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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Liberty: What is it worth to you?

When you see the guy next to you in line and you know he comes from some place other than America, what do you think his elders taught him about Liberty?  Seriously, consider it.  Now consider the lady in the same line who votes D or Establishment R.  Forget what she may have been taught by her elders right here in America.  She is an advocate of theft at the end of a muzzle.

You understand, yes?

Both of these people are as far removed from the Liberty our Founders and Framers envisioned as Stalin, only Stalin had the balls to go to work.

Here's a lesson I have learned in life: When a bully wants your lunch money he'll shake you down by himself as long as he can get away with it.  When you look like you may be a handful, he'll bring a few buddies.  The only way to stop it is to beat the snot out of him and his friends with enough witnesses that not one other person misses the lesson that fucking with you will not be free.

The guy in line who isn't from here - he expects "Government" to service him.  The Lady in line will never take her hand out of your pocket until you force her to do so.  Blacking both of her eyes won't get you very far, even if she were smart enough to understand the beating.  It's the bullies who do the work who need a bloody nose.

Now consider this: Are you willing to dish out bloody noses to thugs who are willing (and authorized under Color of Law) to kill you in return? 

It seems a bit stupid to me to think in terms of a bloody nose when the Bad Guy won't hesitate to put you in a ditch.

America is full of bullies, from the people who do not share our historical values because they come from another place, to the Marxists who vote for Government to reach into your pockets, to the goons Government sends to do the deed.

The only way a bully has ever been stopped is to beat him at his own game.

Not my rules folks.  I was born into this life, same as you.

But I understand the rules.

Are you going to live the rest of your life letting the bullies have their way with you?

The bullies in America have never seen a single shred of evidence that you will ever, ever try to stop them.

Start here.  Start now.  Life is not a trial run.



  1. Excellent post. Reblogged with a link.

  2. Sam,for the 1st time I must take exception to what you posted. Not all people who aren't from here don't always want the Govt to help them. As I stated from time to time I have Laotian friends whose father helped Americans during Nam he saved many Americans asses.After We bailed on them he had to flee the Country as the NVA were to kill any Laotians who helped the U.S.They came here the right way,they became citizens,payed taxes,learned the language.He taught his children about freedom,and that the USA was the only place to get it! There father died 4yrs ago from agent orange. Lumping all people Not from here is not right. I get your point on a lot of em. But I still take each man on his own merits.... I got the point of the post but not all foreigners are fsa!


    1. China: My bad - I missed the mark. I was painting with a larger brush, to point out that Governments across the world don't teach their people about Liberty. So when they come here, they don't grasp the concept of American Liberty, except in a small percentage of individual cases, such as the folks you mentioned. The average Mexican or Frenchman has no idea about "Liberty".

      You're right - every man based on his own merits.


  3. Excellent post. Reblogged with a link.


  4. Brother, this is how I have lived my life and in 41 years I KNOW those of us who understand this are in the SEVERE minority. We will be hunted down and killed until our community has finally had enough. When that will be I can not say, but most people are cowards so I'm not hopeful.


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