Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Enemies of Liberty are ruthless.  To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..
**TO ALL .GOV WATCHING MY LIFE** You already know I am playing by all the rules. If you want to talk to me, just call or knock on the door. I'll meet you at your place, or invite you into mine. But there is no need to shoot my dogs or frighten my wife. Just so you know. ~ Kerodin

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

They will take from you everything if you let them...

Federal prison is no joke.  This woman [Lois Lerner] was willing to work with DoJ to fabricate criminal charges against political enemies, that would result in sending people to prison.  It would ruin their lives.  It would likely cost marriages, homes, children's futures.  You risk death in Federal prison.  And she was willing to lie to send people into that system to advance the Communist agenda in America.  When I say there can be no coexistence, do you see it?  When I say these people must be removed from the controls of society and leave America, do you understand?  This woman was eager to ruin lives for political gain.  Do you think she would hesitate to issue or facilitate death warrants if given the opportunity?

Do you understand that bureaucrats are at least as dangerous as Bad People who have guns and badges?  Bureaucrats can ruin your life with nothing but a pen.

Do you understand that having been caught, Lois Lerner will be given a high-paying political position in the private sector by other Leftists, where she will continue to work to impose Communism and tyranny upon you?

From PJ Media:

Lois Lerner intended to use her position atop the IRS’ tax exempt approval office to coordinate the prosecution of political speech. The Department of Justice under Attorney General Eric Holder had at least tentatively bought into that. The Federal Elections Commission was being roped in as well. Lerner’s emails prove that beyond doubt.

Democrats in Congress were involved. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) appears to have led the anti-constitutional attack on free speech in the House. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) led it from the Senate.

Two days before Lerner was forced to publicly disclose the scandal, she was moving forward with an insidious plan to stamp out conservatives and Tea Party activists’ ability to organize and raise money, by working with the IRS commissioner’s office and the Department of Justice.


America is at war.  A hundred million and more people mean to have you bend knee, go to prison, or die.  These people will do the same to your children.

I hope you are playing at the same tempo, or hotter, as your enemies.

Here's the PJ Media piece.


Serious Business: The Showdown at Bunkerville

Alan Mullenax sent the link below to a new bit of footage from the standoff.

Folks, I don't think it has been articulated very well, just how close it came to bloodshed.

Watch the video.

These people were not playing games.  Good on them.

We do have a chance...

Here's the link.


The World is catching up: Drudge banner is WWIII

As I have said numerous times, Franz Ferdinand is dead.

The Mail (UK) is wondering if it's true, here.

As I asked this morning: How would WWIII affect your strategy for RevWarIII?


86M Full-Time Private-Sector Workers Sustain 148M Benefit Takers

That which cannot be sustained - won't.

And the escape plan for those who have committed these crimes?


Here's the link.


Bundy & the 2014 Vote

I do not care what flag flies over any capitol in the world - except mine.
American voters head to the polls in 204 days to determine who sits in every seat of the House and 1/3 of the Senate.  The people who play election politics, on both sides, have massive gains or losses to be made.  The political Right wants a referendum on the Obama Administration and ObamaCare.  The political Right anticipates sweeping victories that will expand their margin in the House and probably even take the Senate, bumping Harry Reid to the minority.  The political Left, especially the Executive, desperately want Democrats to control both arms of Congress for the veneer of political legitimacy that would come with a Congress that "supports" the goals of the Administration through 2016.  President Obama will use Executive Orders to get his way if he must, but he'd greatly prefer to have Congress rubber-stamping his laws.

How would a BLM firefight at the Bundy Ranch play in an electoral year, especially if it was tied to Reid and back room deals?  You know how it would play.  So do the Leftists among us.  I'd be willing to bet heavily that election optics played a role in the BLM stand-down.  If FedGov were seen to be drawing first blood the political Right would sweep the field.  If the Leftists return to the Bundy Ranch, it will be because they believe they can control the narrative.  There will be no other reason.

