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Thursday, August 30, 2012

They're coming for your guns, they're killing granny, they're starting false flags...

Folks, I am not saying any of the hyperbole out there is wrong.

I am right there with you when we look at the Political Class and see Bad People.

But there are Bad People on all sides.

Seed Pimps, as Bill Nye calls them, who play upon your fears to sell you over-priced essentials.

2A Pimps who stoke your fears every 4 years about Bad People coming for your guns unless you vote for your political savior, and buy as many new firearms and ammo for your safe as possible.

Financial Pimps who sell you economic Doom & Gloom in rapid cycles to manipulate the cost of commodities, from corn and pork to oil and gas, to gold and silver, and everything else under the sun.

So what? Once you know they are manipulating you, you can defend yourself as much as possible. Most of us have determined that the level of manipulation and corruption is unsustainable, and will crash down upon itself at some point. When? That's the big question.

Now take a deep breath and consider the reality of what it means.

Most price manipulation happens by speculators and financial whiz kids in New York and other financial world centers. such as London. They play with digital 1s and 0s, they do not handle bushels of corn or slabs of pig.

When their playground implodes, it is the farmer who still holds the pigs and cattle. It is still the farmer who still has physical possession of the corn, wheat, soy. It is still the oil companies who have the barrels of oil.

China? Name one asset in America they can pick up and take with them offshore. Tell me who suffers more if we stop letting their Wal-Mart ships dock and offload? If our prudent politicians tell them to suck wind and write-off those trillions of debt, what are they going to do about it? Sorry, the US Navy will not allow ChiCom landing craft at Venice Beach, and they will sink any ChiCom warships within range of lobbing missiles at LA.

The point? On the day of Implosion the sun will rise and shine. Panic will be self-induced. The Doom & Gloom will come from Washington, New York, London, not from Kansas or your front door. When it happens, don't let the people who will truly be losing everything (the speculators and Pimps) frighten you into imprudent behavior.

Sadly, the masses will react emotionally, and that is where the true dangers will be born. But so long as you know the underlying reality, you can set about the task of defending yourself, rationing your needs, and waiting for the natural self-interests of farmers and cattlemen and oilmen to cut out the ruined speculators and get their products to slaughterhouses, and refineries, and get product to market.

Don't buy into the hype.

The key, as in all survival situations, is: Don't get excited.

Not from New York or London, or from "Patriots" who have a self-interest in riling you up.



  1. Well..besides that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

  2. Strange. The first time I hit the page, nothing showed up.


  3. You know what?
    I get up every morning, brush my teeth, wash my face and comb my hair and see what my day is going to bring me. Then I deal with it as it comes.
    I'll do the same thing when the world goes to pieces. I'll deal with it day by day.

  4. Living in the middle of nowhere, TX, we lose utilities on a semi-regular basis, cell phone reception is spotty, internet is cranky. Every month, there can be 2-3 days where it all goes to shit at once. I realize I've been having mini-drills for prepping since 1999. You can't control what happens, but you can control your response. And ya'll have taught me that the better prepared I am, the easier I'll have it.

  5. If we have any acts of violence it will come from within. No one wants to mess with the US military and the highly armed citizens. But the politicians always have nefarious plans for the commoners.


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