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Sunday, November 18, 2012

An entire nation of Patriots. A dream for us, reality for them.

My title for this post is a comment left by Kenny (Wirecutter).

He was speaking of Israel.  He nailed it.

I am convinced the people of Israel are unified because attempts to excise their people from the planet in WWII is still fresh enough to be real, and in the decades since further attempts have been constant.

When is the last time the American people, on American soil, faced an existential threat from a foreign enemy?  Not in any of our lifetimes.  We are far removed, as a people, from what a backfist tastes like.  This leads us to silly and suicidal tendencies because most of our voting public is a pampered and unrealistic lot of idiots.

Will the coming fight amongst ourselves be sufficient to remind those who survive that no people can remain powerful and free if they lose touch with the base realities of life?  If Liberty wins the fight, complacency will grow again in future generations.  That is the nature of the beast.  But can the Remnant in America pull together like the Israelis?  Can Patriots do it soon enough to defeat the Enemies of Liberty?

There are lessons for American Patriots to learn simply by watching Israel.

Some of the most stupid Americans I have ever encountered (regarding the Israelis) accuse Israel of turning Gaza and the West Bank into "Concentration Camps".  Such "logic" employed by Americans is absurdity, at best.  Anyone who looks at a map of Israel can see that Gaza has 4 sides.  Israel has fenced off the eastern side and the northern.  The western side is the Med.  And the southern?  That one is fenced in by the Egyptians.  And the West Bank is closed by the Jordanians.

Anyone who tells you that Israel has put Palestinians into a "Concentration Camp" or "Bottled them up in ghettos" or anything else is demonstrating to you that they are either stupid beyond redemption and should not breed, or liars to suit their own agendas...and still should not breed.  If Egypt and Jordan cared for the "Palestinians", they would open the gates they imposed.

I would suggest Israel fix bayonets and march every single Soul out of Gaza and the West Bank who wishes them harm.  Then settle those areas with Israeli families.  Once your Rightful Liberty has been infringed, or when an enemy informs you he intends to make you extinct, you have the moral Right to put them in a ditch.  Living next door to a man who wants to murder you and your family, and who takes steps or facilitates that murder, is not a requirement.  Your Rightful Liberty has been violated - end him.

The first post I offered at Kerodin.com suggested a similar solution for the illegal problem in America.  If we build a 3-sided fence on the border with Mexico, fenced on the east, west and north, yet wide open to the South, and into this corral we dumped our illegals, what would stop them from walking south?  Nothing...except probably Mexico.

Let's work together and help the dream of a nation of Patriots come true.  We can do it.  We will have to leave some people behind.  We will have to push some people across our borders and let them be Canadians or Mexicans for the rest of their lives.  Those who remain can be Americans once again unified by Patriotism, love of country and strong moral compass.

Getting America back to a place that is safe for Patriots and Liberty will be hard work and it will require Hard Things.

Kenny crystallized our entire problem in two sentences.

Let's fix it.



  1. It is easy to rally against an outside force. Those in Israel are bound by race and religion and they are fighting against another race and religion. It's easy to paint it black/white, and it's easy for them to hate each other. An outsider is always easy to demonize.

    We won't be fighting outsiders. Not initially. We'll be fighting each other. Our neighbors. People that look just like us, or at the very least, are our Countrymen.

    What Israel is doing is no different than what America would do if attacked by, say, Russia. They band together to survive, because those attacking them have become the enemy. This isn't any great achievement or paragon of virtue. It's simply survival. And it's not done out of any sense of Patriotism. The true Patriot there would question the less than sterling actions of the ruling members of their government. Those who do... disappear. It's no different than here, in that regard. The goals of the folks on top, are not the goals of the poor folks on the bottom.

    Those at the top will get rich as the blood of their lesser countrymen flows into the sand.

    As it always has. As it always will.

    Just as it shall happen here.

  2. Not only has the threat been distant through time, the powers that be make sure the average American does not see the threats to them through a combination of distraction (sparklies), brainwashing (schools), moral relativism, sowing internal divisions (Americans blaming each other while the real enemy, the government, plots against everyone) and directly punishing people who defend themselves. So many decades of this have ensured people are oblivious, and easily ruled.

  3. "What Israel is doing is no different than what America would do if attacked by, say, Russia. They band together to survive, because those attacking them have become the enemy. This isn't any great achievement or paragon of virtue. It's simply survival. And it's not done out of any sense of Patriotism."

    Sorry, that completely negates millenia of Jewish identity that coalesced into the Zionist movement that espoused the core ideals that embody the state of Israel as a whole.


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