The day after the 2012 elections I predicted FedGov would gently and carefully ramp up their Police State activities through the 2014 vote.  After the polls close this November, whichever way it goes, I remain convinced FedGov will begin to go hard.  Whether by Executive Orders or by Congressional approval, the Enemies of Liberty have an agenda they mean to have implemented.  You can expect most optics will be abandoned.

This all leads to questions about 2016.  Are there designs to do the unthinkable and abandon the 2016 elections?  I truly never thought I would seriously entertain such a possibility in my lifetime.  Now, I entertain the possibility.  The movement to the Left in America must, at some point, follow the natural evolution of Leftist efforts and make a bold power grab, dismiss the Constitution and declare that America has been 'fundamentally transformed'.  Every Leftist movement in history has, at some point, made that power grab.  Leftists in America will not abandon that goal.

But will they do it at the 2016 elections?  Consider that the implosion of the American economy, and the world economy, is imminent.  Consider the best way for global-class thieves to cover their crimes - war.  Politicians and Banksters and others have financially raped every nation on Earth to the point of collapse.  A global-class crime will require a global war.

Never forget that the Left not only wants a fight, that they believe they can and will win that fight, and they must have this fight to recognize their ultimate goals.

Think about it.  Prep accordingly.


Former BLM Director Offers Ominous Position re: Bundy

Bundy “would probably rather be a martyr than a profitable rancher,” says Shea, the former BLM director. “Eventually, you have to draw the line. We go through these sad episodes where fanaticism has to be brought under legal control. And inevitably, somebody is killed.” - Patrick Shea, former BLM Director {Emphasis is mine - K}

The takeaway from the quote above is the bureaucratic mindset.  Remember the average bureaucrat has 30 years in his career to accomplish his goals.  He gets paid to do so.  And he thinks he has moral and legal superiority over you in all matters.

Here's the piece.


KD on our political reality

He isn't wrong.

I would suggest to you the laws he cites are crimes against humanity - and I say that without a bit of hyperbole.  How many people in America have died, been financially ruined, and even gone to prison because of the monopolies built for the medical industry?  Every single person involved deserves a drop at the end of a rope.

And of Bloomberg's hubris: Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

America needs a full-throttle reset, and it has already begun.  Let's win.

Here's the link.


Would WWIII mess up your RevWarIII Strategy?

Russian paratroopers have been spotted in eastern Ukraine while elements of the Ukrainian army have defected and are now flying Russian flags.

Consider RevWarIII beginning and soon after, WWIII.

Yes, that is a Russian flag flying on a (reported) Ukrainian APC, in Eastern Ukraine.

Here's the latest from Ukraine.


Weigh-in: Women in the line of fire

OK - this one will probably evoke strong emotions and opinions.

Sheriff Mack:  “We were actually strategizing to put all the women up at the front,” he said. “If they are going to start shooting, it’s going to be women that are going to be televised all across the world getting shot by these rogue federal officers.”

Should women have been put on the front line to take the first rounds of RevWarIII?

Feel free to expand beyond the question posed - anything related to our women and children in the coming existential challenges.

Here's the story in case you've missed it.


From the Bundy's

The Bundy's posted this to their blog, do they likely agree with the content.

SCOTUS: Making the 'Prohibited Persons' pool wider and deeper with 9-0 vote

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Wednesday (26 March) strengthened a federal law that bars anyone convicted of domestic violence from possessing a gun.

In a 9-0 decision, the high court said the ban extended to anyone who had pleaded guilty to at least a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence, even in cases in which there was no proof of violent acts or physical injury.

For those who believe SCOTUS is the proper, authorized, legitimate arbiter of what is, and what is not, Constitutional, I guess you will surrender your firearms if you've ever been convicted of domestic abuse.  Further, when your wife or girlfriend, or ex-whatever, drops a dime accusing you of hurting her feel-bads and LEO writes it up as domestic abuse, you will dutifully surrender your firearms.  Because, well, you know, SCOTUS said so.

