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Friday, November 23, 2012

Who owns you?

Please study the banner image above very carefully - the large image of Jews being herded to their deaths.

Zoomie created that brilliant piece and sentiment.

A year or more ago I saw a YouTube that had several such scenes of horror from WWII in black & white, then the author morphed them into color and modern depictions from our own headlines.  If anyone knows where I can find that piece again, I'd love a heads-up.  The point of the video was to remind Americans that it can happen here.  Nothing in the nature of the Universe magically exempts Americans from tyrannical death by starvation, maliciously released diseases, turning entire cities into concentration camps until everyone inside dies, or merely shooting us when and where the Bad People find us.

Our Founders knew the answer.  ...that every man be armed...  & ...If they mean to have a war, let it begin here... They had just lived through being hunted by Bad People.  You will remember that April 19, 1775 was not merely about taking the armory.  There were warrants in-hand for the arrest of two men we consider American Heroes, while the King considered them traitors and criminals who needed to hang at the end of a rope.

It can happen here.

It has happened here.

RevWarI happened right here.  Liberty won.

RevWarII happened right here.  Most people call it the Civil War.  Liberty lost.

RevWarII is not finished, yet.  The end of that 150 year war will not be over until one side or the other finally clears the field of their ideological enemies.  No, we cannot coexist.  No, the questions on the table are not legitimate political differences of opinion.

The question is simple: Will you live as a slave your entire life and deliver your children in chains to Master?  Or will you run the Sons of Bitches a thousand miles from you and your children?

A recent commenter here asserted that my methods include killing many millions of people.

I think it is important to clarify: I do not advocate killing anyone, even the most arrogant, most blatant Enemies of Liberty currently working to enslave us all.  The other guy always chooses just how rough I will have to get.  I prefer they live in the misery and filth that is their Soul as long as possible.

I advocate creating conditions in America such that these people will choose to leave, forever.  I want them to buy an airline ticket or cruise ship ticket and leave America, forever.  I want them to load their cars and moving vans and drive to Mexico or Canada, and never return.

And if they fail to leave us in peace, I have no problem if these people are encouraged more stridently to get in their cars and drive, or loaded onto buses and trains and trucks and escorted beyond our borders, never to set foot back on American soil again.

And for those who insist on remaining, insist on continuing to subvert the Constitutional and Natural Rights of Americans, facing a Jury of Patriots for Treason is a legitimate and morally sound remedy.

No man or woman has the right to enslave you, or to take from you the fruits of your own labors.  Such acts, even if the actual act is performed by a third party under color of law, is violence against you by the actual actor and the people who sent the actor into your midst, you may meet him with violence in the moment, or at any time before he comes for you

You are morally entitled to react in self defense against this violence being imposed upon you.

When you are tired of being abused and ready to defend yourself, stand and be counted by declaring yourself.



  1. Excellent piece. You're back to the writing style that led me to follow your blog, thank God! How do we effectuate driving them out? I am ready to start.

    1. By making them uncomfortable. Challenging their views. Not being "polite" just to get along. Getting in their faces and calling out their communist asses.
      Just my two cents, but I'm feeling all mellow today. ;)

    2. Miss Violet, if you are feeling mellow, I would hate to be on your bad side... Glad you are feeling spunky enough to post comments and replies.

  2. thanks for the response.

    But those lard asses, gravy trainers, lobbyists and career politicians aint just voluntarily getting on buses and planes to canada. Not without their stolen loot.

    So they'll need a lot more persuading.

    Just no way this ends without millions dead. And the place it will start is with those who have devoted their lives to stealing from others. Every D.C. Congressman from 1980 till today, all the K Street lobbyists and the whole clan of enablers and grifters in DC oughta be tried for treason to the republic, with the constitutionaly mandated penalty enforced.

    keep up the good work. there is lots to do

    vegas dave

    1. Thanks, Dave. Your comment deserved a full response, hence the post. ;)

      You're right, of course. Many FSA and Masters will try to fight Justice. That makes it their choice as to whether or not violence is required. But they will answer for their crimes against Americans, one way or another.


  3. No K, as usual they will pay OTHERS to fight justice for them...
    So, realistically, there are a few who can't be allowed to leave.

    1. "No K, as usual they will pay OTHERS to fight justice for them..."

      That's right, and it's a VERY key point IMO. It tells us that even though the idiot politicians and intellectuals are the ones pulling the strings here, it's NOT they who are doing the dirty work.

      When those doing the dirty work wake up and understand that they shouldn't want to do the dirty work--that they should choose to live as humans instead--then all the nutcases in Washington and everywhere else will be exposed for what they are...bags of hot air who wouldn't be capable of being a threat to anyone in a million years.

      And believe it---those assholes already know that. That's why they're swimming so fast, hoping that they can get their scum ideas implemented before the people actually doing the work, wake up.

  4. The MTV Holocaust commercials?


    Lots of folks haven't seen these. They were pulled pretty quickly, as ye can imagine.

  5. Higher quality videos here:


    and here:


  6. She and I both operate home based businesses and since November we're not eating our principals. Each client is asked in person who they voted for. Watch their eyes. It's not enough to charge them double, no, they aren't welcome and we are saying why. I want these 'folks' to know what they have done.
    Someone recently launched this idea of shaming and we have gotten to the point that we'd rather stand up for our beliefs than take their money regardless of how much. Yeah it really sucks, needing that income, times are tight enough, can't do anything but this....


    1. Ooh. I like that. As to myself, when I engage them, I don't try to be polite any more (I really did try before). I just mock them. They have so many opinions that are in direct opposition to each other that it is incredibly easy. Don't mock and let off, but when you find something that hurts, keep going after it. Remember the second rule of knife fighting (besides avoiding the cut). It's ABC (Always Be Cutting).

      It's clear that intellectual arguments, logical arguments, etc. don't work. A friend of mine refers to the evil party as Emocrats. They are driven by emotion (whereas the republicans are driven by being money-grubbing milquetoasts who are deathly afraid of offending someone). Both sides want to be at the cool parties with the cool people. Mock them so viciously and so publicly that they fear losing that.

      I believe the left drives the discourse for the most part. Thus for the moment, they must be the focus point. Their coalition has a number of natural fault lines. Exploit them. They have muslims and gays. They have muslims and loose women. They have wealthy homosexuals and urban hipsters, while maintaining a membership of tax eaters. They have greenies who fear technological progress, and urban techies who create it. They have wealthy families of generational usurers, and people who want to take away all inherited wealth for "the common good". In the space that you control, find a place to slip the wedge and keep hammering and twisting until they break.

      I'll leave you with this quote from a series of novels that I particularly like. While it is hokey to quote such things, the attitude is right on. Live it, embrace it. I think it may be the best way to the other side of all this.

      “Once committed to fight, cut. Everything else is secondary. Cut. That is your duty, your purpose, your hunger. There is no rule more important, no commitment that overrides that one. Cut. Cut from the void, not from bewilderment. Cut the enemy as quickly and directly as possible. Cut decisively, resolutely. Cut into the enemy’s strength. Flow through the gaps in his guard. Cut him. Cut him down utterly. Don’t allow him a breath. Crush him. Cut him without mercy to the depths of his spirit."
      -Richard Rahl”



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