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Friday, November 16, 2012

Liberty takes work and demands responsible behavior

Imagine what it would be like to live in a town without a single neighbor or resident who wanted to stick their nose in your business.  No intrusive HOA slugs.  No town code enforcement bureaucrats telling you how to separate your recyclables or trim your hedges.  No property taxes.

Imagine knowing that every single resident in town is a Prepper, every able-bodied adult is a Rifleman, and every Soul has taken the decision to live with you in a state of Rightful Liberty.  Imagine your children being educated instead of indoctrinated.

And when SHTF, you will have these people standing at your shoulders.  Your town will have the ability to close a gate and sleep soundly at night when the rest of the nation is enduring economic collapse and the horrors that will accompany that implosion, including the Police State advances of the Marxists who infect the American landscape.  There will be no hunger in your town.  No diseases associated with collapse.  No family will shiver in the cold of winter.  No woman will fear what the Hordes want to do to her or her daughters, for the Hordes cannot breach the town.


Such a town can rise simply by like-minded Patriots choosing to move to a single location, and call one another neighbors.  Beginning with a strong industry to help support the first wave of Pioneers, with genuine Free Enterprise allowed to flourish, such a community could take shape quickly and would be very strong.

But the vast majority of people will be ill-suited to live in this community, even a majority of those who consider themselves to be Patriots.  In a town that sets Liberty and safety as facets of life that simply may not be compromised, responsibility will rest upon the shoulders of every resident. 

Liberty is not free.  One can't simply mouth the words of Liberty in such a town, he must live it.  He must be strong enough to let others live it equally.  He must be ready to defend that Liberty with his life the moment that Liberty is threatened.  He must genuinely be emotionally and intellectually prepared to live according to the Founding Ideals of the republic.

If you think such a town and such neighbors would be good for you and your family, reserve your place by clicking here and filling out the simple reservation form.

Liberty will not die if we refuse to surrender.



  1. I signed up and I'm commited now! I'm not sure how I will work it but I will find a way since I signed on the dotted line so to speak. Heck I managed at least 5 impossible things in 2012 that I never thought I would get done. Might as well start early on 2013 planning the impossible. It just takes a little time, a bit of dreaming and a whole lot of work.

    1. Glad ye decided to take the plunge! :) With that mindset, I'm sure you'll find a way to make it work.


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