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Saturday, January 5, 2013

100% Right! ...well, almost...

Here's the quote: That the AR-15 is the single most protected firearm under the clear intention of the Founding Fathers for citizens to be armed with weapons of military utility is not up for debate or discussion. By function and role, it is the firearm of the American Patriot and militiaman.

Any attempt to strip the American citizen of the AR-15 or similar firearms is an attack on the very fabric of our Republic, an affront to the clear intent of the Founders, an assault on the plain meaning of the Constitution, and an attempted rape of Liberty.
My point is a nit, but I hold a nit worth picking.
The AR-15 is not what the writer claims.  The AR is simply what you have left after the firearms he really means to list are no longer on the market.  The AR is a spiffy slingshot in the world of real fighting weapons, weapons designed for going into harm's way to kill other men.
Let's start with the Browning BAR.  The Thompson.  Move a bit forward to the M-14.  Scooch a bit backward and find the Maxim or even the Gatling.
The 'real' fight for relevant 2A was 1934 and America bent knee.
We are getting all worked up (well, some folks are) about an inexpensive, Tonka version of a real militia weapon (M-4).
Please, Patriots, fight the right fight.  When you put all of your energy into saving your AR-15 (A faster-firing Kentucky Long Rifle - a beautiful weapon, mind you) you continue to surrender the premise.  Yeah, I went there again - the dreaded premise.
A few of you are puffy-faced right now, spooling up to rip me a new one for bashing Stoner's work, and you have missed the point.  80 years after the real coup (NFA), the Enemies of Liberty still have you fussing about 100 year old technology, when you should be manning your Ma Deuce poking through the moonroof of your Subaru.
Please fight the right fight.
I'm tired.  Those of you who get it, please remind the Patriot standing next to you.
It ain't about this rock-chucker or that rock-chucker - it's about rock-chuckers.
Do you understand?


  1. You are correct K. There are no exceptions in the 2A...

  2. Absolutely correct. We should be fighting to repeal NFA of 1934 and the GCA of 1968 as they are completely unconstitutional according to the Second Amendment.

  3. There is no debatIng this gun or that gun. They are firearms and as such 2A (should) cover every damn one of them. Anybody in this community who wants to debate this rifle or that one is no better than our enemies as they have already demonstrated that they will sell us out.

  4. You have been on a roll lately. Keep it up. The message needs to be put out there and cannot be repeated too often.

  5. Spot on. It is about the ability to resist. What you resist with is your choice. In the fight for liberty it is BYOG.

  6. Still tho.....a entire country armed with Garands! What a picture ...

  7. And regardless of the rock-chucker of choice, I like my high-cap mags to feed it!



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