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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Good conversation at WRSA

A Patriot using the handle 56signers76 is advocating the full use of the several tools the Founders and Framers built into the Constitution, before resorting to the final option of 2A.

As you might imagine he is not getting a lot of love.

He rightly points to many successes that have happened in recent years.

I only have one problem with investing time and energy into educating our Countrymen to help them "Awaken". That is the fact that the Enemies of Liberty have an awesome infrastructure in place for indoctrinating nearly every new American child from Kindergarten through University. You and I could talk until we die and we simply can't defeat the decades of programming that has been imposed by our enemies. Yes, we may get one or two, but while we devote nearly all of our resources to get that one or two people, the Enemies of Liberty graduate millions of newly programmed Useful Idiots every June.

No, I still do not advocate that we go to arms right now. Yes, be ready to defend yourself and survive a storm at any moment, but the ground is not properly set for a bloody fight for Liberty. This is why I think our Citadel concept is so powerful. We can choose to live among our own while denying the Enemies of Liberty the chance to get their hands on our children. We will be able to hire our own teachers and we will grow our children into young adults who understand common sense and Constitutional and Natural Law ideals.

A community of 3000 patriotic families can turn out small clusters of high-quality citizens. Perhaps Patriots in other parts of the country will try to emulate our model when we demonstrate the success we can score. If enough Patriots deny the State control of their children, in just a few generations we can truly have 3% of our Countrymen who understand Liberty.

Another potential for a serious revenue stream for the Citadel: Perhaps some of our Patriots would consider opening a boarding school that teaches our ideals and how to read, write and compute. We could have little darlins from around the country coming in for a real education. Think about the success of Hillsdale College.

Here's the link to CA's post and thread.



  1. What you said about the Enemies of Liberty having their infrustructure in place and working is a fact.
    Just this morning I had to tell my 5 year old grand daughter that the cartoon that she was watching was a LIE. The cartoon was stating that wolves were not dangerous to people and was portraying them as cute and adorable.
    I told her when you went out in the wild you always took your gun so you could kill wolves before they killed you and ate you. She's only 5 so I didn't tell her that they wouldn't necessarily kill you before they ate you.
    I told my husband with crap like that on tv no wonder our country was full of liberals. At least the soft headed ideas they are full of will make them easy targets for wolves.
    Miss Violet

  2. Hahaha! I hear bears are nice and cuddly too!

  3. I gave up trying to initialize the educating a long time ago, for two reasons. First, I finally figured out (I'm a little slow I guess) that people are apparently more than happy to wallow in the excrement of slavery as long as they have the illusion of "doing what I want to do", funded through happily extended banker credit, and secondly, (and admittedly more selfishly, but I'm older and crabbier now) I came to the realization that nobody bothered to edumicate my ass at ANY time regarding being viewed by the powdered-wig crowd as nothing more than some sort of serf to the state, to be robbed at their pleasure. I figured that out all by my onesie, as I'm sure most of us have done.

    My point is, I'm seriously beginning to believe that being able to attempt to honestly assess a given situation regardless of the fallout to one's wishful worldview and naturally desired security is a genetic or hard-wiring thing. How else can one explain the total lack of response to what seems to us, and really should be to anybody common, and I mean DEAD common sense?

    Why do I not see various lamp posts festooned with certain bankers, lawyers, and "representatives"?

    Nah, rather than any further effort at reaching an apparently willing brain-dead citizenry that has evidently abdicated any sense of civic awareness, not to mention discernment, to their own detriment of being fodder for the wolves and criminals with corner offices and dragging the rest of us along with them, I'll just keep stacking and getting ready for the largely undefined reckoning that we all know is coming, one way or the other.

  4. I think a bording school is great. maybe I'll atend some spelling classes. The childern of the citadel will need a school and everything that goes with it ,so with a little bit more it is done. "build it and they will come"

    If not that then at least a summer camp, family based, something Like the boyscouts, thier moto is " Be Prepared" and thier salute is the III.

    Anothe thing I thougt of just now, I'm from Pennsylvaina, and can walk out the door into the woods with what I have on and live a happy life. Now I have to learn all the good stuff to eat that grows in the wilds of the north west. Book store here I come.


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