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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How do we fix it?

Many of you have been coming to this site long enough that you have watched this concept of III Arms and the Citadel evolve from mere kernels. The Citadel began as a solution to the question: How can we build a powerful Tribe that is as safe as possible during the coming Ruckus. III Arms was an answer to the question: How does a large, isolated Tribe feed itself and pay the bills.

Now is the time for big ideas. Yes, I want every single one of you to consider your personal best interests and plan for yourself and how you fit into what we are building. But I would also ask all of you to throw ideas in this thread for how we, as a Tribe in the mountains, in a closed city without Enemies of Liberty among us, how can we change the world?

Yes, that is a big question. In the last 2 months or so since this process began to gain traction, Holly and I have come to the understanding that the remainder of our lives will be spent doing everything we can to build the Citadel and establish revenue streams that will permit the Citadel to live long after we have returned to dust. Isn't this what many of us are thinking? Are we not trying to find a way to return the republic to her roots, morally and politically?

III Arms is a pragmatic industry given our circumstances. It is an industry that can employ many people and endure generationally. But on a larger philosophical scale, we Patriots who are helping to build III Arms are exercising our Natural Right to defend ourselves, and to provide the means to others to defend their lives and Liberty. That is far more than merely building a company so we can buy food.

The other day I had what I will label an epiphany: A Boarding School. One of the most effective ways the Enemies of Liberty continue to corrupt the morality and politics of our country is by capturing our children at a young age and indoctrinating them into young adulthood. If we in the Citadel teach our own children our own values, why can we not open our doors to Liberty-minded parents across the country who would like to have their children escape State-sponsored programming in a safe environment like the Citadel? Not only is such a venture a potentially massive revenue stream, on a bigger scale, in our own small way, we will be able to release properly-thinking young adults in the world to counter their dim-witted countrymen.

So, what other possible endeavors might we consider as "industries" for the Citadel? The requisites: Must generate revenue, and must benefit Liberty.

The more revenue streams we are able to secure that bring money into the Citadel from across the country, the safer and more stable the Citadel will become. If we can establish more than just a firearms company, we will have built redundancy into our lives. Should III Arms ever close, the town need not become a ghost town if it has other means of revenue.

With III Arms and a Boarding School, we would have two revenue streams that can support a large number of small entrepreneurial businesses.

Holly offered a summer camp idea to teach young teens skills and knowledge that was common for teens just a few generations ago. Teach them to shoot, hunt, fish, camp, and become more independent. We will certainly have a large number of adults in our walls who have such skills, and can teach those skills to more than simply their own children. If we can teach and release a few dozen or a few hundred teens each summer back into the world with such skills, we help to counter the "No dodge ball because the poor darlins may feel bad when they lose" programming of the idiot Left.

Obviously we can't change the whole world. But a few thousand III Patriots can make a dent.

If our goal is not only to live a better life for ourselves and our families, but to also do what we can for Liberty, please weigh-in.

This project will consume the rest of my life. I want it to count.



  1. The options are unlimited. But they do rely on your skill set as a community.

    You're in potato country, so why not a vodka distillary. Of course this means obliging to the rules of the Gov't and the overhead of equipment. but nothing a community couldn't handle.

    Making a clean and smoothe Vodka could pay out.
    Small batches=premium price.

  2. Vodka distallry.
    But, the finest Vodka in the states.

    Plenty of potato farmers in the area willing to give discounts to like minded patriots.

    Gotta follow Gov't distilling rules and the overhead of the equipment but nothing a community couldn't over come. Just my 2 cents.

    1. I have read that custom, small batch distilling can make a far superior product to the mass produced stuff (thus one reason for the premium price). Relatively inexpensive start up costs, I would think. Sounds like a winner to me.


  3. How about a summer camp? For Patriot families that can't afford the boarding school option but would like something to counter the Sept-May public school indoctrination. I went through the public school system and 6 years of college, but I came out fine and dandy because my FAMILY was a bigger influence. A huge part of that was them making sure that I spent my summers in pursuit of learning THEIR ideals and developing useful skills.

