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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

America is gearing up...like Americans.

Every month gun sales are setting new records.  And we are not talking about minor increases over the previous month.  November 2012 saw 2 millions NICS checks.  December rose to 2.8 million - a statistical earthquake.

For 2012 the FBI ran 19.6 million checks, a records that crushed 2011 by 19%.  And you will remember that 2011 was not a slow year for moving firearms.

I wrote several weeks ago that Americans were preparing for war.  You will not be able to convince me I am wrong.  Circumstances may change and war may be averted, but DHS is not the only group of Americans that can buy bulk ammo.

Here is a simple truth many of you may not have considered: If events get sporty all commercial sources of resupply will be closed to you.  .Gov or Warlords will move immediately to control or destroy arms plants.  Ruger, Colt, Beretta, et cetera will get locked down.  You will remember that Beretta was building for the Germans for a while in WWII.  That's simply how it works.

I'll leave it to you to noodle through your work-arounds.

There are always work-arounds.

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  1. Great post title...very optimistic. It's an interesting point too. Most people, let alone sheeple, wouldn't spend a lot of money on something they believed would make them a criminal in short order.

    Hence, they must have some other reason.

  2. Had a short conversation with a customer at Big 5 yesterday, he agreed that all these people buying up guns and ammo were not doing it just to hand them back over to the Govt. should a ban be instated.

    If they are looking for a war, they'll be getting one.


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