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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Social Security needs ammo, too...

We know FedGov intends to begin putting armed guards at SSA offices, so the ammo will probably be used by them. Maybe. It's .357 Sig, not sure who is issued that caliber in the FedGov army.

Either way, this is all a continuation of the arming of FedGov across all agencies that began many years ago.

It is also a great excuse to squirrel away caches of ammo in unlikely FedGov locations for later use, in the event they can't re-supply their minions in a Ruckus.

DHS is apparently adding to their 450 million rounds of .40 cal. Now, we know there are about 800,000 LEO of all flavors across America. We know that most of them do not carry .40s. So, are they buying pallets of .40 pistols as well, or parts for refurbishing them? Having a mountain of ammo is useless if you have no pistols because you've burned them out.

None of this really matters, of course. We know the plan. They are merely prepping for the Ruckus, the same as you should be doing.

Here's the link on SSA from Rich T.



  1. Yeah...they're probably thinking ahead to when angry people will be storming the SS offices wanting to know where their money is. The wailing will be great across the land. ;)

    Miss Violet

  2. TSA/Air Marshal's carry .357sig.....FYI


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