Enemies of Liberty are ruthless. To own your Liberty, you'd better come harder than your enemies..

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Enemies of Liberty are moving to Contact...

I found the image above at AngryMike's.

It is as simple and concise as the Truth will ever be.

If you are an American, if you are alive today, and if you consider yourself a man or woman who would have stood with John Parker, then the responsibility for saving Liberty is yours.  We are the men and women who are alive at this moment of history when American Liberty may be rid from Earth forever.  We drew the short straw.  It's on you and me.

You knew it was coming.  Our long train of abuses has been documented and talked to death.

The struggle in America right now is not one of "...legitimate political differences of opinion..."

The struggle in America right now is not even one of slavery versus Liberty - for slavery has been dominant in America for a long time.

The struggle in America right now is simply: Will we witness the death of Liberty, the total subjugation of Liberty.  Will we be the Americans who watch it die and breathe its final breath, leaving nothing but darkness on Earth?

Our Founders and Framers knew they were erecting a Government that could, one day, become abusive.  They understood the Nature of Man and the Nature of Government, and they built in tools for brave and courageous and moral Americans to use over the generations to combat the inevitable.  And they warned us.  Every single Founder and Framer wrote warnings for us all that we must forever be vigilant.

Generations of Americans ignored those warnings.

And here we are.


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