Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Enemies of Liberty are ruthless.  To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..
**TO ALL .GOV WATCHING MY LIFE** You already know I am playing by all the rules. If you want to talk to me, just call or knock on the door. I'll meet you at your place, or invite you into mine. But there is no need to shoot my dogs or frighten my wife. Just so you know. ~ Kerodin

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A few thoughts

What was the public response when the State Department let it be known they intend to bring foreign Ebola patients to CONUS for treatment?  The blogosphere erupted, the conspiracy folks took it up several notches, and Ebola is what most Americans are talking about. 

Now ask yourself: Is the White House trying to expand the Ebola deaths in America, or are they merely turning up the volume knob so that Ebola remains the conversation?  If you suspect the latter, then we must consider what the Ebola clamor is drowning out.  What else is happening while we are all focused on Ebola?  Is the Ebola noise merely an intentional distraction?

Whether this latest escalation is simply designed to keep us looking at the right hand while the left hand does something more sinister, or it is indeed an attempt to import Ebola as a weapon, you should consider attending training with Georgia Force on Force in February.  I had the opportunity to meet Grenadier1 at Brock's Spring PatCon, and watch him teach a primer force on force class.  It was outstanding, and revealed soft spots for the participants as they tried working as a team.  G1 and his team are offering critical skills training you will need at some point.  You will meet allies and be forced into Harm's Way without time to train together.  You'd better know how to operate with brand new allies in the middle of a Cluster Foxtrot.

Israel has posted a piece that offers perspective on what matters.  This is "Why" we will fight. 

We will fight for ourselves, for our blood, and for those brothers and sisters we have met who do not share our blood, who we choose to be part of our lives.  We will fight so that in our twilight we can look back upon our lives and remember those Souls who improved us simply by being our friends.  Time and distance can not take from us the gifts our friends brought into our lives.

The man in the picture above is William Fairbairn.  Most of you know who he was.  He was born 20 years after RevWarII, and died 15 years after WWII.  He was in at least 600 contact-range deathfights during his life, and managed to die as an old man of natural causes - with a lot of scars.  He trained thousands of Americans and Brits in the skills of the Commando - skills that would help many of them to come home - alive - when their work was done. 

One can make a very strong argument that sharing your skills with your fellow man is one of the more noble acts we can perform as a species.  G1 is putting himself out there to help fellow Patriots.  Max and J.C., too.  Sparks31Tom.  Come to Idaho and I'll share what I can.  A Patriot who hosted a CQB class last summer sent me a link to Fairbairn's Get Tough, still considered to be one of the bedrock manuals for serious close-range fighters.  For those training days when you can't be in the woods with Max and the other excellent trainers listed above, use solid sources like Get Tough as a blueprint for training with your Tribe.  Thanks, Jeffery. 

If Rightful Liberty is to be alive when the dust settles, it will be because you trained, because you chose to Stand Up, because you dared to defy those who would be our Masters with a sincere "No."

It's on you, and me.  If we do not do it, it won't get done.


Why voting is not a viable means of course correction...

When people put themselves before all others, they are no longer capable of being part of a civilized and prudent society.  When "Me-First" is their default and intractable position, you do not have a fellow citizen, you have a cancer cell swimming in the bloodstream of society.  And when you have too many cancer cells...

The nurse in Maine is one example.  She went to treat Ebola patients in Africa, then came home.  She refuses to quarantine herself.  This is not about Ebola - this is about a woman who willingly subjected herself to a potentially deadly situation (which is her choice) but then behaves in such a manner that her neighbors may suffer for her choice.  Her neighbors did not choose to risk their lives with Ebola - but this woman is forcing that risk upon them with her selfish behavior.

I have no obligation to risk being exposed to Ebola (or anything else that may kill me) simply because my neighbor chooses to take those risks.  Forcing me into a position where I must face those risks simply because my neighbor refuses to stay home and play monopoly for 3 weeks invokes my Natural Law Right to Self Defense.

Sorry, but I have no obligation to suffer or die just because you are stupid and selfish.

The second example is a demonstration of true Evil: "Post-Birth Abortions" are acceptable to a growing minority of people.  I will not even bother to articulate how or why taking the life of a baby or child up to kindergarten age is Evil.  Like porn, you know it when you see it.  And if you don't see it, I can't help you.

An overwhelming majority of people in America are fouled and diseased in their hearts.  You do not need to murder a 4-year-old to be Evil.  You can simply choose to tolerate it in your society. 

