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Thursday, December 27, 2012

III: Year in review

2012 has been a good year for the III Brand.

More people know about us today than they did a year ago, and a few of those people even see the world as do we.  Others, not so much.  ;)

In the middle of the year many of us began evolving the concept of building our own community.  We decided that since we could not find sufficient like-minded neighbors where we live today, why not pick a spot and make a new home, filled with only people who are like-minded.  And the Citadel concept was born.  You will remember we ran at least 2 dozen polls to help refine the concept, and hundreds of you weighed-in and helped the project define its edges.

We also examined why previous such endeavors had failed, such as the Free State projects and Bo Gritz's Almost Heaven.  We decided they failed because they did not bring work with them, and relied instead on the local economy of their new homes.  We decided to avoid that mistake, and the concept for III Arms was born.

Many of us understood that a working industry could provide the cornerstone of the new community, and as we discussed and evolved the concept, that a firearms company was a prudent, utilitarian choice.  When we had decided to move forward, I was very proud that so many of you trusted me to take point as far as I was able. 

And where are we today?

III Arms Company is up and running with a brilliant Patriot at the helm.  ATF still has to sign off on a few details for him, but everything is moving as smoothly as possible, and as fast as possible when dealing with bureaucracies.  H is helping on the business side and was brave enough to take point as well.  By the way, given the current state of 2A, there is no better time to be entering into the firearms business!  Unpredictable, to be sure, but until all the talk of bans is settled, profit margins will be larger than ever.  It is in such volatile circumstances when the greatest risk/reward outcomes are possible.  As you know, the revenue generated from III Arms is dedicated to help get the Citadel going. 

The Citadel project is beginning to hit a stride as well.  The paperwork is a bit behind the curve, but here too H is working hard.  In both projects you have all seen how many wonderful, brave and talented Patriots have, as BonnieGadsden coined, helped by pulling the rope.  There are blogs and Facebook pages and Twitter accounts running.  We have a Steering Committee, and we've been getting some press.  As things are evolving at the moment, it looks like developing the Benewah Beachhead for III Arms and the first wave of III Pioneers is the best course.  But, we will remain flexible, and change our plans as circumstances dictate.

We've recently developed the III Congress in an attempt to help coordinate LocalLocalLocal efforts, and I encourage anyone who is interested to help.  Perhaps you do not want to be on point for the Congress, but perhaps you can help by sponsoring a III Patriot who is willing to serve as a Delegate.  IIICongress here.

Many of our previously considered projects, including a III Poster, SHTF & Go Bag projects and more will find a home in the Media Kit being built for several of our III projects.

IIIGear continues to help outfit our community with Branded gear to not only add important gear to our kits, but also building morale and cohesion.  By the way, a big batch of KA-BAR and Cold Steel arrived this morning, so they'll be shipping this week.  Both KA-BAR and Cold Steel decided to retire several of their blade designs, without warning.  And all I have to say about shirts/hoodies is that III Gear will fill whatever outstanding orders remain, then we are out of the shirt business.  Way too much headache and too many companies out there that do NOT do quality work.  But the support from you all at IIIGear has been wonderful.  Be sure to fly your patches and III Branded gear for all to see.

I wrote and published my first political book just about 3 years ago.  I started writing online shortly after that, and May will mark 3 years of writing online for me.  In that time the III has grown stronger and more unified, sometimes by coming together such as III Arms and the Citadel.  Sometimes the III has grown stronger through our fights as we sharpen our identity and choose to stand apart from some who claim to be Patriots, or even claim to be III, but whose actions prove differently.

I look forward to moving into and through 2013 with you all.  We will add some people to our ranks, we will lose some.  Some of us will, hopefully, be in the Redoubt and making that project succeed.

Regardless of what happens, I am proud to stand with you all.


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  1. Proud to be a part as well so thank you Sam and all other Patriots in the community. Also thanks for working with my wife regarding my III ring I received for Christmas. Eventually I will be posting a picture on The Steel Ibeam, but I at least wanted to say thanks. I was really surprised to learn she reached out to you in order to surprise me with such a beautiful symbolic piece. May 2013 allow the III community to become even more unified as well as growth. Happy and safe New Year. May God shine his light on our path in 2013 with wisdom, health and prosperity.
    In Liberty,


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