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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

PATCOM: Birmingham Alabama October 13 & 14 2012

Details TBA

Radio ads to be secured.

If you want to meet Kerodin, here's your chance.

Clear your schedule, folks. This PATCOM will happen just weeks before the election.

More details soon.



  1. I'll be there.

    -- CA

  2. Afterthought.

    Any special reason for not having it near your home, if I'm not too inquisitive?

  3. Brock: I may host one here in the DC Metro area as well.

    But there is a decided lack of Leadership in the Alabama area, and we need to fill the vacuum.


  4. God willing and the creek dont rise see yall there.

  5. Rhodes: I hope you can make it, I look forward to meeting you. And I look forward to seeing CA again. We did not have enough time in DC, at all.


  6. Well, well, well. What could possibly keep me from attending this thing. Mmmm. Lessee. Think, think. What could keep me from attending?

    Got it! Death. That's it. Death.

    Even if I gotta hump from Lake Worth to Birmingham, I'll leave that much earlier.

  7. I'll try to join you, but October and Alabama are both a long way away.

  8. Alan, good to see you back on the boards. I look forward to meeting you, sir.


  9. Do us all a favor, knock off the childish bickering with Vanderboegh.The goal here is the preservation of the American Republic,...nothing else. You have an interesting blog here,don`t let it get sidetracked with a bunch or rubbish. Thank you for your dedication to the preservation of the Constitution of the United States of America.

  10. Anon: First, you'll note that I am not the one continuing any discussion about Mike. That doesn't mean I will resume my cease-fire, because Mike does not respect such honorable behaviour. (Damn - Zoomie's gonna see that...)

    Second: I am beyond mediation. I've been there too many times only to see him succeed in driving good people from our midst.

    Finally: Some fights just need to happen. Those are Nature's rules, not mine. So, to all the good-intentioned folks: How about if you just let Mike be Mike and I'll be me, and the world will continue to spn.

    I say that with serious respect, Anon, I am not being sarcastic. (I would tell you if I were).

    Finally: You'll notice that noone else on this thread has mentioned Mike, until you brought it up.

    We are moving forward.



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