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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yes, Toto, we really can see "Nutville" from here...

In military slang a "Jesus Nut" is essentially the top nut on a helicopter that holds ALL of the pieces together. Lose that nut and your time on Earth is over in a very spectacular fashion.

I've linked to Reg T for years, for good reason.  He is consistent, smart, a Patriot, and has as much tolerance for bullshit as do I.  Bill Nye linked to Reg, about Arctic Parrot.

I've been deliberately quiet about AP for about a year since I dismissed him from my circle of allies.

I'll continue that practice of being relatively quiet today, not because of any sense of "Community Spirit", but because I genuinely believe Justin is a damaged Soul whose Jesus Nut (You'll just have to pardon the pun, I couldn't resist) is coming loose.  I think we are watching a genuine psychotic break in realtime, and it is sad.  You see, I have first-hand experience at just how deeply Justin truly holds his "principles and convictions",  in his heart, and folks that is one mighty shallow pool.

Justin: Keep my name out of your mouth regarding this post.  Not one fucking word.  You've been warned.

For those of you who still cling to the childish fantasy that "...we are all on the same side..." just because people self-identify as "Patriot", you'd better wake the fuck up.  Mother Nature has already programmed that you will die - and She really doesn't give a damn how much you suffer on the journey. 

Be careful next to whom you choose to stand.

Anyway, here is the link to Bill's place, follow it to Reg T's. Both of those guys should be daily stops for you, anyway.



  1. You and your buddies certainly are working your way to a libel suit. Dumbass.

    1. You can see how much I am worried about that, yes?

      Have the courage to use your name.

  2. You've been warned?!! And what, pray tell, does the sociopathic neo-nazi "born again christian" (little "C" on purpose) think he is going to do? I would laugh if it wasn't so damn sad...

  3. Gentlemen,

    I think that if you disagree with my friend AP you should either engage and vanquish him in debate or just leave him alone. Ad hominem attacks only show that you are out of ideas and at a loss to rebut him.

    AP has come to the conclusion, as nearly as I can tell from his writings, that the main cause of the political and social problems that plague us now is the abandonment of God and the notion of the spiritual in the body politic. I find it hard to disagree with this.

    Calling AP a "Nazi" and "anti-Semite" is a tactic that is typical of Communists. It should not be used by those who style themselves as "Patriots".

    1. There is no debate. To ask me to stop ad hominem regarding Justin is to beg the physician to heal thyself. There is not a single ad hominem in my entire post regarding Justin. There is fact. There is opinion. But no ad hominem.

      You believe what you wish, but the man is a hypocrite and has taken too many cheap shots at me to count.

      And I haven't seen AP drop by Bill's place to "debate" as you recommend. I don't think he's banned at Bill's site - maybe, tho.

      He is banned from mine, for lies, hypocrisy, cheap shots and general snivelry.



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