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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Julie III - the nurse who has so selflessly helped Kenny and his family - thank you.

I suspect you read this blog on occasion, so please let me thank you personally for all you have done to help one of our own. You embody the best of the III.

Folks, here is the link to Kenny's place.

Let him know your thoughts, please.



  1. A wonderful story. One which should be repeated over and over again by all III Patriots. Julie III is a true Patriot and her actions speak for loudly and selflessly.

    Off topic (just a little) There should be tees and hoodies made by Zoomie. Put me down for 2 if they are offered.

    See you on the 2nd and 3rd of Nov.

    III We truly are Everywhere and are more than willing to help others with whatever our abilities are.

    1. "Off topic (just a little) There should be tees and hoodies made by Zoomie. Put me down for 2 if they are offered."

      That would be silly. What an outlandish idea. I've heard some goofy schemes in my day, but this one is a real knee-slapper, friendo.

      I swear. Some people...

    2. Ah, a man after my own heart.........humorous in a cynical and offhand way. As I promised, I ordered 2 of them.

    3. I kept my word, I ordered 2 sweatshirts. :)

  2. Just read Ken's post from last night. Thank God for Julie III and prayers to all of Lane family. III 2 III Amen.

  3. Seeing as I'm not eligible to nominate Julie III for sainthood, I nominate her for III Patriot of the Year.

    Miss Violet

  4. My only wish is that as we proceed further in our path together, that we have the fortune to have a Julie in our lives. If more people in these United States were like her, then our world as we know it would be a better place. God bless Julie, the III, any and all Patriots of past, present and future. My prayers go out to Kenny and his family in this tough time.

  5. Thank you Julie ........
    I have never met Ken personally, but I have read his blog and spoke to him through e-mails. When I read his post last night I got tears in my eyes. Really with how Julie helped ken, I don't know where his family would be without her........
    Thanks again Julie, for reaching out to help...........

  6. I know that, when it hits, there will be many Julies (and Jules) among the III. People who help without being asked, who give without regard of the personal cost. My prayers, daily, are that I be granted the strength and courage to be a Julie to my fellow III. And for Kenny, you know how we all feel about you. Whatever you need, whenever you need it. III to III

  7. Yes, she's been a real blessing in our lives. We're all grateful for her kind spirit.


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