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Monday, August 13, 2012

LEO doing Traffic Stops in Armor

Update: David (NCRenegade) is having some fact-checking done on this. I'll make the link hot again if it checks out.


...and we're not talking about body armor.

Here's the story from LT at NCRenegade.



  1. Posted this at NCRenegade as well:

    If this is in fact a traffic stop for speeding, how could the Stryker catch up to the truck? Top speed is 62-70mph for the stryker according to http://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/detail.asp?armor_id=10. Speed limit is 65-70mph on HWY 82 according to http://www.aaroads.com/texas/us-082eb_tx.html. I don't see the math working out.

    1. BG: Because the average American is a well-trained pet. ;)


    2. Yeah....you could probably out run the stryker, but....could you out run the radio?


  2. Guess they want to skip that tar and feathers part...

  3. If I was unarmed like a typical fat & happy amerikan rezident, and saw the popo coming up on my back porch with a "tank", I wouldn't think about the possibility of outrunning it - the ingrained first impulse is "don't make this any worse", and most people don't think beyond that.
    Thankfully, I use the brain God gave me, and would quickly compute my options based upon what the real consequences migh be each way. If I was flying solo, loaded out for a mission, and had plenty of gas in my tank (yeah, I know, I already said I was loaded out), I would definitely consider giving 'em a good run, and perhaps a good fight. Heck, I have before and ditched 'em quite neatly!
    (Most popo aren't too sharp - take a read of the average police report, and you will be face to face with the concept of "a fifth grade reading level")

    But with the family in tow, nothing but a pistol, and plans for the afternoon, chances are I would play the "sorry, officer" game and either fight it later or just pay the stupid tax - but it would be a conscious choice to do so, not an automatic reaction...

    Liberty doesn't include foolish actions, without also including the consequences of said foolishness. Pick your battles, and spend your powder where it will do the most good... Until then, keep it dry.

    "Forty Rounds, Sir!"

    ~Those who abuse Liberty, do so at their own peril!

  4. If the popo was stationary and lit you up with the radar gun, you would be long gone before they could get up to speed and chase you down. Maybe this popo was rolling along at speed already, and the truck not thinking this would be the Sheriff blew past it. Only way I can see the guy in the truck even noticing he got lit up.

  5. Not a traffic stop....almost certainly a stryker with a flat tire or other such issue being assisted by someone from the pickup. Armored vehicles like this have a few uses but traffic enforcement is not one of them. LEO might use them for roadblocks/checkpoints but they will not be using them for traffic stops. Too too easy to outrun and outmanuever.

  6. This is probably what they use to pick up the * new Amerikan's * sneaking into the country and putting them where the Democrats need the most votes...........


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