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Monday, December 3, 2012

Scene of the crash now in sight...

Most of you already know this, but I'll remind you anyway: All the talk about the Fiscal Cliff, in fact every "Budget Crisis" battle that ever takes place in Washington is not one side arguing for more spending and the other side arguing to cut spending - both sides are always arguing for more spending, all they are fussing about is the rate of increase.

Very few of us understand that the guys flying the plane intend to take us all to the scene of the crash.  Some of us are taking steps to avoid the crater.  For our warnings to loved ones and for our efforts to stockpile and survive, we are mocked, ridiculed and labeled by everyone from Auntie Mabel to Big Sis.

So what?  Are we going to stop looking out for ourselves?

Are we keeping notes on who is flying the plane, who has been responsible for its course and speed, who has kept the engines running and in repair, who has replaced the tires, who has voted for the pilots, and every other fetid Soul who has played a part in what is about to happen?

I am.

And I smile knowing that most of those responsible for the devastation coming to America will die as a result of their own hubris and greed and evil political philosophies.

In the meantime a few of us will build and prep, network and slowly find allies to cover our flanks, and we will, when the time is right, make the world more difficult for those who mean to be Masters.  We will remind the world what real Americans do when faced with existential threats, be they foreign or domestic.

And for you weak-spined, cry-baby, useless Republicans who blame everyone else for the problems in your lives, those of you who get spanked when meddling in the affairs of real Patriots, you are on the domestic list.  And you did it to yourself, that's the mos amusing part.


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  1. L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace!


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