We tolerate far too much Stupid and Evil, and it is the means by which America has committed suicide. 

These people vote.

That is why voting will not move our point of impact one inch, or delay it by one minute.  We are outrageously outnumbered...for now.


Monday, October 27, 2014

J.C. Dodge: Frein & Rightful Liberty Considerations...

J.C. Dodge explores the hypocrisy on display in Pennsylvania and through many layers of .Gov on the Frein hunt.

Here's a fundamental point noted by J.C.: How many days and how many man-hours do you think PSP and other agencies would have invested in the Frein hunt if he had killed a civilian rather than a LEO?

Here's the piece.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

When the premise is flawed, all that follows is flawed...

If you’ve ever tried to board a plane, cash a check or rent a car, you’ve almost surely had to show some form of identification with your picture on it. For most people, that takes the form of a driver’s license, but there are other forms of photo ID. Millions of Americans produce them every day to do dozens of everyday tasks and think nothing of it.

Why should it be any different when we vote?

The above is from a piece written over at Doug Ross' site by Ed Feulner.

Whatever your position on voting, here is the problem with Mr. Feulner's argument - the premise is flawed.

Look at his very first sentence.  Does anyone reading this blog believe the State has the authority to determine whether or not you may board a plane, cash a check or rent a car without ID?  Just because "...millions of Americans produce [ID] every day to do dozens of everyday tasks..." doesn't mean it is proper or just.  It simply means millions of Americans are willing to permit the State to meddle in nearly every aspect of their lives.

Read the post below this one - Rightful Liberty: Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock.  It ties directly into this line of thought.

When I first began writing online I challenged every reader to do a simple thing: Examine the premise.  On everything.  Take a cold, hard look at everything you do, and explore why you do it, through the lens of Rightful Liberty, and see if you are following a flawed premise.

Either you own you - or you permit others to own you.  Your choice.


Rightful Liberty: Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock

How many felonies would you commit if you decided to live in a state of Rightful Liberty for one single day?

Think about it for a moment.  Think of all the things you do every single day for which you must first acquire permission - whether it is riding a motorcycle, installing a light socket to pay your bills as a "Licensed" electrician, owning a SMG noise muffler, taking a pill for pain.  If you refuse to acquire the proper permission slips, how many of the things you do every day are outright felonies, or may rise to the level of a felony at the will and whim of LEO, a magistrate, prosecutor or some bureaucrat?

Think of all things forever forbidden to you and your children, for no permission slip exists.

How many felonies would you commit just getting through a single day of doing what you want to do, within the parameters of Rightful Liberty?  How many felonies, therefore, stand between you and Rightful Liberty - a state of Liberty that is gifted by your Creator and denied to you by men with pens and guns.

How long will you permit men to stand between you and that which was gifted to you by your Creator?  How long will you tolerate men who interfere with the sacred relationship between you and your Creator?  How long will you disrespect and insult your Creator by allowing men to deny His gifts to you?

In the past we discussed a few of the Universal Laws under which Nature and Man operate.  Add to those discussions the awareness of patterns.  There are patterns in Nature and Man, and among men.  Learn the patterns and you can learn to avoid certain errors and how to influence certain outcomes.

Two martial equals will usually kill one another if they fight.

Two equals in tic-tac-toe will always play to a draw.

Two equals who know one another will usually play to a draw in rock-paper-scissors .

And even when the game is made more complex and nuanced, such as rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock, two equally adept players who know one another well will usually play to a draw.

The patterns and rules that have been constructed by Evil men for their advantage (and that of their genetic and ideological posterity) in life can be gamed if you learn the patterns and then use that knowledge to your advantage.  Learn the patterns, identify the tools they use to manipulate you, then invoke your Sun Tzu and Musashi and attack in a place, manner and time where your enemy does not defend.  Military folks will call this f'ng up his OODA loop.  Most people just call it common sense.

But how does the American who was born into this system of rules and conditioned every day of his life break out of the paradigm and into Rightful Liberty?  Hint: You do not build a Ma Deuce in your basement and then go riding with it on an unregistered motorcycle as Step One.  Not one of us remembers an America without NFA.  Most of us are conditioned from our earliest years to covet the day we can go and receive permission to drive - to exercise the Right of locomotion.  Most of us know the phrase tax cheat is received by most people as an epithet.  This is all conditioning by Evil men, institutionalized across generations.