    A Liberty Camp, where they come to learn about OUR America, learn skills that will help them far beyond what is taught at computer camp, drama camp, gaming camp (I kid you not, 4 kids from around here went to a 2-week camp for video games. wtf?!) In the beautiful mountains of Idaho, we can maybe anchor them in Liberty enough that they survive public schools intact.

  4. I think besides III Arms, the boarding school idea is a good one. I really like the idea of a summer camp to teach kids the really important stuff in life. Im assuming we will have our own schools and hopefully they will not be government run. Our "private" school can also offer these types of classes to its students.
    How about a Hunting Outfit operation?
    How about a firearms training operation. Self defense, tactics, it can be run by a man like John Mosby who has a wealth of knowledge and experience.
    How about a company that deals with long term food storage and emergency prepardness items.
    Anyway thats my 5 cents (inflation). Keep up the great work.

  5. A III Patriots/Citadel mint, producing our own gold and silver coins. Possibly also a gold storage facility. Given the security and access control needed for a firearms manufacturing facility the incremental cost of a gold storage vault could be fairly modest.

    The mint would probably be an expensive start up, so it would have to wait until we were more established, but it has the possibility of producing both a useful product and a form of advertising at the same time.

    Limited runs to commemorate Citadel events and milestones and III Arms products, standard designs that just change the year stamp - many possibilities.

    Maybe providing a gold based financial system, although that's a much more complex idea.


  6. Unfortunately, I know almost nothing about agriculture in Idaho. Do shearing sheep or angora goats thrive up there? If so, good wool clothes seem like a useful and obvious end product. Do apples thrive up there? Cider, hard or otherwise. Again, the hard cider distilleries would have to deal with the Feds. I'm thinking about exports, mostly, but anything the Citadel (a very long list, all things considered) would need to produce for itself could also be exported, provided that it's non-perishable.

    1. Apples do well here. North of Spokane, which isn't too far from the area we are talking about there is the Greenbluff area that is orchards.


      We could have the same type of operations. Produce, U-Picks, Cider, Pies, etc.

      Berries do excellent here.
      Herbs do well.
      Sheep and angora goats would do fine, the hills of Idaho are perfect grazing. There are a LOT of spinners in this area.

      Miss Violet

  7. Have you given any thought to the public image? What position exactly, how large a picture? A community such as this might do well to stay as low profile as possible.
    On the other hand you could raffle all expense paid tours of the 'newest' thing.
    Either way, sooner or later, someone's going to try to take it apart because it's different. Freedom of religion and all that....
    A good PR program might accompany introducing public perception.


    1. We're working on the PR aspect hand-in-hand with the marketing of III Arms. I think we all believe we have one chance to make the right impression. It's easier to build on a good one, than try to right a wrong one.

    2. I've had the same thoughts.

      No doubt some a-hole will call it a cult or another "Branch Davidian" compound...

    3. The difference is in presentation and "transparency". Most cults, especially the Branch Davidians, present a very closed, secretive, hush-hush society. Nature abhors a vacuum, and if there is no solid truthful information on which society can base their opinions, then they will start forming them out of thin air. What we fear is always wors3e than reality, and that's where the public's mind will go. Presenting ourselves openly with a good dose of "transparency" should go a long way to stopping the rumors before they start.
      "Did you hear about the whack-a-doos in Idaho? There a doomsday, survivalist cult that eats the neighbors' children...."
      "You're an idiot. I spent a week up there with the family. Great people, open, welcoming, fun, and they make really great....."
      Now I put "transparency" in parentheses for a reason. My grandma taught me the trick to being a woman. "Present a polished, pulled-together, ladylike image to the public, and honey, what you do behind closed doors is nobody's bidness."

    4. That's why we go with Sam's idea using the tourism angle. Open the Citadel up, bring those tourists in and show them what Americans can do for themselves. We can have an array of goods to sell them that would be better than any Chinese made garbage. We could have some type of tourist center that presented our American history, explained the Consitution to them, etc. Perhaps even a living museum concept. Lots of room here for ideas.
      Miss Violet

  8. The Patriot Academy, a military boarding school. Staffed by veterans and Liberty minded faculty. Think VMI but smaller, leaner and not PC dominated. As a private charter school we could avoid many of the pitfalls of state funded schools.

