Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Enemies of Liberty are ruthless.  To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..
**TO ALL .GOV WATCHING MY LIFE** You already know I am playing by all the rules. If you want to talk to me, just call or knock on the door. I'll meet you at your place, or invite you into mine. But there is no need to shoot my dogs or frighten my wife. Just so you know. ~ Kerodin

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Police State. Prove me wrong...

It stops today...


Yeah, they are just bureaucrats - not guilty of anything...

In addition to data like fingerprints, travel itineraries, identification documents and gun licenses, the rules encourage screeners to acquire health insurance information, drug prescriptions, “any cards with an electronic strip on it (hotel cards, grocery cards, gift cards, frequent flyer cards),” cellphones, email addresses, binoculars, peroxide, bank account numbers, pay stubs, academic transcripts, parking and speeding tickets, and want ads. The digital information singled out for collection includes social media accounts, cell phone lists, speed dial numbers, laptop images, thumb drives, iPods, Kindles, and cameras. All of the information is then uploaded to the TIDE database.

Screeners are also instructed to collect data on any “pocket litter,” scuba gear, EZ Passes, library cards, and the titles of any books, along with information about their condition—”e.g., new, dog-eared, annotated, unopened.” Business cards and conference materials are also targeted, as well as “anything with an account number” and information about any gold or jewelry worn by the watchlisted individual. Even “animal information”—details about pets from veterinarians or tracking chips—is requested. The rulebook also encourages the collection of biometric or biographical data about the travel partners of watchlisted individuals.

Read the rest.

The word for which you may be searching is Stasi.


DTG: Train the Trainer Final Call

Last call for the August 7-10 class.

Remember, any III Society member in good standing receives $150 off!

Here's the link.


It is what it is... III

WWIII has been under way for a while, and a quick scan at the front page of Drudge on most days will provide you sufficient evidence.

Today, especially.

You will die badly without Tribe.

Here's Tribe.  Join.   Meet those near you who will watch your back.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It is what it is... II

It is what it is...

The Patriots who read this blog tend to be a bit more hardcore and realistic than many other sites.

Look at the poll on the right.  Consider the percentages.  Can you say "Oh, fuck..."?

LGoPs who would have gone to work had Bundy gone hot - would have been a lonely bunch.  Not enough would have done anything to prevent OpFor dominance.

The larger percentage take the same approach as did Captain Parker - they vote to wait until the "Bad People come to their neighborhoods".  But this is not 1775, even if there are parallels.

Folks - the Bad People ARE in your neighborhoods.  Right now.

Normalcy bias will lead you straight to the boxcar.

Fuck.  A LOT of you who read this blog are headed for the rail cars, and you don't even see it.  That AR, for many of you, is nothing but a baby's woobie.  It helps you sleep at night, but it won't save you from reality.

I'll meet you down in Arizona Bay.  Or, not.


Please hit the poll on the right ------>

The "Oh Shit" Reality


I do not teach people "Martial Arts".

My CQB class is exactly as advertised: I teach you to Fight to your Weapon.

I throw a few extra techniques into the course that allow anyone to break anyone stoopit enough to get too touchy-feely.

The Idaho Studio will not teach you "Martial Arts".  If you want to learn the numerous ways out of a headlock from the ground - go find a Gracie school and sign up for a few years.  You want to learn to throw an attacker who has 200 pounds on you, momentum and a handful of your shirt, and you weigh 85 pounds - go find an Aiki dojo and train for a decade.  If you want to learn "Combatives" that they teach new .mil recruits - just hit a good Gracie school for about 3-4 months.

You want to learn how to break an idiot in the least amount of time and with minimal effort, all the while remaining in a defensively-capable posture - ok, now you can come to my Studio.

I teach you to break people - and if he dies or can never use that limb again, tough-titty said the kitty when the milk went dry.

My uncle used to say something that makes more sense every single day I get older: A young man will fight you.  An old man will kill you.

If you ever need the techniques I teach, you've already fucked-up and you are in an "Oh Shit!" moment of your life.  You should have shot that bastard 250 yards ago.  At the least you should have drawn your sidearm and shot him as he charged.

If you ever need what I teach, you'd better have it.

III the fuckin' hilt...

Along with the rest of the city's estimated 25,000 Christians who had not already fled years of kidnappings, bombings and shootings, Sunni militants gave 36-year-old Fadi, his wife and son until Saturday to comply with a brutal ultimatum: convert to Islam, pay an unspecified tax, leave the city or die.