First you must understand that what you want is yours to begin with, what you are being denied is your birthright, and that morally you are entitled to reach for it, possess it, and use it.  That is where you must begin, by embracing that you are being wronged, and that you have a moral Right to end the abuse.  And dismiss that Moral High Ground silliness - you have a Right to your Rights by any means necessary.  The man between you and your Natural Rights is a man who chooses to stand in a perilous place. F' him.

Once you have embraced that you are morally right to pursue and take possession of your Rights, start small.  One does not watch a DVD, call that training, then step into an MMA ring.  Even the most elite men in our military are not on leave at home on Friday at a BBQ, HALO jumping into the Bin Laden compound on Saturday, and back home for Sunday dinner.  There is a process generically known as "Clicking On" in which even the most highly trained fighters methodically ramp up in preparation for a piece of work, an ever-increasing isolation and focus that pares away everyone and every thing except the Team and the Mission.  And once the mission is over, there is a ramping down, a deliberate process to "Click Off" so that the Operator doesn't double-tap his father-in law simply for waving a steak knife around at the dinner table.

(Those of you familiar with the world of martial Japanese arts know the "Clicked On" state of mind as Zanshin.  There may be many years between your first brush with Zanshin until you feel it again, but as you train, it comes easier.  If you are truly gifted and dedicated, there will come a time when Zanshin is your default, running silently in the background of your awareness, ready to come into focus at will.  Being "Clicked On" is not genuine Zanshin, obviously, but it is a fundamentally efficient simile for the purposes of fighters.)

This ramping up/down conditioning is not only in the military community on a mission-by-mission basis.  Soldiers do not leave Fallujah today and get on a Greyhound for home in Topeka tomorrow - they ramp down through several deliberate, refined steps before returning to the world.  Nor is this conditioning process exclusive to the military.  Prisoners who are due to be released may begin the process of "stepping down" several years before they are to be released.  They are transferred to prisons that are less hostile and dangerous until they are ultimately sent to a "half-way house".  You do not go from a High Security prison where every hour is capable of being violently your last, to being released at Denny's.  The Human animal is not equipped for such rapid decompressions.

Knowing that .gov employs this particular process is good information to have - because it may allow you, perhaps, an insight to their thinking and their likely actions at some future time or during some future event in which you must anticipate their actions.

So, how does one break down the artificial barriers that have been in place since birth and re-enforced through life, barriers that have the singular function of keeping you from daring to reach for your Natural Rights?  We have spoken before of training by choosing a particular misdemeanor every day and violating it.  Violating it without getting caught is valuable as training for tactics and strategy.  However, the more important value, is that such violations help re-wire your brain and condition your psyche to become comfortable in daring to go where you have not gone before - into the realm of criminal.  Train, and ramp up until you are free.

Max has suggested you begin simply by "Standing Up" - what John Parker phrased as "Stand your ground."  That is as good a place to begin as any.  Then begin using the word "No" more often.

Face this fact: Evil men have criminalized Liberty.

You can not live at Liberty in America today without becoming a criminal.

You will never know Liberty in America without dismissing many laws, committing many felonies, and being willing to physically fight the men who mean to stand between you and your Creator.

You'd better begin ramping up.

You'd better begin to Click-On.

Every day.  Every single day you must become harder, smarter, less affected by the taunt of Criminal!  You must become immune to the stigma of their labels.  You must take more responsibility for your own Liberty, for it is your Obligation to defend your Creator and His gifts to you.

You must break their rules.

Or you will remain upon your knees, licking the hands that feed you.

That is not a life worth living.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

The pessimists are better informed...

Clare Luce put is another way. In this world, she said, there are two kinds of people -- optimists and pessimists. "The pessimists are better informed."


Here's the link.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Colonel

What is your first thought about the image - what does it convey?

A staged photo op?

A staged photo op by a guy who knows what the hell he's doing?

Just curious.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Max Velocity: More on Rightful Liberty

No man can do it for you, but several of us will do it with you.

You begin by standing up.  Then you stand your ground.

Max continues his excellent series here, with a practical action plan offered.

Many Patriots have searched for a roadmap to lead from the rhetoric of being free and at Liberty to the reality.  Read what Max is putting forward.  This is a direction some of us have chosen to walk.  There is room for more on this road.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Not your dad's Ebola...

For example, Obama has refused to implement an Ebola travel ban because he is greatly underestimating the seriousness of this virus.