Here's the link.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Carol Bundy Invites You to a Thank You Feast this Friday

Here is her email (she is not writing to me specifically - it is an email blast):


I love you and what you have done for us so much.  I want to invite you to a party this Friday along the beautiful Virgin River near our home.

We will have live music, a ton of great food (hope you like beef) and we will spend time together. 

It has been so hectic its time to relax a little, but we are not letting off the pressure.  We want this to be a huge rally of support to continue to drive home the message. We want to show them what real Americans look like when the government is not threatening them.  So bring all of your friends and family.

Where: On the River near the Protest Rally site. 2 Miles East of I-15 on the road to Bunkerville.

When: Friday April 18th All day - Food and music all afternoon and as late as you like.

What to bring: Hat/Sunscreen/your lovely faces and children.  If you have a sign bring it.

I can't wait to see you all in a setting not quite so tense.

I love you so much,


PS - I am expecting a TON of you to attend so don't leave me with a mountain of uneaten food, bring anyone and everyone and come hungry.

Please forward this to your friends and family we want them all.


This is a class move.  These people deserved the help they received.


Show me your War Face

This guy and his father showcase the differences between the two sides in this war.

They use the perverted system to increase their personal wealth, and as they play the game it is a zero sum.  They take out a Cliven Bundy (through proxy) and upon the wreckage of the Bundy life the Reids add chips to their piles.

If this upsets some of you, too bad: Harry Reid did not reach his place in the Senate, with the ability to control entire agencies within the Executive (in this case BLM), et cetera, by himself.  He works with many people in that ugly game of increasing personal wealth at the expense of productive Americans.  And how many voters in Nevada pulled the lever over the years for our Dear Majority Leader?  If you think them innocent, without Cliven Bundy blood on their hands, then you and I disagree.

For anyone interested in corresponding with the junior:
Rory J Reid Attorney
300 S 4th Street # 1700
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone: (702) 383-8888

Drudge linked to an interview with him, here.

Curious: I stated recently that I could not think of any other time in American history that a group of armed Americans forced FedGov to back down, to the point that FedGov surrendered already seized property, and then left the field with no retaliation.  Do any of you know of an example I missed?

Remember your Gabe Suarez:  When I was on SWAT our view is that "We will always win....even if we have to burn down your entire house by bombing it....we will win". Period.

Remember how many people Gabe has personally trained who still wear a badge for a living.  Understand how many people want to be like Gabe.  The Harry Reid's in America inflict violence via proxies such as Gabe and his students.  Consider how many such people will earn career advancements for following the Suarez Doctrine against people like Cliven Bundy.

Can you look me in the eye and say these people do not have blood on their hands?  Can you honestly make the case that such people are anything but Enemies of Liberty?

The war is begun, and the Enemies of Liberty outnumber us exponentially.  They have exponentially more resources.  They are willing to do Evil to win.  They mean to win.

Final link: Remember this discussion at WRSA.

Please understand, find a way to believe it: You are at war.  Men and women mean to be your Master, or to purge you from this world.  Get right with whatever God or Gods you have in your life.

If you fight these people on their terms, you will lose.  Second place is a prison cell for the rest of your life, or outright death.

Dust off your war face, Patriots.


For our IT savvy Patriots

Take a moment to read the Susan Duclos piece linked below.

Then go and see if her concerns have any merit.  I do not have enough internet savvy to form an informed judgment.

Is this a concerted piece of work by Enemies of Liberty seeking to prepare the ground for "something"?

Here's the story.


Comms Resources

Sparks has put together some Comms assets, here.

We are now part of a team sport.  Let thank sink in, folks.

Recognize your strengths, weaknesses, and the strengths and weaknesses of those on our side.


Post at Bundy Blog

Here's the link.


Ukraine going hot

Kiev sending troops.  And tanks.

Into the teeth of the Bear.

Putin has his war, if he wants it. 

And History will record him as having the Moral High Ground.

Here's Reuters.



From Blue's Place, here.