Does this offend you? This order to convert, pay a tax, leave or die?

If you are looking simply through the lens of a Christian being given a set of choices, you're probably offended and puffy-faced.  How dare they oppress Christians!?

Now, replace a few words and post it on every lamp post in America: ...convert to Rightful Liberty, abandon forever coerced Socialism, Communism and their various flavors, leave or die.

Still got a problem with it?

I don't.

Here's the story.  Clear the lifetime of conditioning from your eyes, Patriots.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Just a pleasant reminder...

This is a post my attorney would never approve, so let's just leave her out of it until some future date when I have to pay her because of it.

In the last month I have had several stupid people make runs at me in one way or another, from several different parts of this country.  Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows I usually ignore The Stupid until...

...then I offer to meet them anyplace they wish.  Never once has anyone had the balls to meet.  When they try to hide behind screen names and such, I (with a little help from my friends) find them and we escalate until The Stupid slinks away and decides to hide like a bitch.  I fear my kinder, gentler self has been too much on display recently, and some people may have unrealistic expectations regarding my kindly disposition and willingness to tolerate The Stupid.

So, if this is not a post directed at you, your gut is telling you so right now.  If it is not directed at you, I have a little Molly Hatchet at the top of the post so you can relax and enjoy a bit of the 70's.

No harm, no bad intentions, no worries.

If this post is for you - and you know in your heart if it is - (or you just like cool music) there is a little Disturbed at the bottom of the page.

If you are a Fed or other LEO and want to talk, it's clearly listed at the top of the page: Knock on my front door and I'll invite you into my place, or call me and I'll walk into your place.  There is no need for drama or games.

For you Fucktards who have been swimming in my waters with mal-intent, go the fuck away, now.

You do not have to go home, but staying here will get you hurt.  And, no, the coroner will NOT rule it a drowning.  I promise, I will have 6 alibis from seven allies in 9 different states.

If you come at me, or come at me again, or you continue to circle, or you come at someone I know, trust or respect, using me, my name, or my work, or any of the projects with which I am involved, from my promotion of III Arms to the Citadel to the TOC or others, there will be a problem you can't handle in your future.  Do not fuck with me.  Do not fuck with the III.  Do not fuck with my allies.  Do not fuck with the work we are doing.

That is your final warning.  Oh - and don't even bother writing me and asking "Is this post about me????

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled programming.

J.C. Dodge & the III Percent Society

Have you got what it takes to earn your Mason Dixon Longrifles Tab?

Here's more.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

TTAG: A well regulated Militia

The militia predates the republic. 

The militia predates the AoC.

Only fucktards of the highest order do not respect the Militia and the Militiaman.

Here's the link.

Don't like that I support Militias?  Don't come back.


Wirecutter: III Percent Society Senior Policy Advisor

Kenny has accepted the responsibility of helping to steer this battleship we've named the III Percent Society, and wrote a piece on it, here.

Thanks, Kenny. 

There is a magic number in Washington DC politics: 3,000.

If you have an organization with 3,000 or more members, politicians and media begin paying attention.  When you look at the daily readers of IIIPercent, WRSA, Wirecutter, DTG, Mason Dixon & Vixen, and others, we can hit that magical 3,000 number easily.  But it takes YOU.  We need YOU to step up and join.  There is no way we can do the work that needs to be done by ourselves.

Here's Wirecutter's piece.

Thanks, Kenny.


LGoPs: DefCon Status

Where are you and your LGoPs in status regarding leaving home & hearth, meeting on the Town Green and going to work in your AO?

Remember, this is a Google product in the clear, and your answer will be known to the Throne.

I have added a poll at right.

DefCon 1: Let's rock!  I'm ready right now!

DefCon 2: If Bundy had gone hot, I would have gone active in my AO.

DefCon 3: When Bad People come to my neighborhood, I'll go active.

DefCon 4:  We're at least a few years away from me leaving the porch.

Qualifier on DefCon 1: NORAD says DefCon 1 signals nuclear war is imminent.  I think most of us would agree that Bad Things are imminent - so for DefCon 1 the question option is really: I'm ready to go in my AO as soon as I see some of you bastards go first in your AOs.


