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Monday, December 31, 2012

DC Rumor re: AWB & Republicans

There is a rumor beginning to circulate here in my home town that Congressional (Establishment) Rs are floating the concept that allowing DiFi to get her AWB would be a "...good political move, and help Rs retake the entire Congress in the mid-terms..."

I shit thee not.

This political calculus, if there is any merit to it, demonstrates how out of touch Establishment Rs are with reality.

A new AWB/Hi Cap ban, whether passed legislatively or extra-constitutionally, will mean open warfare in America - not favorable political conditions for the mid-term cycle.

Mucking Forons.


I owe many of you email, sorry folks I have been crawling to the computer for just a few minutes each day.  Hopefully things will begin to improve here soon.



  1. Mucking Forons will be an understatement if this proves out :/ but it wouldn't surprise me much, they're all in the same circle, no matter how they try to distort the image.

    Good thoughts to you and H for improved health very quickly. :)

  2. Don't sweat replying to mine, I said what I had to say, no need for a reply.
    And to your readers - No, it wasn't a nasty one, I thnked Sam for something he did for Lisa and myself.

  3. I hope you and H feel better real soon.
    Not sure if you read what that DHS insider dude had to say, but he mentioned no fiscal cliff deal and a big time ban from difi in order to kick this shit off. If he is real then .gov is ready to rock and it's time for us to lace up the boots, line up the periscope and number targets.
    I'm starting to wonder if we are going to have time to get the Citadel in order.
    Chuck Myhre

  4. Hell yeah !, they showed who they were when they screwed Ron Paul a year ago in Iowa. By the time they got to Tampa they were in true form and just shouldered him out of the way like they were in some two bit banana republic. Some blogger`s frown on using any of Alex Jones stuff , but who in hell could deny this line from ' Fall of the Republic ', " Both the Republican and Democrat party`s are owned by the same global elite`s , and on thing`s that matter to those elite`s , they act as one.

  5. Rumor confirmed through this email exchange. The only difference from the rumor is that Republicans are not doing this as a foolish reelection strategy. The two party system is just an illusion.


  6. K-msg rec'd, hope you and H are feeling better.

    Way good writing on the three above, with your permission will be condensing into one and transmitting.

    Welcome, not happy, New Years.



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