PJB's latest is still in embargo now linked below, will release this morning and we'll link it.

He discusses the rise of Nationalism, and a return to Tribe.

We Americans could use a healthy dose of both - and the dismissal of every trait in America that harms our Founding Ideals.

Here's the link.


Monday, April 14, 2014


Every single law on the books, ultimately,
is enforced with the muzzle of a weapon. 
It does not matter if the charge is failing to pay
your property tax or jay walking, hosting a yard sale without a town permit, or murder,
if you resist the punishment in any of these cases, Government will escalate until you yield or...the final step results in the discharge of firearms. 

 You forget this at your peril.

~ Kerodin ~


Use this as you will...

In case anyone would like to send him a letter or call his office.

You know...democracy.

Rory J Reid Attorney
300 S 4th Street # 1700
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone: (702) 383-8888


okie dokie...so this is how they want to do it...

Remember that time in US History when a group of armed Americans went toe-to-toe with DC and .Gov backed down, dropped their claims, and simply forgot about the issue?

We all can list several instances in which .Gov beat back Citizens - Bonus Army, Whiskey Rebellion...

Do you think FedGov is going to permit Bunkerville to stand?

It appears not.

Ok, then...

CA has the report, here.


Reid: “Well, it’s not over,”


We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over.”
You know what the answer is to this sort of hit being demanded by a Tyrant.

Do not endlessly fight a man's proxies when he has an endless supply...

**If you can't see the video, authorize your browser.  Or, here's a link.

What's next for Bundy?

I don't do "guesses".  They are unprofessional, often lead people to expending energy and resources foolishly, and when you guess wrong you give your enemies an advantage (and earn a bad reputation for your analytical skills.)  So, what do I think is the next step in the Bundy Affair, given that BLM and Justice are taking the position that they made no deals and will continue prosecuting the matter?


If .Gov decides it is important to recover Face in this matter, I would expect the Marshal service is brought in to arrest Cliven in order to enforce the existing court orders.  "If" they come, they may arrest him in a low-risk environment, such as when he is out doing chores in town.  "If" they decide to make more of a spectacle, they will come to his ranch, and you can bet your left dangly they will have logistics in place to lay siege and they will have manpower standing by to ensure any Patriot response dies in the desert.

But these are "Ifs", based on nothing more than impossible attempts to know the mind of many people in FedGov who will have competing interests and recommendations.  We have no facts in evidence to support the notion that FedGov means to recover their dignity through the Bundy's.

Only time will tell.  "If" they do return to the ranch and set up shop, "if" you plan on returning to the desert, you'd better pack for combat.  They will not accept losing twice.  They may come in hours, or days, months, or never.  Anyone on the ground should keep an eye out for evidence of resources being put in place.

To you I would contend it is time to pivot.  Patriots can't remain in force at every conflict spot.  As it was clearly evident, we have little wind to stay in the game at one location very long, especially upon ground that is logistics-challenged.  We can't protect every Cliven Bundy indefinitely.  What we can do is avenge him if they come back and do him wrong.  You should probably get used to that paradigm.  Patriots will have much to avenge, and little ability to stop every wrong before it is committed. 


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Heh, priceless.

Found at Blue's place, here.


Delegitimizing FedGov is the goal, and snark is a magnificent way to reach people who otherwise would not listen.  When debate and reason won't work, sarcasm often will.  Good job, Blue.


Bundy Video, outstanding vantage

Video of Bundy Affair via InfoWars.


TL: We are the Freedom Fighters

TL examines several considerations going forward.

Make no mistake, forward is the only path available now.  Patriots have shown the Regime that we not only exist, but we mean to challenge their Evil.  We are now on their radar.  The last time Americans rose to be on the Regime radar at this level, an ugly and hot war broke out.  As then, the people who make up the Regime will not allow this challenge to pass.

We are committed, with all that entails.

You may switch sides.  But you can not opt out.  That window has closed.

Here's TL's piece.