Friday, July 18, 2014

Political Insight: Local Official: Feds Drop 'Unknown Number' of Illegal Kids in VA County Without Warning

Punishment.  That is at least part of what the immigration SNAFU is about.

There are many counties in the DC metro area.  A bunch of illegals were just dumped in Prince William County, a rural (becoming suburbanized) Right-leaning, anti-immigration county.

Do you remember when they closed a lot of car dealers, and we discovered the Republican donors were the ones shut, while most Dem donor dealerships were allowed to remain open?

Political punishment.

Personalized politics.

The definition of WRoL and Tyranny.  Who you know, not what you know...

That is part of what is happening.

Here's a piece that skims the surface, but doesn't connect the dots.


OK - let's dance...

None of the wars fought here in America had universal starting dates.

Did RevWarI begin at Lexington where John Parker famously met the British on the march?  Or did it begin five years earlier at the Boston Massacre?  Historians may reasonably differ.  But there is a difference between what happened at Lexington and Concord and all the previous skirmishes.

Lexington & Concord marked the point of no return.

That bell could never be un-rung.  The warrants issued for Hancock and Adams were for High Treason.  Lexington & Concord marked that moment in which everyone chose a side.

RevWarII was a bit jerky to get underway as well, but everyone essentially settles on Sumter.

RevWarIII - now this one is ours.  If you do not own it yet, you are behind the curve and need to catch up, or just do what you are told, Hodor.  I've used October 13th at the National Mall.  Yeah, there were guns in the crowds pressing US Capitol Police to the edge of their wits.  They knew it was not a bunch of hippies who would just sit and be pepper-sprayed.  I have also used April 12 in the desert at Bunkerville.  King's men (armed) faced squarely with armed Citizens - and not only retreated, but surrendered their stolen property.  Few think that one is really over.  Think of a blacked-out whirly-bird, fast-roping guys trained in special, special-bus courses by guys who have fast-roped into real shit.

To be honest, RevWarIII could have started at many incidents prior to my two examples.  LEO has murdered dozens of people across the land in the last 36 months.  Thousands of people have been processed through Government prisons for this or that, most of their crimes malum prohibitum.

Regardless what day you mark on the calendar, it's on right now.  The alphabets are trying to move pieces on the board in these weeks, months and years leading to 2016.  Ask the Trainer, he knows.

Ask meI know.  Firsthand.

Actually, don't ask.  I can't give many details at the moment - just know that tomorrow will include a discussion with two members of the III Percent Society Board regarding continuity of efforts.

For anyone who thinks getting online and challenging FedGov and those who would execute their orders is a harmless First Amendment game in which Agencies with Billions of dollars of assets and resources don't set out to murder you, your family, or at the very least put you in prison for the rest of your life -- you.  are.  wrong.

The Communists who intend to crush CONUS under mighty fist mean to do it well.

Ask Jose Guerena.  Nevermind, I'll ask him.  I'll probably meet him first.

I'm headed to Idaho very soon.  Let's see what happens.


Faith: Endeavor to persevere

Two videos every III Patriot should see, now.

If your Faith wavers, you waver.

You can't afford that when life itself is on the line.

Here's the link.


PS: The III Percent Society home page should resolve sometime in the next 24 hours.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

III Percent Society on FB

I built a Facebook page for the new III Percent Society, here.  You folks know how to make it better than do I.  Have at it!


III Percent Society Swag

Where we stand:  Most of the swag is in-house for our members.  But since postage is a killer, I'm waiting for everything to arrive, then we'll begin sending per the very detailed outline that has been posted at the III Society since before we started accepting members.  It's on the right sidebar - as is sign-up ability for new members.  ;)

At the moment most gear as arrived.  We are waiting for Membership ID cards and the embosser, and one set of shoulder patches.  The tactical caps are at the embroiderer, they should be back soon.

Once the gear is in the shop, we'll begin the shipping process.

The III Percent Society page is here.


Monday, July 14, 2014

So many First Class Patriots...

We have so many III Patriots in this community that are always there, and it has nothing to do with the wallet.  Moral support is as precious in this pursuit of Liberty as is financial - it is the standing to be counted that defines us.

I wish I could recognize every single one of you personally as you deserve.

I ordered a few tan Condor Tactical caps recently, and of course the new 2x3 front patches that everyone has seen.  Thinking of this Patriot, I ordered a custom rear tab that will be included.  So far as I know, this is a one-of-a-kind.  I've been waiting to ship for all the swag to be in so I could send everything at once - but enough waiting.  Chuck, it's on its way.

