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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

No Liberals or RINOs - but what about Mama Soprano?

Just another tidbit to let rattle in your braincase: Patriot family moves into the Citadel and then mom or dad back in Boston gets old and sick. I think most of us are the sort who will do what is needed to take care of mom and dad, regardless of their politics.

But how do the residents of the Citadel deal with it? A crankly old Liberal dad at the diner every morning on a soapbox about how Jefferson was a pedophile...

Sure, that's a worst case scenario, but plausible.

One or two such parents is not a big deal. But we all have parents or siblings or aunts/uncles we may be required to care for in their final years. Some of them may not appreciate our lifestyle, and in my experience, most old folks don't bother with the polite filter as they get older. ;)

Is a separate building outside the walls an answer? That may work for some. Others will want mom or dad living in the home.

Think about it.

Separate issue, one that has been raised by a few of our Founders: What about Patriots who live in the Citadel and grow older, to the point that living alone is no longer prudent? Personally I see an assisted living building. As with the above topic, we take care of our own.

Feel free to weigh in here, or just let the topics roll around in your noggins for a while.

What about divorce, especially if both adults want to stay inside the walls, but residences have sold out?



  1. I'm big on practicing what we preach. That's why the Lib's hateful, intolerant "tolerance" of our ideals and beliefs pisses me off to no end. The bottom line, I can tolerate that in the elderly, they're not going to be here much longer and I believe in honoring my elders. I can tolerate it in someone terminally ill, sadly for the same reason, they aren't going to be here much longer. But if you move in your liberal sis from Portland who just declared her independence from heterosexuality and her spoiled, entitlement-addicted offspring, we may have a bit of a problem. Finding them a nice rental in a nearby town where you can keep an eye on them without bringing them into the community could be an option.

  2. While I put value on blood kin, I have found throughout my life that sometimes the "family" you are closest to, have no DNA connection.

    Personally, I would evaluate and think about bringing anyone into the Citadel very seriously, because it would affect us as a community. I think when a Patriot chooses to bring someone into the community, they have to be responsible for them. I also think that the person brought in needs to be told what we will tolerate, and what we will not.

    Hiswiserangel had a good idea about locating them in a nearby town. I would imagine anyone that would be that liberal is not going to like being ANYWHERE in Idaho, lol, so it probably wouldn't matter.

    I think that for Patriots, an assisted living facility is a great idea. That we all live long enough to use it is a goal to strive for. ;) Personally, I envision the Citadel as having a hospital, Dr.s, dentists, a butcher , a baker, and a candlestick maker. ;)

    As far as divorce. That might be tricky because of the emotional issues that come with it. But, you know other small societies throughout history have dealt with these things...we might not have to re-invent the wheel. Face it, the type of society we are trying to establish means we're all going to have to act like grown ups and be responsible. Sometimes, other Patriots might have to step in to mediate.

    It might be wise to consider a block of apartments for single people. Or, at the very least, male and female dorms for singles.

    I see a serious meeting of the minds about these issues in our future. We need to hammer these issue out before they have a chance to tear the Citadel down.

    Miss Violet

  3. You're already soft in the head. You won't make it with those thoughts at ya.
    I know I'm gonna get crap for that but if people want to survive they had better really want to survive be they hosts or guests.

    1. Am I soft, RPM? Or Am I simply vocalizing the topic to find the softness?



  4. I think this issue will largely take care of itself. The same way that hippy communes or nudist colonies (not comparing them but follow me here) work out. Self selection is a powerful thing. People do not move to places they are not comfortable by choice very often. Since nobody is likely (for awhile at least) to have the firm they work for transfer them to Citadel Town it shouldn't be an issue.

    As to divorce think about small towns. Either you both stay and learn to live around each other or one/ both move. It is awkward when he/ she brings a new partner to the tavern but you learn to deal.

    1. Totally agree on the self selection. Even those who claim to support Liberty are often uncomfortable with the consequences of it. Those who show up first and for a while will be the "true believers".


  5. An interesting article at DumpDC has some ideas that might be useful.


    Skip down to the heading that says: The New Corporate Style of Governance. The part before that is a discussion of the Constitution. Interesting, but the last part is what I think is relevant to us.

    The basic idea is that anyone who wants to live in the Citadel would sign a contract and buy one share in the corporation that ran the "city", thus the "Corporate Style". There is quite a bit more to it and not everything there applies to us, but that is the basis for the concept and it is well worth the read.

    Private property, voluntary association and voluntarily entered into contracts are the only real alternative to government. We have a core philosophy that we (hopefully) all agree on, Jeffersonian Liberty. We are also a relatively small group at this time which may make it easier to come to a consensus. The contract can be fairly minimalist, covering the 3 R's - Rights, Responsibilities and Remedies, but I think it is essential that we have it.

    Some might think my position is extreme and I can understand that, but I propose that signing the contract be an absolute requirement for living in the Citadel, excluding minor children or those not competent to sign a contract of course, but someone under contract must still take responsibility for those persons.

    One thing to realize is that this contract provides protection for us as individuals that we don't have in a typical relationship involving government. This contract will only be able to be changed by mutual agreement. Thus, unlike a typical city government the rules can't be changed on you without your consent.

    I'm totally open to other ideas and won't be offended by anyone who totally disagrees with me. I offer this as one possible solution and as a starting point for discussion.

    Speaking of discussion, I think we could use a private forum for the founders. I have a netbook computer that I'm not using. I'm going to look into setting it up as a simple forum server for us if you all might be interested. There may be issues that I'm not aware of that would make it impractical to do, but I'll check into it.


  6. I am only a casual observer at this point.

    If I were allowed to make an observation, I'd say don't worry about solving future social issues that A. have not happened B. will solve themselves

    It indicates an obsession with minutiae that could destroy your momentum.

    God Speed.


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