Ukraine Special Forces get Spanked

Ukraine politicians are stupid.  Their "Special Forces" troops are not any brighter.  They sent their "Special Forces" against the "Russian Militia" who had seized government buildings.  Ukraine lost one and another five were wounded.

Why is this stupid?

Because they already know the protests are the work of Russia.  They already have announced that Russian Special Forces are among the "Militia".  And they sent their best against the Russians in what was to be a dynamic, spectacular recovery of their property.

And they were not only handily beaten, but they also gave Vlad the violence he wanted to justify sending armor and regular troops into Ukraine.

If you know you are going up against Spetznaz, I would suggest you use tactics that were not taught to you by those same Spetznaz troops.


Here's the report.  Thanks to WiscoDave for the link.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bundy: Overwatch

Just two of the reasons the Feds backed down. 
My thanks to Alan Mullenax for the heads-up for this picture. 
Link Here.
There will be much in the way of AARs I am certain.  I will not dwell much on the minutia.  There is too much happening, and much more that will happen. 

I will say this: The Bundy Affair struck the Patriot Community because we have seen this before.  A group of Americans was being bullied by FedGov.  Regardless of the details, the broad brush sketch explains to us that even if the Bundy family is in the wrong by allowing their cattle to graze (which I hold they are NOT wrong, but that isn't the point) - nothing they were doing raised to the level of being murdered by our Federal Government.  And we Patriots have seen this before.  We saw this shaping up to end with the murder of the Bundy's.  This time, Patriots were ready, and they acted.

Is it over for the Bundy's?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  FedGov may simply be allowing gathered Patriots time to decompress and go home.  They may even decide to go hard in coming hours, but I doubt it.  If FedGov keeps a hard-on for the Bundy's I expect they will come back in weeks or months, when the community is otherwise focused.

But "this" is much, much more than the Bundy's.  This is the first time that Patriots rallied to the shoulders of those in peril by the people in our Government.  The war is begun.  There will be more events that earn our attention, and will earn our presence.  This is a goodness thing.

"We were only following orders..."  It should be crystal clear to all that the vast majority of .gov employees will do as they are told by their superiors.  You saw how they were willing to arrest people, set dogs upon unarmed people, use Tasers upon people.  You saw that being a pregnant woman is insufficient to stay the violent hand of Evil .gov employees.  The only reason the Bad People pulled back is because they were ordered to do so.  No BLM agent on the ground had the authority or gave the order to stand down.  It was in Washington that decision was taken and the order given.  Had the order been to open fire, I have zero doubt those agents on the ground would have fired.  And worse, local LEO would have sided with them.  As we see from the picture atop this post - that would have been a poor choice.

Sadly, some people are already attacking one another in the Liberty Movement.  "Why didn't you blog more about this?" was a charge leveled at one of our most hardcore Patriots.  "You should have gone to Nevada!" some have charged.  This sort of blue on blue is unacceptable.  I believe some of it is the work of trolls.  Some is motivated by a guilty conscience.  And some is genuine - it is to the genuine I admonish: Back the truck up.  Do not try to measure a man's commitment against some arbitrary yardstick.  Those of you who simply supported the Bundy Affair with prayers are just as valuable to the Liberty Movement as those who put their boots on Nevada soil.  Give genuine Patriots enough room to support the cause in their chosen manner.

Next time: I advocated the One Week plan.  The premise is simple - when SHTF every Patriot should go into his AO and occupy relevant Regime assets.  For instance, you could support the Patriots in Nevada by keeping the BLM assets in YOUR AO occupied.  Remember that BLM called in "Emergency Personnel" from surrounding states and as far away as Washington State.  Next time, if you live in Washington State, give your local BLM detachment something to occupy their time.  Make sure that when the request for additional manpower crosses the wire that the BLM in your AO must respond "We're too busy, Nevada - can't send anyone."