The above is from the Economic Collapse blog, and it is dead(ly) wrong and a textbook example of Normalcy Bias.

The author is stuck in the paradigm that our "Leaders" must be underestimating the crisis, because the notion that our "Leaders" might not be taking prudent steps for any other reason would reveal that they are Evil, and willing to murder untold millions of people.

You underestimate the level of Fuck You in the other guy's heart at your peril.

I beg all Patriots, harden your hearts.  Open your eyes and accept the truth.

Evil is on the hunt.

Here's the link.


Heh, told ya...

In the wake of Sandy Hook much of the Gun/Liberty blogosphere went full retard, expecting a new AWB from Congress, and FedGov Storm Troopers enforcing 2A infringements on behalf of Those Who Would Be Our Masters.

As America went on a record-breaking gun & ammo shopping spree that cleared the shelves of nearly every combat rifle, pistol and boxes of ammo in the country, we posited here that Federal legislation would fail and we warned that what would happen is that the people placed on the "Prohibited Persons" lists would grow across hardcore Blue states.

New York has already built a database of nearly 35,000 people who are to be denied 2A based on "Mental Health". 

California has passed legislation with language that is even more dubious, A.B. 1014, which goes into effect Jan. 1, 2016, creates a Gun Violence Restraining Order that allows people who suspect a family member is mentally unstable or dangerous to get a court order forbidding that person from owning weaponry and ammo. The state legislature passed the bill in reaction to the tragic mass murder in May at Isla Vista.

So in Cali a "family member" will have the power to strip your 2A.

Keep calm and keep your focus simple:

Commander's Intent: Rightful Liberty

I: Stand your ground...

II: Do not fire unless fired upon...

III: If they mean to have a war, let it begin here (Defend Yourselves!)...

IV: When war is forced upon you, go find something Evil and kill it...


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ebola Perspective

I haven't posted much on the Ebola gig.  WRSA has it covered.

Nothing I can do about it, anyway.  I was reminded last night about the simple lesson of doubling every day, beginning with a single penny.  Ebola may never hit the same pace, but the principle is sound, and worth remembering.

I do not believe in grand conspiracies.  However, I do believe in the Moscow Rules:

Once is an accident.

Twice is coincidence.

Three times is an enemy action.

This is "ramping up".  This is the "dropping of optics."

And the Enemies of Liberty are just warming up.

I still recommend everyone consider Election Day to be D-Day from the perspective of the Bad People - the last day of the good ol' days.

There is no course correction possible.  Impact is imminent.

Are you ready?

That's a rhetorical question...


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Max Velocity: III Percent Society

Max Velocity has joined the III Percent Society as a Senior Policy Advisor!

...and he's offering discounts to Society Members in good standing to his training courses.

Details, here.


Max Velocity: III Percent Society Members Discount

III Percent Society Members - Max Velocity has announced he will offer a 15% discount of course fees when you train with him!

We welcome Max to the cadre of Trainers who are willing to help our members.

**NOTE**  If you have NOT yet rec'd your III Society SWAG Package with Membership Card and you are reserving a training slot in one of Max's courses, just zip me an email and I'll make sure he gets confirmation of your status.  (The pile of SWAG packages is significant, and we hope to get them all out ASAP)

If you are not already a member of the III Society - here's the link to sign up.  Remember, we need a plan, we need a team of fellow Patriots we trust, we need cohesion and morale - that is the purpose of the III Society.  And when the TOC (or as Max calls it, the "Battle Bus") deploys, it will be with Members of the Society aboard, linking-up with III Patriots in whatever AO needs support.

Thanks, Max!

Here's the link.  (We'll be posting over at the III Society Blog today as well.)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Houston, you have a fucking problem...

**UPDATE** From Prepping Preacher, here.


Alan sent the link.

This is what I meant by "...ramping up..." and "...dropping the optics..."

When the State demands the Clergy hand over sermons, I do not care what religion you follow - if any - you need to be cocked & locked and ready to go to your local Green.

Here's the link.

Thanks, Alan.


We are the heirs of marauders, pirates, conquerors, colonizers, colonialists, and imperialists...

Today we say that the beheadings and crucifixions of ISIS remove them from the company of civilized men. They should be annihilated to the last man, we hear on cable TV. 

But the Romans beheaded St. Paul and crucified Christ. Queen Elizabeth beheaded her cousin Queen Mary, even as her mother Anne Boleyn had been beheaded by her father Henry VIII, who also decapitated Sir Thomas More.

