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Monday, August 27, 2012

A storm is coming

In an adversarial relationship when one side or the other allows pretense to fall aside, when they no longer care to bother with the facade of lies to conceal their true intent, you know that your adversary has reached a place where he feels he no longer needs to hide behind lies, he feels superior, he's ready for conflict, he feels as if nothing you can do will alter the outcome.

The lies coming from the Political Class in the last decade are such lies. Both sides of the aisle simply do not bother to even attempt to make their lies plausible.

Here's a current headline from the D's: Feds: Too few Americans ‘turn to government for assistance’ The Feds claim only 15% of Americans reach out to FedGov for help.

All of the politicians in America are in the same place, it is not an R or D issue.

What does it mean for us? It means we are growing nearer to the storm, and the Political Class is confident that it no longer matters what you and I know, because either we cannot or will not do anything to challenge them.

Many individuals are prepping as best as they are able. Some people are building networks as best as they are able, though as we have all seen people like you and me are nearly an endangered species in today's America.

And many people continue to dissect the frog that has long ago been turned to mush. That's Bill Nye's phrase for people who make it look like they are being productive while in reality all they are doing is having the same meaningless conversations and debates over and over again. They dissect the frog so many times, it is nothing but mush. And then, they start all over again. Often, I have found, such people are the most self-righteous and eager Wolverines! in the mix.

I am not going to chastise anyone for talking and indulging in fantasies of secession or heroics that include rope and lamp posts. If that is your coping mechanism for feeling powerless, so be it.

But I will counsel every single Patriot out there to do something to enhance your chances of prevailing in the coming storm. Deal with reality. Deal with self defense, with food, water, warmth, shelter, medicine, power, and a means to avoid being overwhelmed by mobs and hordes of hungry, frightened people who will see you and yours as nothing more than a source of supplies, who will see your women and girls as a sexual diversion before crushing their skulls with a rock.

Do. Something.

Bill Nye is doing more than talk. David at Ohio Valley Minutemen is doing more than talking. Trainer is doing more than talking. They won't necessarily talk about what they are doing in public, which is prudent. There are others. If these people are near you geographically, consider reaching out to them. If you are bringing something to the table, perhaps you and they can benefit.

But do something.

A storm is coming.



  1. But do something.

    A storm is coming.


  2. stormy seas-

    in the meantime how about a mechanism for connecting locally through III? Joe can contact me, I can contact Dean and so on?


  3. Seems to me that if/when the 'storm hits' that most all communication will go dark (thank you Team USA) and to that end, finding out what is happening or how to connect with other like minded US citizens will be difficult if not impossible. Lack of communication can be a killer (both literally and figurativly) to those of us who are willing to take a stand in our local area.
    Best of luck.


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