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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

III Arms Update

**Update** We are rolling forward, folks. Holly deposited the last of the Founders checks today, so your accounts should note the difference soon. The company name has been accepted by Idaho, and we are just waiting for the paperwork package to be returned to us. They say it may take as many as 3 weeks, but they've been moving faster than that for us. I'll let everyone know when the paperwork is back. We've also got our Fed EIN, so we are good with the big guys.


Hi folks,

We'll be starting a Founders Only email list next week so Founding members can be in the loop without putting all of the minutia on the blog in public. We'll still talk about general issues on the blog, but there are certain inner-workings that don't need to be broadcast publicly. Look for this to begin early next week.

**Founding Members** If you do not want to be included in the email list, OR you do not want to be known to your fellow Founders, let me know in email, please. Both positions are perfectly understandable if you want to remain private. If anyone wishes to remain incognito we'll simply do the list as a BCC for those members, or leave them off entirely if that's the preference. There will be questions asked from time to time seeking the consensus of the Founders, and I also think many of you may like to know one another. But I am here to make sure you have the level of anonymity or complete non-involvement you want, so let me know.

Here's where we stand at the moment: Twitter and Facebook are up and running, managed by Leslie & Jim respectively. Leslie has been working for weeks on an overall marketing strategy and Jim is positioned perfectly to help us with production and QC management, and he has a sharp business mind. We are in the very final stages of determining which custom shop will get the contract to build the prototypes, what frame/pistol they'll build on, options, custom markings, et cetera. Once the build details are settled and in progress the next step is to turn full attention on our core marketing program with Leslie. We have many Founders and others with professional skills who have offered their time and energy to help as they can, and I will be reaching out to them as things fall in place. We have IT guys, graphics guys, accountants. I'd still like an attorney who is a III Patriot involved, so if you are able and willing, let me know. This project must be done right, and we must make FedGov give us the nod in order to avoid an adversarial relationship. To do that, we need a III/Patriotic legal counselor.

At the moment, for those interested, everything looks to be on schedule for having the prototypes at Brock's PatCom in early October. I'm not sure if I will be free, but Jim has very kindly agreed to escort the prototypes to NC and let everyone check our work. One of our Founders has a training weekend just before Brock's gig, and if we have a prototype ready, we'll get one to him for that in PA. We'll have to then work out the rest of the T&E schedule.

I want our first production piece to be delivered to our first customer on Buy a Gun Day, November 6th. Several details need to be worked out between here and there, but that's our target.

Total Founding Members: 40, give or take a couple either way. We'll have a final number soon. While I won't give our final financial total, I am proud to say we met our $25k goal, with a bit more because so many of you are darned serious about helping to make this happen. Several Founders sent us $250 to get in before the deadline, and promised more during the next 60 days. That extra revenue will help tremendously when it arrives.

Founders: I know intimately well that many of you had to dig deep to hit the $250. I will never forget your effort. One of you even offered to help close the gap to our goal if we came up short - that is the caliber of Patriots who are part of this group of Founders.

And I know many of you wanted desperately to be Founders and simply could not reach the $250 goal. In my mind, your desire counts greatly, and we will find a way to bring you into the fold, one way or another. The desire to help is as important to the success of III Arms as is the ability to cut a check or send your gold & silver, which several of you did. Every single one of you represent the heart of this venture. My contribution is the least significant as I look around at the collection of you Patriots. I'm just the guy with the idea, and I'll keep skin in the game and sacrifice anything I must to ensure III Arms is a success. Just so you know, my lovely wife is 100% engaged and will be a significant resource that will become evident as things evolve.

I am very proud to stand with you all.

Summary: Prototypes are nearly ready to be built and modified. Production details in the works, marketing in the works, and getting prototypes in III Patriots hands in the works.

More later.



  1. Thanks K, and good job, by the way.

    Miss Violet

  2. I'd like to be able to buy a III Arms 1911 on Buy a Gun Day. That's one way to get my local dealer to carry III Arms!

    Any possibility of having special serial number 1911s for Founders or for purchasers who order a gun for Buy a Gun Day? Something like xxxxxF01, F02.... for Founders or xxxxBGD01, BGD02.... for buy a gun day? Don't even know if that is practical, but thought I'd suggest it.


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