Thank you for all you do for the III.

The Kerodins & all the III who benefit from your support.

Surround yourself with good people, and good things will come...

Whitney embraces the roller coaster, and decided to start a knife fight with a Grizzly by taking the Treasurer position, because that's the kind of grit and mettle of which she is made - here's her link.  You might think Treasurer is enough of a load-out, but Whitney is also on the Board.  You want to know the quality of the people standing to be counted at the III Percent Society - Whitney is one.

Another you probably already know: J.C. Dodge.  He's got a new post up about what I've always seen called "Ranger Eyes".  Not only is he a Director on the Board, many of you have seen his skills in action during classes.  Here's his latest piece.

By the way - have you earned yours, yet...

Mason Dixon Longrifles...

Ask J.C. for details.


I'm too pissed to write about it...

...just go here to Wirecutter's place and read it.

This is essentially the "Big City" where I intend to move my wife " the line of attack..."

This is the town where my wife & I and our dogs would be going, routinely.

Fuck.  This.

Here's Kenny's link.


Or, read this one in Georgia.  Cop decides to shoot at a dog (for no good reason) and misses, pops a nearby kid in the knee.

Readers (Patriots) dropped the link in the comment section.

Can anyone explain to me what would happen to any Citizen who just decided to shoot a dog in a car, or recklessly discharge a weapon at a random dog, miss, and hit a kid?

That's rhetorical.  We both know what would happen, and the moral outrage that would cascade from the LEO/Judicial establishment upon any such Citizen.

There is an answer for you and me and all proper, civilized Human Beings who are forced to endure these diseased Souls.


Or, you and I just continue to take the path we are on until we die of natural causes, and let someone else deal with it.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Who is the III Percent Society for America?

There are many valid questions out there, and for legal and practical reasons, please bear with us as we answer what we can, when we can.

First, you know it was sparked at Brock's NC PatCon, just one more important piece of work to flow from those face-to-face meetings he hosts twice each year.

The bylaws have been written, though not yet adopted.  They have to pass full muster at an Idaho Corporate Attorney's office before we formally adopt them.  I'll make sure they get posted in the next few days so you can see how we have decided to initially set up the organization. 

The legal paperwork is all complete and on record in Idaho.  There is more to do, of course, but we are all legal.  We are in the process of filing the proper IRS forms for 501(c)(4) status, which will give us two primary advantages: First, most income (like donations) is tax-free.  Second, we do NOT have to disclose names of donors.  These are big deals.

Who is involved at this point?

Many of you.  Thank you all who have signed up.  At this moment every dime collected remains in the deposit account.  But we need more of you to join.  We understand asking you to join is immediately answered by "Why?  Who's in the mix?"  That is a fair question, one we are ready to expand.  You already know what we intend to do, and how we intend to do it.  You already know hundreds of III Patriots have chimed in and offered to be at our shoulders when we decide to deploy the TOC or take some other action.

So, who's going to play what positions?


Board of Directors:

Tom Randall (The Trainer at Defensive Training Group)
J.C. Dodge (Mason-Dixon Tactical)
Jim Miller (President of III Arms Company & Citadel Steering Committee)
Quietman (Don't ask, just say 'Yes, sir.')
Miss Violet (Blogger, Citadel Steering Committee, hardcore III Patriot)
Holly K. - Director & Interim Secretary
Whitney P. - Director & Treasurer
Kerodin - Director & President

Ken L. (Wirecutter) Senior Policy Advisor
Concerned America (WRSA) Senior Policy Advisor


As you can see, serious III Patriots have stepped-up.  Those of you who have already joined, you know you are standing with sensible, hardcore Patriots.  Those of you who have been waiting for more insight - now you know.

Once the bylaws have satisfied the attorney, the Idaho Statutes dictate the process, it'll all take 80-90 days.  But we are starting now.

In one year there will be eight (8) Public Directors added to the Board of Directors, voted in place by the Members of the Society.

We have promised time and again the III Percent Society will not let Members down as have organizations in the past.  Members will help determine what and where and how the III Society engages the Evil consuming our nation.  You will get to see who stands up and does the work.  You will get to vote for that person for positions on the Board - you may run for a seat yourself.

