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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Optimism is justified

Like many of you I feel very optimistic about our future.

The image above is from somewhere in Idaho.

Nothing we are doing, including III Arms and the Citadel, will change the course of America at large. Ugly events are imminent for the republic, and nothing a mere few thousand patriotic families choose to do will stop hundreds of millions of our Countrymen from their self-destructive course.

So be it.

What is within our power is the ability to get out of their way and let them suffer the stupidity they seem determined to bring down upon their heads. We have the power to step aside and take a defensive posture in a beautiful piece of America, engaging ourselves in productive endeavors, living with like-minded Patriots, choosing peace while keeping an eye on the horizon just in case any Bad People choose to make a mistake and come our way.

America became the power in the world for many reasons, not the least of which is our history of unbridled Free Enterprise. Bold Americans built railroads and the telegraph system, making fortunes, advancing the country, and giving honest work to many, many families. We will follow that model as we move forward. We will build a product that has tangible value to a great percentage of our Countrymen, and we will benefit from that business activity.

We will use the fruits of that labor to feed, clothe, house ourselves and keep ourselves safe, warm and happy. Not every Patriot needs to work directly for III Arms Company to benefit from the company. Indeed, the number of direct employees will be relatively small, as the business can only prudently employ so many Souls.

But the byproduct of a successful company is opportunity and prosperity for bold Americans who choose to leave their current location and establish home & hearth in the shadow of III Arms. One of our Patriots (and III Arms Founders) is a professional construction executive, and he has offered invaluable insights regarding the methods and costs of building our town. As a town grows there will be a need for every skillset, from a hair salon to heavy equipment operators, electricians to librarians to butchers to bar keeps.

If you feel the pressures and the grind of life, take a deep breath and look toward Idaho. Permit the potential to dance in your minds.

And for those of you who support this project yet have no intention of moving, just know the doors will always be open for you, even if you just wish to drop in to visit a growing town of people who see the world as do you.



  1. I will be glad when as many III as can will be relocated and out of harms way. I truly fret about y'all not being able to get settled before it gets ugly.
    Miss Violet

  2. Would that it could be so. From time to time I`ll You Tube the vids. on Waco and Ruby Ridge. I really believe we could go to Bumfuck or Timbucktoo, and someday we`ll look out, and there they`ll be. This is all about absolute domination for them. The bastard`s will murder anyone/anywhere who defy`s them. Good luck, I hope you are able to accomplish this. I believe I`ll stick to my A O where I know the lay of the land.

  3. A citadel that's defendable against maurading mobs, sounds very desirable. But I can't shake the image of the Warsaw Ghetto. I truely hope it never comes to that.

  4. sure get tired of "negative waves" to quote donald sutherlin

  5. Warsaw Ghetto is pretty much the worst case scenario, yet fewer than 1000 fighters, starving, poorly armed, untrained and fighting from hastily prepared defensive positions held off thousands of Nazi troops for a month.

    For both of you Anons, if you believe they will come for you no matter where you are, why not join with others and make the fight as difficult for them as possible? I know if I stay where I am in my undefendable, non bullet proof non fire proof stick frame house that I will have no chance whatsoever.

    On a more fundamental level, why bother to come here and tell us our idea won't work? I know you are not explicitly saying it won't work, but you are still implying it really loudly. We have voluntarily chosen this path as our perceived best option. Nobody is forcing you to join us and nothing you say can dissuade us.

    If you don't agree with what we are doing for goodness sakes don't waste your time here. Use it to do something constructive for yourself. Train, spend time with your family/friends, prepare, listen to music, go to the beach, whatever.


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