I promise you this - wherever the "Hotspot" may be, you can affect the Regime's ability to react from wherever you may live.  You can tie up assets in your AO so those assets can not be used at the Hotspot.  This is imperative to defeating tyranny.  That is the One Week plan.  (No, I do NOT think we should have all gone hot in our respective AOs over the Bundy Affair.  It was being handled by those on the ground, by those online who drew attention to what was happening, by those of you who manned the telephones and sent emails and otherwise supported our Patriots.  Had shooting begun, that would have changed the paradigm and I would have counseled that we move.  All of us.  But as it was, the time was not right.)

The Bundy Affair was a decisive victory for Liberty.  There is no other way to interpret what happened.  The Regime backed down in a manner that has not happened in my lifetime.  FedGov even gave the cattle back to the man.  That is Victory.  But as I cautioned below, this victory is merely one of many we will have to win before tyranny dies.  Our enemies now understand that we do, indeed, have teeth and we are not afraid to bite.  There will be another Bundy Affair.  There will be many.  Somewhere, sometime.  And I promise you the organizers of the coming events will have a protocol to handle "The Patriot Factor".  Count on it.  By the way, if you were not already on a bad list, you are now.  The Left is ramping up and you and I have been labeled Domestic Terrorists, here.  (Be sure to read the comments to understand how this war will be waged.)

Let's keep an eye on the Bundy's, especially over the next week to ensure FedGov behaves.  But now let us pivot back to other matters relevant to Liberty.

Good job to you all.



Bundy: Now and Then...Out-f'n-standing!

See the cattle!? 
All of YOU Patriots are responsible. 
Mr. Bundy had the grit to stand up,
and you stood with him!

A single Battle, nothing more...

To every single American who supported Liberty in the Cliven Bundy Affair, well done. 

Very well done.

Celebrate, to be sure.  But my friends, remember our shared history.

The Stamp Act was in 1765, more than a decade before our Declaration.

The Boston Massacre was in 1770, a full six years before our Declaration.

The Gaspee was burned in 1772, four years before our Declaration.

John Parker was on the Green in 1775, more than a year before our Declaration.

I assert the North American Liberty Games have begun.  But as in our past, there will be periods of relative quiet and simmering anger, punctuated with sharp clashes with those who would be our Masters, before full, open warfare.

The Cliven Bundy Affair is one such clash.  Liberty won this engagement.

But do not for a moment think the war is won.  The Enemies of Liberty will come again, and again.  They will be determined not to underestimate your devotion next time.  They will plan to introduce sufficient force to make us suffer defeat.  They can not allow the masses to believe that they are not all-powerful.  They can not afford to let Liberty win many skirmishes.

Steel yourselves.  Train as you have never trained before.  Lay-in your final preps.  Shed anything, anyone who reduces your ability to survive and prevail.

There will be another clash between the forces of Liberty and Tyranny.  Then, another...

...until one side is dead.

The North American Liberty Games have begun.  Now the choices are few.

Bend your knee.

Or, Liberty.  Or Death.


Details of the BLM/Fed Surrender

It would seem that the BLM was actually tripping over itself to end the Bundy debacle.

According to the report linked below the BLM had even offered TO PAY the Bundy's for the cattle they had confiscated!  Patriots on the ground refused that offer, and demanded the cattle be released to the Bundy Ranch.

BLM bent knee.

But, do not for a moment think FedGov has suddenly realized the err of their ways and the need to abide the Constitution.

They will come again, somewhere.  Sooner than later.

And they will come hard, ready for a Patriot response.

Count on it.

Read the report, here.


Brilliant Image destined for American History Books

American Spirit remains alive, folks.



UPDATE: Pressing forward in Bunkerville...

**SANDMAN SENDS**  I have just spoken with assets on the ground AT THE RANCH GATE. There is NO action taking place. No fighting. No protesters clashing with BLM or anyone else. Rumors of fighting are FALSE. Confirmed AZ Militia personnel on the site are at a hilltop close to the gate and NOT under fire. Situation is calm and deescalating as we speak. Do not buy false intel.