  9. I tried to send a comment, I think wordpress ate it, but if it went through, sorry.

    Boarding school. Great idea.

    How about some type of camp/classes for adults who want to learn different skills?

    Vodka, great idea. Also along those lines, apple cider, sweet amd hard cider, elderberry wine....good country for apples and elderberries.

    A lot of food related items I can think of. Great berry country. Jams, jellies, syrups. Also great herb growing country. Dried herbs, bbq rubs.

    Smoked hams and bacon. Specialty smoked meats, deer & elk.

    Which we could develop any of those independly or infuse them into our TOURISM business.

    How about having a few little cabins or such, and offering Retreats. We could have differnt themed retreats, quilting, spinning, learning different skills, hunting, fishing,history, you think of the hobby, the list is endless.

    I have to go to work, but I expect to see lots of great ideas here when I get home! ;)

    Miss Violet

  10. Here's one that is a no brainer. Buying a piece of property in that part of Idaho, especially a large piece of property, if you make sure you get the timber rights with the land we could have a timber company...or a mill. That timber has to be managed, we might as well make some money from it. If nothing else, setting up a small mill and using our timber for our own needs would be worth it. It is not uncommon for people up here to do that when they built a house, then they sell the milling equipment and any leftover lumber when their house is done. We bought enough wood flooring for a small house from such an enterprise.
    Miss Violet

  11. Private tactical training facility, spend 2 weeks in the mountains of Idaho on a full size indoor/outdoor range with automated targets in full scale urban neighborhood. weekends spent in the woods doing overnight sniper school

    1. A publication company might not be a bad idea. put our own material out in print.help some of these writers get their stuff in people's hands. Manuals, textbooks, how to, a written history of the III .

  12. What about a greenhouse/nursery business.

    Dairy and/or specialty chesses.

    A company that develops and prints curriculm for home schooled childred that can't make it to our schools.

    Okay, back to work for me.
    Miss Violet

  13. Child and Miss V, the publications idea is really good, since K has the experience in that area that we can build on. I know several homeschooling families that are always looking for better materials.
    And my apologies for the typos in my previous comment. I was typing and eating pizza, I need to get my bifocals changed, the dog ate my homework....

  14. As someone above said, a publishing house. Find forgotten works of the Founders and those who inspired them, and put them into print.

    Non-revenue generating, but important: "Voice of Liberty" radio broadcast, in public and Ham ranges.

    On boarding schools - I think you'll need two, one in a military format, but also one without. Many of those open to liberty have been improperly led to misunderstand the value of the miitary discipline and the military overall. No reason not to accomidate them, at least until we don't need two schools.

  15. An idea which I think could do a world of wonders is fuel. I don't have this expertise, but if there are any patriots who know how to refine fuel a refinery (small) could be set up. If there was this expertise, then would have to obviously have oil. Could maybe get that from Easter MT??

    I know this is a big if with tons of govt regulations and the expertise required but could mean self sustainability.


    1. We would definitely have to be extremely detailed in the purchase agreement. I know people that have been tied up for years trying to use their own wells, fill dirt or other "land rights" If we have a surveyor do a detailed inspection of each property before we bid we would know if there is a possibility of ground water, natural gas, oil or some other important resource available.

    2. Surveyors are expensive. Perhaps you are think of Title Searches....

      Miss Violet

  16. That's a lot of good stuff folks.

  17. My thanks to everyone who contributed here. There are some excellent ideas that I had not considered, and all of which have potential.

    Some ideads I think would be best implemented by individual entrepreneurs, and a few should perhaps be inductries controlled by the Citadel, and others run by entrepreneurs, while seed money offered as much as possible by the Citadel.

    If we are to survive by cutting a new town out of wildreness, it will take all of us working together, supporting one another, while building our own personal lives at the same time.

    We'll flesh it all out as we evolve, but I am proud that we already have out heads in the game.



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