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Friday, December 21, 2012

When did Americans begin asking permission of Marxists for our Natural Rights?

What happened at Sandy Hook would never have happened in America but for the generations of work performed by Bad People.  Adam Lanza had a broken brain.  He murdered his mother and others.  At the first sign of LEO, he ate a bullet, thankfully sparing other children who surely would have been added to the list of dead.

But for generations Bad People have been working tirelessly and investing fortunes in their goals of disarming Americans, making us defenseless.  People who infringe the Second Amendment are more responsible for those dead children than even Adam Lanza, for the Gun Control groups and individuals who forced adult teachers and staff to remain unarmed in the face of a man with a broken brain and a rifle. 

The answer to many is "Take away the guns!"

And I ask you, what will be the cry when it is not a single 20-year-old with a broken brain who enters that school, but 6 or 8 armed men seeking Allah's embrace, entering the school by twos at several locations (first capping the NRA "Guard") before advancing on the classrooms in a trained, methodical sweep?

Andrew Cuomo, sitting Governor of New York, has spoken words that risk war in America.  Cuomo said in the NYTimes: “Confiscation could be an option. Mandatory sale to the state could be an option..."  It's linked, read it for yourself.

Governor Cuomo and every Marxist in our midst like him, from the watered-down Liberal to the self-identified American Communist, who all agree that the State is entitled to the fruits of your labor at the muzzle of a weapon, are responsible for the deaths in Sandy Hook, and for the death of every victim of crime who has ever abided the law and allowed himself to be disarmed.

Americans are patient and tolerant people.  Sometimes, too patient for our own good, as we permit diseased Souls to spread cancer within our society.  But real Americans are growing very near the point we refuse to tolerate and obey the Marxists among us. 

Yes, you are a Marxist if you believe the State has a Right to the fruits of another person's labor, enforced by the muzzle of a weapon, for any reason.  It does not matter if you call yourself a Democrat, or a Liberal, a Socialist, a Republican or Conservative.  If you believe the State may violate the Natural Rights of any individual, you are an Enemy of Liberty.

I am not going to argue why Americans are by Right of birth entitled to any firearm they wish to own.  You either understand it, or you never will.  Perhaps "never" is too strong a word.  Perhaps you will understand when the next Mao or Stalin is not Chinese or Russian, but an American.

Sandy Hook would never happen at the Citadel community.  (There is a new post over at their blog)

For every Enemy of Liberty I will simply leave you with the words of William Lloyd Garrison.

He spoke specifically of the sin of Slavery.  I use his words to the broader collection of all Natural Rights of Man:

With reasonable men I will reason; with humane men I will plea; but to tyrants I will give no quarter, nor waste arguments where they will certainly be lost.



  1. I suggest that march take place when they convene to vote on this legislation in NY I will be standing in front of the capital with an empty holster and some sort of sign. I know that Im geographically cut off from most of you but I will rally everyone I can get in my AO and do something. If you're in NY or close enough and want in lets talk. jdv.315@gmail.com

  2. Andy Cuomo can kiss my ass.

  3. They are taught this shit by the grubby silver pony tail`s of leftist academia. Ha ! . They believe it !.Mark Levin summed it up perfectly , " The utopian mastermind and his army of drone`s building a rainbow to paradise ".


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