**UPDATE 16:11 EST: Bundy Ranch FB is reporting that BLM intends to roll out, leaving the cattle to be recovered.  The FB author admits they are behind the information curve, even at the ranch house.  Things are obviously very fluid.  To those on the ground: Follow your gut and your conscience.  Do not Evil, but let no Evil be done to you.  FB Link Here.


Reports from the ground are signaling that the Bunkerville Affair continues.

It would seem Patriots are demanding the return of the Bundy cattle - as was recommended on this blog and elsewhere.  Those on the ground have decided their task is not yet complete.  Reports are that .Gov has deployed SWAT and other players, apart from BLM.

Reports that Cliven Bundy is demanding BLM agents be disarmed and those arms be delivered to him are disturbing.  It is an over-reach.  Let us hope this is just a bad report from the ground. (Though it is being reported by Las Vegas Review Journal, here, which has some credibility.)

Tensions are up.  It may be that people are beginning to make stupid mistakes, as warned against on this blog in the last 48 hours.

Get the cattle.  Do not demand BLM surrender their arms.  You would not surrender yours, do not put scared men in that same position.  No good will come of it.

We shall see if .Gov means to truly back down, or if they mean to have blood.

Here's an InfoWars report.

Godspeed, Patriots.

To .Gov forces on the ground: BLM & LEO, if you are reading this, ask yourself a simple question: Will you die for a cow? 

**Consider**  CNN has a buried, single line headline regarding Nevada.  Politico has no mention on their front page above the fold.  Many Leftist news outlets are refusing to draw attention to Nevada.  This is not insignificant.


ALERT: Feds Retreat!

Neil Kornze, director of the BLM, made the following statement this morning:

"As we have said from the beginning of the gather to remove illegal cattle from federal land consistent with court orders, a safe and peaceful operation is our number one priority. After one week, we have made progress in enforcing two recent court orders to remove the trespass cattle from public lands that belong to all Americans.

"Based on information about conditions on the ground, and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public.

"We ask that all parties in the area remain peaceful and law-abiding as the Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service work to end the operation in an orderly manner.

Ranching has always been an important part of our nation’s heritage and continues throughout the West on public lands that belong to all Americans. This is a matter of fairness and equity, and we remain disappointed that Cliven Bundy continues to not comply with the same laws that 16,000 public lands ranchers do every year. After 20 years and multiple court orders to remove the trespass cattle, Mr. Bundy owes the American taxpayers in excess of $1 million. The BLM will continue to work to resolve the matter administratively and judicially."

Here's the link.


**UPDATE**  ABC picks up the story, here.

**UPDATE** InfoWars perspective, here.

Resistance can be seen in many acts - Bravo to Nevada & Utah auction houses...

Auction houses in Nevada and now Utah are refusing to accept Bundy cattle delivered by BLM.

Resistance.  Pure and simple.  These people should be commended.

I would suggest this situation can only be remedied with the return of the Bundy cattle to the Bundy ranch.  Perhaps one auction house may accept the cattle - then hire trucks to take them back home to the Bundy Ranch?  When you choose to stand against tyranny, you must engage on the issue at hand.  When you protest Barry-cades, you return them to sender, dropping them back at the front door of the White House.  When you protest 2A infringements in Connecticut, you do so while armed.  When you protest a "First Amendment Area" you relocate that bitch.  And when you protest the theft of cattle - you get the damned cattle.

To our Patriots on the ground - America is watching you.  History is watching you.  Your allies in the Liberty Community are watching you and helping every way we know how.  Stand tall.  Do your duty.  Do not die on this hill.  Remember your Patton, if it comes to that end.  Do not surrender, it is too late for that.  See it through, wherever that may lead.

Your actions will set the pace and direction of the hunt for Liberty for years to come - whether you stand fast or yield.  It is in your hands now.  You are writing our history.

Here's the link to the story regarding auction houses.  Good on them.


Friday, April 11, 2014

FALSE: Cell Towers Down in Bundy AO?

**UPDATE** This was bad information - too bad it made it all the way to The Examiner.

Here's the reality.

