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Friday, May 11, 2012

Liberty Congress

How are you folks being received regarding the Congress?

Except for one silly commenter, a weak-kneed blogger or two with simian proclivities, I've had nothing but positive response from folks. Fascinating how one or two folks try to spin the Liberty Congress as a locked & loaded march on Washington!

Anyway, what has been your general response from your Patriot circle?



  1. Like I've grown an extra head, and it's talking about re-electing the POtuS. The only thing I've finally grown is a set of balls to go with the spine I've always had. The 'in your face, fuck you' attitude that's always backed people off is the only thing still coming out of my mouth.

    I can count on NO ONE in my local AO that I know of to back me up, or assist me when I need it. I'm alone, just like I have been most of my life. While the splash I make will be small, hopefully the ripples will have their butterfly effect elsewhere.

    1. The more I explore this project, talk about it with my wife and a select few others here in DC, the more I am becoming convinced this event could be "The Spark" that helps get the Silent Majority back in the game.

      Our symbolism is hardcore (empty holsters & slings), our demands are something no politician can stand against publicly: Restoration of the Constitution, and I grow more convinced every day that we will be "greeted" by a goodly number of groups who would like us to shut up and fail (from NRA to Marxists), and they may just mess up enough to reveal their true faces to the public, winning us important public support.

      We are creating our moment, folks.


  2. Maybe its time for like minded individuals to relocate to defensible locales in proximity to each other.

    1. Jonathan: We have scratched the surface of this topic, called it our III Pioneer Project.

      It revolves around building a means of income, then getting folks to build a community around the industry (probably firearms in a friendly and sparse state).


    2. Rawles has been promoting such relocation for quite awhile and has dubbed it the "American Redoubt".



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