The III Percent Society for America is YOUR organization.

Our Mission Statement is simple: The restoration of Rightful Liberty in America.

You can help.  Join us with the buttons on the sidebar.  Tell your friends to spread us through social media.  Support our efforts with the TOC.

We are the III.  Liberty in America is our responsibility.

Join us now, Patriots.  The buttons are right there ---->


III Gear Weekend

Tan Cap w/ Front Patch & OD Cap w/ Front Patch, Molon Labe Tab.

1"x1" OD Tab for top of OD Tactical Caps
1x4 OD Molon Labe tab.

III Gear

Remember, proceeds go to the TOC Project.

Let me know if you are getting blogger/paypal issues.


Kitanica Gear

Among the countless other things I am trying to get accomplished these days is to realign IIIGear to ensure we can get you good, solid gear for RevWarIII.  Some of it will be for blending into the populace, some will be unmistakable that you are a participant.

Has anyone out there had first-hand experience with Kitanica gear?  It is expensive.  It is some of the most expensive tactical clothing I've seen.  But if it is worth it, then it is a line I'll consider adding to IIIGear.  The profit margin is thin (as it is with almost everything these days, one of the ways manufacturers are coping with the economy.)  Translation: I will be able to offer at less than retail, but not by much.

Anyway, the above is their Mark IV cold weather jacket, and it looks well-designed.  It retails for $600 - yeah, I know.  Here is a pair of their tactical pants.  The design is smart, you'll notice many of the pockets down the legs are positioned to the rear.  You can still reach what you need, yet going prone is far more realistic.  Retail: $200.

First, I'd like to know if any of you have experience with the gear.  Second, is it worth the prices?  $200 for a pair of pants is steep - but if they serve as tactical wear, last more than a year of serious use, and allow you to blend with the populace more than BDUs - you see where I am going.

Here's their website.  Check it out, and give me some feedback.

**Here is a line of similar high-end clothing offered by Lineman, please check it out, offer feedback, especially if you have owned any of it.

My goal upon reaching Idaho for good is to put together a shop that has access to quality gear needed by the Minuteman.  There are 10,000 or more military surplus stores across the country.  There are very few places you can get serious, hardcore gear.  K


Saturday, July 12, 2014

III Percent Society: There is no more simple truth...

...we need you to join, stand and be counted with us.

Life Membership: ($1,000 or more)


$10 Monthly Payment Plan

Colonial Member - full Payment for 1 year (1 free month - 13 months!)

$20 Monthly Payment Plan

Minuteman - full payment for 1 year (3 free months - 15 months for price of 12!)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Surprised this one isn't getting more play...

No-knock comes through the door.  Homeowner empties his weapon, assuming he's being jacked/invaded by Bad People.  Three and a half years later, after a nine-hour jury deliberation, the man was facing 4 counts of aggravated assault against Po-Po.

No mention of whether LEO found anything in their search or if the guy faced any other charges. 

All things considered, he was lucky to live through that night.

The jury came back Not Guilty on all charges.  This sets a precedent.

There was a time in this country when masked, armed men coming into your home were shot, and your neighbors helped bury them the next day.  Now, even in Texas, Home Invasions under color of law earn you years of courts and lawyers and harassment - if you live through the night.


Adapt or die.



OK - I've had a Facebook page for a while, but never used it.  Hell, I couldn't find it for a while, to give you a hint about how Facebook illiterate I am.  But I just went over there, cleaned it up a bit and will begin cross-linking between here, Twitter and other such annoying web details.

So, if you do the Friend-thingy, feel free. 

DO NOT be insulted if you say something, send me something or otherwise engage me at Facebook and I don't answer - I really don't know how to use it, and I'm not going to use it for much more than a mirror for the blog.

I am planning to buy a widget that will allow direct live-streaming to the FB page once the TOC deploys, so...

Here's the link.


Rule of Law

...this was ruled a "legitimate" shooting.


WRoL.  Reality.

Adapt or die.


116 days...

We will not vote our way out of the Socialism or Communism that has blatant, soon to be brutal, control of our lives in America.  But that does not change the fact that 116 days from now there will be elections across the nation, and the outcome of those elections will impact the next pages of History to be written of the American Experiment.