To everyone who is supportive, on the ground, and online: Make every effort to be realistic when reporting events.  Bad intel is worse than useless, it can be deadly as hell.  The cells were not down and certainly not by nefarious means.

I am also speaking to those who declared there would be 5,000 more militia on the ground Friday.  This sort of thing, if not true, only serves to undermine credibility. 

There is plenty of drama taking place.  No need to make anything up.  Let's prove to the country that the people involved are forthright, level-headed, and definitely NOT the sort to cry wolf or mislead by use of false information.


Report at Examiner claims cell towers have been shut down and radio is the only comms available.

Here's the link.

Any confirmations?

Got radio?

**UPDATE**  I rec'd an email from the Bundy's at 9:07 Eastern.  If cells are down, they must have different internet connection.  This leads to -> if .Gov were isolating them, they'd have shut down internet access as well. We shall see.


From Zoomie to all who support the Bundy's

Help spread it far and wide, folks.

Thanks, Zoomie!

Here's the link.

ALSO: CA has posted some Comms frequencies to monitor, here.

David at NCRenegade has KrisAnne Hall's perspective, here.  It is worth the read for anyone who is fuzzy about the Constitutional aspects of this argument.


WTFing F??

**UPDATE** Sandman answered more fully at WRSA, here.


OK - we have a statement from the Bundy's that is slightly confusing:  We did run into a couple of issues, Milita men were being pulled over near the protesting area and taking peoples guns away from them, LEGAL guns!

I am going to assume the statement means that Militiamen were being pulled over and they were surrendering their guns.  I doubt Militiamen were taking anyone's guns.

OK, going forth with my assumption I want to state this as plainly and simply as I am able:

If you are a Militiaman and you went to Nevada to protect the Bundy's and/or Liberty, and you surrender your arms, you are a fucking idiot.

I hope we get more information and clarity on the topic.


Here's the link.


From Carol Bundy

We just wanted to give you all a summary of what happened On April 10th.
The BLM was busy rounding up our cattle down near Overton beach on the northern most end of Lake Mead.
This is a pretty long drive from the ranch house.

We were pleased that two Nevada House of Representatives visited to address the protestors and the media.
While we're pleased with Representative Crescent Hardys efforts to address land issues we were sadly disappointed at
Representative Michelle Fiores lack of understanding on land issues and the current situation. She vowed to learn
more about it soon.

In the middle of that meeting, word came, that three protestors had been detained near Overton Beach.
We did not want to leave them alone with BLM so the entire group hurried toward Overton only to discover the
BLM had cited two of the protestors but not in time to keep the BLM from injuring one of them when they tackled him 
to the ground.They injured his face, arms and legs.

We really need everyone that can to show up on Saturday April 12.  We want a large show of support to demonstrate to the 
BLM that the American people are not going to tolerate their heavy handed tactics.

Please, get off the couch and join us.

Date: April 12, 2014
Time: 8am - BLM goes home
Place:  Bunkerville Exit on I-15, 3 miles south of Mesquite.  Go east 2 miles toward Bunkerville.
Bring: sun protection, its getting hot. Water, food, cameras.
DO NOT bring: Guns or wear Cammo patterned clothing.

This needs to be peaceful law-abiding people showing support.  No more, no less.

We will be working harder to keep you informed on email and text messaging.
Please bear with us we just started figuring this stuff out.  We raise cows, PR is not our thing.



A commenter at Angel's place had a very cogent consideration: Does it worry anyone that the BLM had these signs pre-printed and ready to go?

To this I would add:  I wonder what other signs .Gov has pre-printed and ready to go.  Somewhere in this republic is a printer who knows the answer.  He has staff who know the answer.  Purchasing agents within .Gov know the answer.  Some of our neighbors know the answers...

...they know what is coming.

You and I know what is coming.  Take a look at Jay Carney's kitchen and the art in it.

I hope you are not one of those people who can see what is coming, and ignores it, damning your lying eyes.

Use this information as you will.