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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Catechism on the Constitution

I will be getting a copy.

Here's the link from Paratus Familia.



  1. Printable free version found online: http://archive.org/details/elementarycatech00stanrich

  2. Here is a link to the electronic version (multiple formats & reader types). Left side of page.


    1. Ya, thanks, but no thanks. ;) I'm old school, I want to be able to hold it in my hot little hands. ;) Downloading it and printing it does not satisfy my need for a book. Stapled pages are messy and they come apart, not to mention it still cost frns to print it off. I will go with a book anyday, easier to pack around, easier to study.
      Just me,
      Miss Violet

    2. I know Miss V. Like you I like the smell of the paper and the feel of it as I turn the pages.

      Some folks aren't normal, that's why I posted the e link.

    3. Wow. He called me normal...;)
      Miss V

  3. I just ordered one.
    Miss Violet

  4. As the preface of the reprint indicates, be cautious in accepting all statements as 'in stone', not only due to later amendments, but the interpretation of various rights naturally confered to each by his or her Creator.


    Q. Who is to determine whether any law is contrary to the Constitution or no, the people themselves?

    A. No: but certain persons whom they have appointed, [called Judges of the Supreme Court of the United States.]

    This is an incomplete answer, as the SCOTUS has recently demonstrated its move toward rulings clearly repugnant to the original intent and letter of the Constitution.

    Each of us retains the right, by virtue of our intellects as well as the consent to be governed, to read the plain language of any legislation and pronounce it to be repugnant to the Constitution.

    My .02

  5. The truly sad thing is that this was intended for the instruction of CHILDREN. Having been a substitute teacher in the local public school system, I can assure you very few of our High School students read and comprehend at this level. I subbed for a remedial reading class that was assigned one of the Twilight books for their reading assignment. Twilight. Seriously. I've just ordered 10 for back to school gifts.
    And I'm with Miss V and Rich, nothing like the feel of a solid book with good paper.

  6. http://www.nccsstore.com/Catechism-on-the-US-Constitution/productinfo/CAT/

    Catechism on the U.S. Constitution
    Item Number: CAT
    Unit Price: $4.95
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    Buy 10 for $3.00 each
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    1. Ordered along with Frederic Bastiat's "The Law". Can never have too many books or pamphlets in the library.


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