying...' or '...Hillary is ok...'.

If you think you can defend you and yours without your neighbors (even from some of your neighbors) alone - you are dead wrong.

Build those relationships now.  Build your preps.  Build off-site prep caches.  Have a hidey-hole for when things get really, really ugly.

Things will get really, really ugly, folks.  If you can't glance at current course and speed and understand that the location of our national crash site has already been determined by forces that cannot be altered - I can't help you.

In modern America if you can't understand that when a pound of butter that costs north of $3.50 it is a symptom of a crashing society, you are lost.

Here's a solid piece by PJB.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gary Hunt: Burns Chronicles

Number 1 - here.

Number 2 - here.

Some American Patriots went there and did that.  Gary is one.  ToneDeaf and his Second did also.

If you were not there, and you did not support those who were there, you are armchair quarterbacking from the nosebleeds.  S.T.F.U.  

God bless every Patriot who dared put their asses on the line.

LaVoy Finicum Funeral

Details, here.


Sunday, January 31, 2016

The 'Official' Narrative

The FBI on Thursday released a video showing Finicum's death, to counter claims he did nothing to provoke his killing. In the aerial video, Finicum is pulled over in his truck but then takes off in the vehicle and plows into a snowbank because of a roadblock. He gets out and has his hands up at first, then appears to reach toward his jacket pocket at least twice. He is shot and falls to the snow.