America has never seen a single day of the Jeffersonian worldview.  By the time he made it into office the Federalists - as vile as any King or dictator - had already firmly twisted the intent of the Constitution, we had already seen such abhorrences as the Alien & Sedition Acts, and soon after Mister Jefferson was in office the Federalists in the Judiciary secured the choke upon the brand new republic in Marbury.  And to be intellectually honest, Jefferson knew the Louisiana Purchase was in our interests, but not his authority.

It is what it is.

I see people are still stroking for secession, Angels on the head of a pin style.

The discussion is pointless.  Firstly: "They" will never permit a peaceful parting of the ways.  Now add a bit more reality: secession, or Balkanization, or devolution to City-States - whatever you want to call it, is inevitable.  It is imminent, because what exists today has already passed escape velocity.  The coming impact is imminent.  A few variables may affect the size and center of the crater, but there will be a crater.  There will be several craters in North America. 

That which can not be sustained - won't.

RevWarIII began October 13, 2013.  The King's Men and those who mean to be Freemen met again April 12th, 2014 in the desert - the second skirmish of the war.  There will be bloodshed at the next skirmish.  At this hour, of this day, it appears that skirmish may be calendared in our southwest for the near-future.  We shall see.  But They mean to have this war - these Socialists and Communists who have taken advantage of the Greed of Man for generations, building upon the disease of Federalism to enslave more than 300 million Americans.  They must have absolute subjugation before they can truly claim victory.  Once CONUS starts to fly apart, the last free place on Earth will be gone, forever.  Unless They lose.

Man is a thing to be surpassed, indeed.  Sadly, you and I are part of that evolutionary process and will never know that reward. 

Soon after the elections all optics will be dropped by those who mean to be Masters.  The eternal war of Good versus Evil will be clear for all to see.  What will History tell of your conduct in these days of strife?

Do not fire unless fired upon.  Those were the orders of the first III Patriot.

They remain among the eternal orders of all III Patriots.

You remember what Captain Parker said next?  ...but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.

Those orders remain among the eternal orders for III Patriots as well.

Today the III are in every nook and cranny of America.  We will know when it is time to leave the porch and head to our town Green.  We are leaderless.  We are Freemen who mean to be at Liberty.

III Patriots have III eternal Standing Orders:

Do not fire unless fired upon.

If they mean to have a war, let it begin here.

When your Soul commands that you march to the Green, go find something Evil, and kill it.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

DIY: Kydex

Have any of you ever worked up your own Kydex sheaths/holsters/gear holders?

Is it as simple as it appears to turn out a sturdy product - assuming the guy doing the building is generally competent in the shop?


Gun Confiscation in NY?

This just came into the News Alerts tab, from InfoWars.

NY State Troopers knocked on a guy's door and asked if they could inspect the serial number of a newly purchased firearm.  Guy let them in, opened his safe, then LEO took all his guns, citing a 15 year-old possession charge.

This is NOT the beginning of door-to-door SWAT'ing confiscations.  It's stealthy, but California has been doing this for years.

The recent NY & CT 2A laws will be a problem, but you need not check your rearview for Federal Military Invasion Routes just yet.

We've got a few III Patriots in those AOs.  They will need some support in the near future.  That support begins with the TOC.  The TOC needs gear, fuel and staff.  You can help your fellow III Patriots by making it possible for us to deploy the TOC when and where needed. 

Join the III Percent Society.  The join buttons are ----> right there.

When is the last time you saw NRA on the front lines of an anti-confiscation showdown?

Be a member of an organization that makes you proud.

Here's the link.


Be part of the solution

Train for real or just stay home.  Israel doesn't stay home.

Read what Israel has to say about the NC PatCon that Brock hosts.

The last one was even more special than usual.

Here's the post.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ohhhhh HO HO!

EPA claims they can garnish your wages to collect EPA fines - and they don't need no stinkin' judicial order.

WiscoDave sends, here.

Exactly how DO you define "Police State" or "Slave"?

There is a headline at Drudge right now that reads "Dem Rips: 'BIZARRE... ALOOF... DETACHED'...

Patriots, Obama is not bizarre, aloof or detached.  He is simply not dancing to the same music most politicians hear in their heads.  President Obama is not dancing to the old, familiar "Four-year terms, electoral politics" 8-track.

He's dancing to his own tune, and you'd better understand that quickly.


I mean to live in Jefferson's worldview...

It is said that we revere Jefferson's world, yet we live in Hamilton's.

