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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

No, the sky is not falling. Man up!

When I think of our community in Idaho I always begin with the III Arms factory, positioned at the highest point and rising like a sentinel over the growing town below.

I think of the first few waves of Patriots who choose to trek our way and to settle either within the walls or beyond. I see pure-blooded Americans living a better life among the vibrant colors and terrain that are to be found in that piece of America. We will be relatively removed from whatever chaos befalls the nation at large, particularly the strife that is certain to afflict the major metroplitan areas. We will be as self-sufficient as possible, and if we have the time to get our ducks in a row, we won't even notice when the major interstates get shut down and trucks stop rolling into cities with loads of daily essentials.

Have I given up on Restoration?

No. Not one tiny bit.

Is the Citadel only for Constitutionalists? Nope. I will say anyone who does not subscribe to Jefferson's Rightful Liberty probably won't make the cut.

The Citadel gives us the opportunity to build the largest, best equipped, best trained and most moral Tribe of American Patriots who will be standing shoulder to shoulder when SHTF. Is not the call across the Liberty blogs for us to build Tribes and network? I dare say when we hit 3,000 III families our Tribe will be a mighty force compared to the small clusters across the rest of the land.

Our Constitution is only suited for a moral people. Right now there are far more amoral and immoral people in America, all chipping away at the premise of our Founding Ideals.

Should we simply let them have the country, and run to the hills in our own little cluster and let the notion of Liberty die? We are outnumbered and outresourced for a fight today, and many people have already declared the republic to be dead.

Sorry, I simply do not buy into that concept. Nor do I see our plan to fall back into a community of our own as secession or retreat, of surrendering the field to the Bad People. Afterall, if we give up the fight and let them have the country, it won't take long before they show up at our doorstep intent on stamping out the last bastion of Liberty. No, they could never let us live.

To me the Citadel represents a very prudent defensive manuever by Patriots to band together and build a Tribe that is thousands strong, with a fortified and defensible home. Amongst ourselves Free Enterprise and Rightful Liberty can flourish, while Bad People across the country continue to murder the republic. There will come a moment, there must come a moment, when the Bad People will have consumed and destroyed the machine that allows them to exist, and they will begin to cannibalise themselves.

While we grow stronger, far removed from the hunger, strife and disease that must come with Implosion, the Bad People will kill one another in great numbers.

Many people claim the republic is dead and can never return. Too many Bad People, they say. We are populated by Bad People who are incapable of existing in a state of Rightful Liberty. We are doomed. It's all over. Woe is me!

I say: Bunk!

If the problem is too many Bad People, then the solution is simple: Reduce their numbers. Cull the herd. They will do most of the work themselves. They will kill one another. The remainder can be handled by Patriots who get the herd of useless genetics moving toward our borders. What will be left can be easily mopped-up by Patriots who have remained removed, healthy, strong, and prudently waiting for the window of opportunity to favor victory.

I do not believe in secession. I do not believe in scrapping the Constitution and trusting any man or woman alive to write a better charter for governance. I do not believe in grabbing my toys and leaving America for some offshore home. I do not believe that the people responsible for attempting to murder Liberty and enslave my Countrymen should live until a natural death.

I believe in the ideals set forth in the DoI, the Constitution and the BoR.

I believe in Liberty, by any means necessary.

I believe the most prudent course at this moment for some of us is to fall back to a strong and defensible position, building fortifications, building our numbers and allowing Bad People to have their way until they bring down the rotten fruits of their labors upon their heads. I believe we let them die of disease, filth and cannibalism, and we fight when victory is attainable.

For Patriots who choose to remain in place, I wish you well and our gates will be open for you if you need respite. You will be the first to taste battle, and if we are able to help via underground supply routes and such, we will.

And for those who cry all is lost! We are doomed! Woe is we!

...well, you will get from this life exactly what you deserve.

Real Americans do not quit.



  1. I've always been a glass is half full kind of girl, much to some people's exasperation. I see III Arms and the Citadel not as a retreat or submission, but as a strategic beginning. I thoroughly believe in strength in numbers, and our recent realization of the strength and beauty of III to III reinforces that hope.
    As I look around, any 20 random people, I figure 5 would sell their mothers to whomever they believe to have power. Ten would perish quickly because they have neither the strength nor knowledge to survive. Seven will fight, but not have the infrastructure to fight long. And the remaining III will have the strength, knowledge, and plan to fight; and the guidance of our Founding Fathers to start rebuilding the Republic. It's good to have the original blueprints, no?

  2. Exactly right. It's called regrouping and we are going to do it with a vengence. After the ashes settle the III will be in position to install Liberty to it's rightful positon within the American Republic.
    Miss Violet

  3. I wish y'all luck, you're going to need it.

    Why you're going to defend the United States Constitution I'll never know, it is functioning exactly as intended by the original cabal who wrote it.

    Besides, Idaho is far too cold in the winter.

    1. Considering what this blog is about, why are you reading it if you feel that way?

      FYI, winter culls the weak.

      Miss Violet

  4. We used to live in the city, one day we'd had enough. Now instead of sirens, helicopters and shouting, we have corn squeaking, laughing children and coyotes and owls at night. Four streetlights from the end of pavement and the county line.

    Big improvement, bet Idaho is even quieter....


  5. I'm with you but I agree with the comment on the Constitution. My heroes are the Virginia Anti-Federalists, Richard Henry Lee and Patrick Henry They fairly well predicted that the Constitution would produce what we have today. This mess came about, not from violating the Constitution, but from following it. Write a new one in modern English that doesn't require amendments to correct itself.

    Idaho may well be the last bastion of Freedom.

    My grand-children were asleep less than a mile from the Aurora theater shooting on July 20. Moreover, the Aurora main Police Station was less than a mile away. I would like to live where madmen are pretty sure their fire will be returned.


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