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Monday, December 31, 2012

The final day of this year...

TL is doing the work of a Patriot.

Sandman delivered a simple statement representing several militias.

Denninger is recommending a variation of the sticker campaign.

Craig made his position clear about 2 weeks ago with a simple, poignant video.

Many bloggers are firming rhetoric.

Gun and ammo sales are at historic levels. 

Many Patriots are locking and loading and putting affairs in order.

The most aggressive Enemies of Liberty are making moves, right now.  Public, noisy moves.

Is AWB rhetoric a Sparklie, merely to settle for the Mental Health solution offered up by NRA?  Are the Marxists merely probing?  Have they reached a point where they believe they genuinely have everything they need to strike the opening salvo against the final remnants of Liberty?  Are they simply blustering in an effort to provoke a Fort Sumter, a casus belli with which they can march forward against the right wing nuts with public approval?

Cut through all of the what-ifs and maybes and other unknowns, and what remains?

What remains is the same reality many of us have been repeating ad nauseum for years: Marxists among us mean to have you bend knee or dead.

I have an email box filled with people asking me what I think, what I suggest, what I counsel.

My counsel remains what it has been since my very first column:

Memento mori

Remember you must die...

...die well.

And for the record: I remain convinced that this latest bout of Gun Control hysteria is exactly that, and will go nowhere through Congress.  Mental Health is possible, but AWB or Hi Cap will not pass legislatively.  Extra-Constitutionally (Exec Order)?  Maybe, but that means war.  There will be no middle ground this time.



  1. Even Mark Levin is issuing warning`s these day`s ,probably without even realizing it. " Listen to Obama`s voice , how cocky and arrogant he`s become in the last few week`s." The gang of 535 will go through the motion`s , and say what Hollyweird demand`s from them, but in the end they will prove as inept as ever. But the head of the snake, Cesar Obama , that`s another story.

  2. I don't think this is just a sparkle as Feinswine has been drawing this up for a year.


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