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Friday, December 21, 2012

NRA: Grow Government to keep kids safe...

"The greatest gun control organization that ever existed".

That's how a real Patriot I know describes the NRA.

If you saw that NRA press conference, you know he's right.

NRA did nothing to advance the cause of 2A today, and they called for larger Government at the same time.

Over at the Congress we've been discussing the notion of a "Real" 2A organization - no insult intended to JPFO or GoA or SAF.

Right now is not the time to duck and cover regarding 2A, waiting for the storm to blow over.  Now is the time to stand tall and push back and point out that anti-gunners are truly responsible for murdering those children.  We need to be demanding full restoration of 2A, right now - not hoping they'll "let" hi caps remain for sale.

Roll back GCA and NFA and let's stop begging for the permission of Marxists for our Natural and Constitutional Rights.



  1. Sam,

    Some great work from Craig....


    Bill Nye

  2. I posted my response to all this today...

  3. You forgot to draw a big red slash through the picture, Sam.

  4. Yeah, I shredded my Life Membership card with the NRA today and mailed it back to them...and sent ol' Wayne "where are my testicals?" LaPierre an email telling him to GTH. Disgusted and disappointed. Oh, and in prep for the upcoming Executive Order (you know it's coming, the liberal Christmas present!), I bought a Bushmaster AR-15 and 6 magazines today. I'm done with all these liberal fucks...sick and tired and no longer willing to put up with their shit...I'll pay the piper. Let's dance ATF/FBI/PD. I no longer care.


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