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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Constitutional Restoration of Liberty

Every now and then I like to post a reminder for Patriots to be very specific when challenging those among us who would be Masters.

"Government" is not the problem in America.

The problem is always individuals in government who abuse their authority.

Individual Americans, in every case, are the problem.

If we remove the individuals who violate the mandate of their positions, the problems facing the republic will wither and die. When people cry out that FedGov is the problem, that there is no way to remain within Constitutional means to recover Liberty, I offer a simple counter argument that not one person has ever been able to defeat: If Congress was populated by American Patriots like CA, Ken Lane, Miss V., Jim Miller, Leslie, Nurse Julie, and probably you, the injuries to the Constitution, to Natural Law, and to our Countrymen would stop because those people would not vote for any law, or to fund any program or agency, that abuses our Founding Ideals.

It really is that simple.

Can we vote our way back to genuine Liberty? Yes, we can. It is possible, but personally I think the Redskins have a better chance of winning the World Series. (See, that's funny because my Redskins don't play baseball. Some people would argue that the Redskins don't play football either. Ha! I crack myself up!)

One aspect of the Citadel project that I think will be very important is to have Patriots who make the move with us to get involved in local and state politics. If III Patriots start in lower offices such as town councils, run for mayor, accept jobs as bureaucrats in City Hall, then within those small spheres of influence III values can be asserted.

If a county has a III Sheriff and deputies, stupid laws can be ignored and not enforced. If a III Patriot gets hired as a town Permit Manager, that Patriot can simply ignore stupid statutes, such as requirements for permits to hold a yard sale, or any other foolish infringement on Natural Law. A III dog catcher can leave his mark upon this world by simply ignoring a statute that requires licenses for Fido, and in that tiny bit of defiance, Liberty grows stronger.

Town Hall by City Hall by County, and into the State House, and ultimately to the men and women we send to Washington on behalf of Idaho, we can make Liberty stronger simply by taking the power of Government and refusing to wield it improperly. Then III lawmakers can repeal or otherwise nullify bad laws. III Patriots sitting on the Bench can instruct jurors about nullification, and return the power to decide the law back into the hands of Citizens, where it belongs.

And the Bad Individuals who are removed from offices of power? Let 'em go back to California or Boston or whatever tyrannical bit of America that will have them.

If we can move 3,000 III families into a single community we can dominate local politics, either by supporting people who already live in Idaho who have good Souls, or we can pool our resources and finance our own candidates.

I believe such a course has the potential to inspire other Patriots across the country who may now feel isolated and outnumbered, dispirited and void of hope.

There is no quick fix to repeal generations of abuse by Bad People in government offices, nor is there a quick fix to halt and turn back the moral and intellectual decay that has been encouraged by Bad People for generations. The only way to accomplish a restoration of Liberty is to fight on every front, every day, until we are dead. And when we are gone, if we have raised our children properly they will continue the pursuit for themselves and their posterity.

Fight on every front. CA refers to it as the polygonal battlespace. Yes, even 2A is a Constitutional remedy to an abusive individual in Government. But let us not forget the other Constitutional weapons we possess.

One man can eat a cow, if he does so one bite at a time. One man can build a castle, if he breaks the task down to a manageable level and builds by setting one brick at a time. And Patriots can recover Liberty for ourselves and our Countrymen if we focus on replacing Bad People in government one individual at a time.

Time and momentum are enemies of this course. I remain convinced that economic Implosion is imminent. However, during and after an economic meltdown there will remain government in one form or another, and in the coming times of chaos and uncertainty, we may find our opportunity to make big gains in a short time.

But just like III Arms and the Citadel, and every other goal worth attaining, it will require hard work and it will require some of us to put our necks on the line. And it will take Patriots who have the guts to stand up and support those who put their necks on the line.

I am optimistic, because I have seen you all do exactly that. I have watched you step up and take a chance for Liberty. I watch daily as you work to reach our goals.

We've got this...

Think about it.



  1. Hell, K. The Redskins barely play football ;-)...but they make up for it with the cheerleaders!

  2. Geez, I knew cheerleaders would find their way into the convo. Go talk to wirecutter....
    I look at every bill paid off, every penny saved, every step taken, every day is one day closer to Idaho. One step closer to Liberty. One step closer... and I can't stop grinning.

  3. I know what you are saying is true. I also know that it will be a stretch for me to pursue a public office. After all, I used to skip school for a couple weeks at a time just to get out of giving a book report in front of the class. But I know it will be something that HAS to be done. If all of us take a turn at filling public offices it will not fall on a select few, who would have to take the brunt of the burden. We have to keep in mind it is as our Founding Fathers would have it, to serve, and then return to your farm or your business. It not only HAS to be done, it is our DUTY.

    Miss Violet

  4. A law that isn't enforced isn't a law, it's a suggestion. Especially if the 'enforcing' agent is one of us.
    All a building/construction/food safety inspector as to do is tell the county is 'yup, they're OK, doing it right'...as if any of the county is going to understand the process or question the inspectors 'word' on it.
    We will take care of our own, we won't cut corners to build/cook/secure something, because WE will police ourselves as well. I imagine an outside contractor, if we can't find one of us to build it, will be concerned with his own safety by 'reporting' us to an outside agency for non-compliance.

    I imagine the first time a III run restaurant cuts corners, the word goes out and his bottom line is noticeably impacted.

    It's up to us to make the III an honest, safe and worthwhile place to live. We dont need someone else telling us that, we already know. We don't need anyone outside 'fining' us for non-compliance...we'll take care of that in-house.

    I almost pity the first person caught stealing something within the walls of the Citadel. Might be a need for a set of stocks in the square ;-)

  5. Jim, you are spot on. My thoughts exactly.

    Miss Violet

  6. Holly and I were talking about this topic the other day. I posited that given the Souls who will be attracted to living among us, if an individual were to persist in being an idiot, he'd probably wake up one day with a headache, and find himself zippered in a large duffle bag somewhere in California.


  7. Common Law is what we are talking about here, so named because, well, it was the common way people expected everyone to behave toward one another.

    The rules are very simple.
    Do no harm to any person.
    Don't steal or damage anyone's property.
    Do all you say you will do (keep your word).

    Rule breakers are first and foremost responsible to fix/compensate for any damage they have caused, if possible. Other punishment may follow. The threat of shunning by the community is a very effective deterrent for anyone who wants to stay in the community.

    Schaeffer Cox has some very interesting video describing how Common Law can work in a community. He made the mistake of talking smack with a .gov informant recording him, but his comments and ideas about Common Law are still worth looking into.

    Having a common culture/belief in a community makes a huge difference in every aspect of how it functions. Almost all of our actions and interactions will flow from or be strongly influenced by that common culture/belief.


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