The statement is not incorrect.

You can't "fix" Hamiltonian worlds.  You can only leave them until they collapse, or raze them. 

Some of us intend to live Jeffersonian in more than words alone.

I wonder what America would look like today if someone  had dragged Hamilton into the street and put a knife in his neck a few years before he was able to pervert the Constitution.  I wonder how many lives would have been saved from misery.  Killing Hamilton would have been a killing, not a murder.

Here's a Jeffersonian piece found at WRSA.


195 Days and counting...

We have had peaceful transitions of power in America since George Washington stepped aside for Adams, then Adams stepped aside to his ideological nemesis Jefferson.  In every election since I have been an adult and attentive to such matters there have been those who predict "This President will never give up power...he'll become a dictator."  You have Google, and the internet has been around for several transitions, you can find plenty of such references.

But what if...

...what if one guy decided not to recognize the next in line and refused to leave the building?

What if there was some "National Emergency" he decided to use as an excuse for not handing-off the football - rhetorically and literally?  After eight years in the Oval, does a President have sufficient trusted troops embedded in the various Cabinet and non-Cabinet bureaucracies to withstand those who would protest?  Would he label those protesters as part of the problem and order them suppressed?  Would bureaucrats with badges and guns actually do the work of suppression?

We know for a fact that every bureaucratic agency is willing to use force against American Citizens and every agency seems willing to work for the Regime political objectives.  What happened at IRS is no joke.  Lois Lerner is straight out of Hitler's Rise 101.

Every geo-political prediction I have made since the 2008 elections has come to pass.  Most significantly and recently we saw the Bear and the Dragon move in coordination, and as I warned the day after the 2012 elections, we can expect a ramping-up of overtly hostile action from this Regime until the 2014 election this November.  What is happening right now in our Southwest resembles that remark.  There will be more disregard for optics over the summer and to election day.

After election day this November, you'd better have everything you need for hard times.

If you think I'm going to predict whether or not our current President will follow every President before him and peacefully hand power to an elected replacement, you're nucking futs.  There are too many variables, too many unknowns, and way too much instability with the man himself to predict logically.  There are too many ways to stay in power without "refusing to leave the Oval".

But whether the current Regime decides to stay or not is not even relevant to our future.

1) We were warned by our Founders about everything that is now happening.

2) The rise to power of Hitler and the Nazi Party appears to be a roadmap.

3) This President promised to "Fundamentally Transform" this country, and he is doing it.

4) Civil War in America is not only inevitable, but underway.

The elections of 2014 will mark a pivot point, whoever wins.  The elections of 2016 will not matter one whit to the life or death of Liberty in America.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Heh, Wirecutter finds the best...

Fuck the Chicago Way.

You'd better be able to go this hard, from this second forward, without warning.

Here's the link to Kenny's.

Here's the link to the original story.


Coming soon to a house you may live in...

Footage of Hamas Cell Taken Out By IDF Helicopter Strike.

Just sayin'...


uckFay eMay

This is badness.  And if you don't think it affects you and me, I can't help you.

Here's the link.


That little square of velcro on the top of the Tactical Cap...

My understanding is the little 1 x 1 tab is for an IR tab so buddies can keep track of one another through night vision.

Being empty annoyed me to no end - so I had 1 x 1 III tabs made for that spot.  By the way, I also found you can buy short-term IR spray - so you can actually mark it IR that will last usually about 24 hours or so.

Anyway,  I'll start offering the tabs soon.


And add 1 heaping tablespoon of stoopid...



How to get a Governor to answer your phone call...

New column at the III Percent Society for America website, here.

Please help pass the site address around, and help us get it linked everywhere.

Here's the link.


Monday, July 7, 2014

TOC: Comms

My sincerest thanks to Sparks, our own Paul L. from the III Chaplain Corps (who is also a Comms guy), Tone and so many others of you who have been helping me wade through the wants and needs for the TOC.  I make no secret about it - Comms has never been a skill I even toyed with as a hobby, much less applied professional energy into as many of our III have done.  My thanks to everyone who has donated already beyond the Comms.  By the time we are done, we'll have the baddest, most capable TOC outside of the service.