The French Revolution Jefferson loved used at its instrument of justice the guillotine, to which Louis XVI and his queen Marie Antoinette were sent. Those heroes of the Revolution, Danton and Robespierre, were guillotined, as was Charlotte Corday, four days after she stabbed to death in a bathtub a third great man of the revolution, Marat.
Great men are rarely good men, and every great empire is guilty of great crimes. But the empires men still study and admire are those that created, built and advanced civilization, that brought mankind to a higher plateau, that left behind magnificent legacies.

I have no conflicted conscience regarding whence I came or where Men must soon go.

I have no problem with the Hard Things.

Here's the entire PJB piece.  I commend it to you. 


Monday, October 13, 2014

J.C. Dodge: Get Trained

I've never trained with J.C. Dodge at Mason Dixon Tactical, but H and I did have the good fortune to finally meet him and his Lady at Brock's Spring PatCon.  Both are solid, good people.

I do know a dozen or more people who have trained with J.C. - and every one of those people commend him highly.

Read his post.  Get the message he offers: If you need training, whatever that training may entail, go get it.  Now.  If you think guys like J.C. are going to be available forever, you are wrong.

Here's his post.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

...and we are now live...

Whatever scenario you may have been anticipating, from economic collapse, to world war, to tyrannical oppression in America, to disease and the fallout that will follow-on - you can find your flavor on Drudge, right now.

Whether the best is behind us, or we cycle back down in coming weeks, one thing is certain - what is happening across America at the moment is not a drill.

Stay safe.


You are not the Boss of Me!

Several random thoughts, with nothing binding them together...

Max has an excellent series of posts discussing Rightful Liberty:  One, Two, Three, Four.

WRSA has linked them all, continuing to serve as our modern Green Dragon Tavern.

Oleg articulates reality with simple elegance, here.

It's October, in an election year, and stocks are now negative for the year.  Duh.

It's October, in an election year, after decades of theft around the world, and Europe is just about to implode.  No, really.  This is my shocked font.

Vlad intends to keep Crimea.  Vlad intends to reunify all of Mother Russia.  "Told ya" is pointless on this one.  Test him - he'll help you glow in the dark.  WWIII is underway and ramping up.

RevWarIII is also underway, and as we have warned since the day after the 2012 election, the optics are falling away as we near November - and will be dropped entirely soon after the elections.  The outcome of the elections is irrelevant to RevWarIII except in one manner - the more D's in office, the bigger the rubber stamp that will be used as Enemies of Liberty move to their end game.

Did you know the original meaning of the word "commando" is "militia"?  This is an onion we'll be peeling layer-by-layer over coming weeks.

You should already be where you intend to defend yourself and your family.

You should already have everything you can lay-in.

You should be training relentlessly - because impact is imminent and the crater will be epic.

When Comms fail and we are all separated by miles and enemies, Patriots should use Mister Jefferson's definition of Rightful Liberty as their North Star: Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.

Keep it simple.

Stay the fucking course.

That is all for now.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

III Percent Standing Orders

Four Standing Orders of the III Percent:

I: Stand your ground...

II: Do not fire unless fired upon...

III: If they mean to have a war, let it begin here (Defend Yourselves!)...

IV: When war is begun, go find something Evil and kill it...


No sense trying to reinvent the wheel. 

Captain Parker had it right.


Friday, October 10, 2014

St. Louis Residents Run Police Out of Shaw Neighborhood

Thanks to Mike C.

Live Fire Drill: St. Louis

WRSA has the details.

If you are in that AO, BROADCAST EVERYTHING!  Audio, video, social media - everything you've got.  Get the truth out to the rest of us.


The Enemies of Liberty...

...have already drawn First Blood.

Many, many times.

You and I exist in a time and place wherein any action you take to resist, guided in accord with the principle of Rightful Liberty, may be defined under Natural Law as self defense.

What was promised to us in the Declaration and Bill of Rights, via the parameters of the USC, has been taken from us by threats of violence and by actual violence.

Once you have been forced into a state of self defense, Natural Law itself grants you Weapons Free status.

"They" are spilling blood.

You need not wait until it is your turn to be the victim before you defend yourself.

PJB quote: But today rogue judges and justices, appointed for life, answerable to no one, instruct a once-democratic republic on what laws we may and may not enact.

Even PJB understands the republic no longer exists.