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Friday, August 17, 2012

Zoomie: III to III & more

"Off topic (just a little) There should be tees and hoodies made by Zoomie. Put me down for 2 if they are offered."

That would be silly. What an outlandish idea. I've heard some goofy schemes in my day, but this one is a real knee-slapper, friendo.

For anyone who doesn't know, The Great and Talented Walter Zoomie does indeed have a place where you can buy some of his designs and show your support for the III, and the man who contributes so much outstanding artwork (and comedy) to our community.

Here's the link. Buy some gear.

I have a hoodie/shirt story to tell this weekend, right now I am just too ticked to write about it.

We also need to have a discussion about our Liberty Congress soon. Yes, it is still on, no worries there. I want to ask you all to weigh in regarding the tone and goals of the Congress as it fits with III Arms and the Citadel. We'll get into it next week sometime.

But right now, you should be going to Zazzle to peep Zoomie's III Gear, here.


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  1. Done deal. already ordered 2 sweatshirts. :)


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