This post from Sparks goes even further and talks about how to integrate Listening Posts along with the TOC, a critical piece of information I did not have.  When it comes to Comms and you guys are helping me out, please remember: I don't even know what I don't know.  So I need you to really dumb it down for me.  ;)

Thanks to all of you - with your help I've got a semi-decent handle on what we must have, and what we'd like to have.  And so many across the country have volunteered to assist in any manner we need - from relaying HAM signals to manning Comms stations if we land in their AO.  We've done a very good job of weeding out the bad players in our part of the Liberty Movement.  You've done that work.  Good on you.

Soon the III Percent Society will begin to prioritize and purchase gear for the TOC so we can begin to deploy.  We may not have all our wants, but we'll have enough of our needs to make a difference.  So now I ask: Do we have any III Patriots who have access to wholesale prices for Comms gear?  You can write me privately if you don't want such info going into the clear where your boss might see it.

Remember, wherever we deploy our Primary Mission is to gather the Truth and deliver that audio, video and interviews from Ground Zero to our web allies who will disseminate that information.  We're going to short-circuit MSM spin by gathering the data, and sending it straight to you - real-time whenever possible.

RevWarIII is underway. The Feds in "Riot Gear" headed to the border are NOT headed there to confront the illegals.  They are going to point their weapons at you.  Our best response right now is to broadcast that abuse of power to every American household, to let them see the truth about the men and women in their government.

If you have helped us, thank you.  If you can help, please do.  There is PayPal at the TOC website, a PO Box for snail mail gear or other donations.  And of course, we need III Patriots to join the III Percent Society.  Pure numbers are raw power in bare-knuckle politics, and understand that politics will continue through AND after RevWarIII is over.  Politics never stops - it just sometimes includes bullets.

How can you help the Liberty Movement most?  Join the III Percent Society.  Help us prove there are, indeed, three percent of Americans who stand ready to defend themselves and Liberty.  Once we pass just a few thousand members, we will begin blipping on many radar screens.

Help us, here.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Border: My Last Word

So, some "Patriots" and "Militia" are kitting up and heading to the border.

Here is my warning, and if you get your feelings hurt, maybe you'll pause long enough to think: If you are headed to the southwest border " do something..." or to "...protect our sovereignty..." or some such, and you are going armed, then listen very carefully: You are just begging to step on your dick and cross into some malum in se mistake that will stain your Soul for all eternity.

If you do not hurt someone, someone wearing USG uniforms will possibly be forced to hurt you in defense of some south of the border refugee, or you will hurt the USG triggerman in your own "defense".

The switch that controls the gate along the southwest border is in Washington DC.  It is not to be found in Texas, NM, AZ, or Cali.

If you are a "Patriot" and headed to the southwest, are you ready to murder those "invaders"?  Are you going to shoot those Border Agents who are changing diapers?

You have no legitimate fight on the border.  You have no legitimate authority to fight on the border.

If you insist on going, so be it.  The Patriot gene pool needs a cleansing as well.  We need people who understand where the real enemies are located, who are smart enough not to engage to Sparklies and waste energy.

Do nothing that does not degrade the will or the ability of the true enemy to fight.

Here's just one column.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Request for real-world experience

I asked a few days ago about the Oshkosh above, several of you who have direct personal experience with the Oshkosh shared some of its weak spots.  I thank you all.

So now I'll ask a more general question.

The Mission: The ability to safely move between 4 and 12 fighters across seriously rough terrain (assuming even secondary roads are no-go).  The vehicle must be safe from small arms fire to .308, and if possible up to .50 BMG.  The vehicle does NOT need to be mine-resistant.  Once the vehicle gets clear of enemy operators, it must be able to hit highway speeds (I'll be able to settle for 55mph if necessary.)  Compatibility/inter-operability of parts is a major plus, but not a deal-breaker.  I'm assuming most options will be diesel, but dual fuel is cool.

A trusted friend advised the M1117
I don't care if the vehicle you most recommend seats 4 our up to 12 - juat tell me the best.  If a 4-man vehicle is best, I'll just make multiple trips.

Search your memories, don't hesitate to suggest a good vehicle from Europe if you think it satisfies the mission best.  List it's strengths as well as its weaknesses.

If I need to get down III Mountain, through possibly some small arms fire), hit the highway, pick you up, and get home safely using paved roads, dirt/gravel roads, old timber trails, perhaps making our own road here and there - what would you recommend?

Another solid Patriot suggests looking at up-armored M35A2's.

Any first-hand experience you have with the vehicles is a plus.