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Friday, November 16, 2012

Mish mash

Item 1: Private Investigators can be a wonderful asset.  That's about all I have to say about that...  ;)

Drones: I have continued to think about Drones and how FreeFor can make use of them.  Small units can be utilized for surveillance, obviously.  They can extend one's eyes greatly in your AO.  But I still see fleets of kamikaze drones controlled by FreeFor as a wickedly effective stand-off weapon system.

Even cheap RC planes or helicopters with a modest payload, armed with a real-time camera, can change the paradigm.  Consider, as a for instance, a flash mob heading toward your neighborhood.  Perhaps you'd prefer to convince them to head another direction, rather than having to take a fight to them on your street.  Fire is a savagely efficient weapon, and a cocktail on a kamikaze FreeFor drone could handle that crowd without ever revealing your position.

As I mentioned a while back, a swarm of kamikaze FreeFor drones outfitted with hunting broadheads and real-time cameras could be used with devastating effectiveness.

Such a system could have serious anti-personnel and select anti-material potential.

Think about it.

Item 3: Does anyone own a .308 pistol platform?  How much recoil does it have?  Comparable to .50 AE?  More?

Item 4: The person who set up the Buy a Gun Day 2012 blog took it down almost immediately after the 6th.  It's a shame, as such a site has value for posterity.  Anyway, I have acquired "BuyaGunDay.Blogspot.com" so we won't suffer such petty behavior in the future.  We'll get it set up next week sometime, and annouce our next BAGD.  I've sent emails to those who won the America 527 BAGD gift certificates.  Once I hear back from all of the winners, I'll post their names.  If one or more fail to respond, HK will pull replacement names out of the hat.

More later.



  1. If you are looking for a visual of RC's on the attack...




  2. On item 3. I have a TC Encore with 15" barrel in .308 Win.
    Still trying to work up a load that I can handle more than 5 shots in a row without much pain. I have shot a DE in .50 AE and the recoil is comparable, but different...not as sharp, but lots more push. BTW, it is wicked putting a 175 grain SMK into a target at 400 yards from a hand gun!

  3. I will say this my AMT .30 Carbine if amazing. I know its not the same but I can say it will throw a 3 foot flame and a bark that will make .44 MAG wish it had some nuts, not to mention brutally accurate.


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