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Monday, December 31, 2012

Folks: Here is the opportunity for the III to symbolically reveal ourselves.

**UPDATE** Craig's petition has over 8,000 signatures - we need more.  Sign it, folks.  Get your friends and family on this one.  Take it to your blogs and your forums.  Hitting the minimum threshold will force the White House (under their own rules) to address the issue, and will reveal them once again as liars when they refuse.

Click the link below.


Good job to Craig for taking point!  Craig is proving that the Delegates of the III Congress mean to be relevant to the national discussion.

Show your support by signing: Here.

Sign and support not only a fellow III Patriot who took point on our behlaves, but also your support for the III, the III Congress, and our Natural Rights.



  1. Done. They already have me on their list anyway.

  2. This administration hates the constitution. Using it as an argument will fail. How about the petition to abolish the secret service and establish "gun free zone" around POTUS. Sorry no link, on phone.

  3. This action is required in response to New town, CT. as well as a long list of other loathsome acts. Because of infringements of the U.S. Constitution in particular the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights, American citizens are have become less safe and less able to defend themselves from; Tyranny, enemies foreign and domestic.
    Due to knee jerk reaction and a nefarious intent of politicians to disarm the public resulting in continued harm to U.S. Citizens.

  4. They wont respond. They never responded to all the petitions to secede that got all the votes they needed.

  5. Did someone say "Constitution"? Here's what one expert has to say about it, in no less than the New York Times...


    "As someone who has taught constitutional law for almost 40 years..." See, there's always something to laugh about; beats cryin'.

    Happy New Year, y'all. Years like this only come around once a century or so, if that. Might as well try to enjoy it, until the blood flows heavy. Their choice.


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