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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Attention Haters: You lost.

If one can be judged by the people who line up against him...

SPLC doesn't like me.  Stormfront doesn't like me.  Vanderboegh.  HuffPo.  Sovereigns.  The list is long and diverse.  But from racists to Communists (who claim to be Patriots) to Marxist media to Liberal simpletons, I am despised by most of the despicable elements in our society.

I'm cool with that.

Here's an interesting perspective: I am entreprenurial and I have owned or partnered in several small businesses.  Some did better than others.  Some still generate revenue and help pay the bills, such as the publishing company.  Some never took off, and some are options for my future.  Interesting, is it not, that the people out there claiming "scam" or other unfounded garbage have never had a business dealing with me?  There are, at most, five disappointed customers and one former employee complaints online, from my entire business lifespan.  That's not a bad business record, in my consideration.

But as we have all seen, facts do not matter to one's enemies.

Not even the Feds ever accused me of a "scam".  Regarding the Citadel project, we all know that LEO is looking on.  They know where every dollar regarding the projects is located (various business accounts).  They know that not a dime has been mis-spent and is accountable.  They know proper business paperwork and filings have been done.  They know every detail and nuance about the business side of the project.  And they have *not* even telephoned or knocked on the door asking questions - because they know that the project is exactly as has been discussed, publicly, and presented, publicly, for more than 6 months.

And if LEO ever does ask for clarification of this or that, the answers are easily pulled from records.

So, if I stand opposed to and despised by racists, Marxists and filth like MBV - good.

When I look to my right and my left I find people standing with me who I am proud have chosen to stand with me based on our interactions.  There are hundreds in this community alone. 

Here's another interesting tidbit: We all knew from the beginning that because the Citadel concept was born on this blog that one day my name would be used to malign the project and everyone involved, because the ideals embodied in the Citadel offend Enemies of Liberty.  They do not like the idea of patriotic Americans who dare exercise their rights and choose to live among one another and respect the Founding Ideals of the republic.  And not one single Patriot has abandoned the project as a result of the attacks of small minds.  Not one.  Not one single person has asked for a refund.  Not one.  (and if they did ask, a refund check would be cut, of course.) And more people join the project every day.

So, if I am judged by my enemies I am equally judged by the people who choose to be allies - and I am proud to stand with a group of patriotic Americans of various races, ethnicities, religions and world views.

The Citadel project is now alive, not only as a venture, but as an ideal in the hearts and minds of Liberty-loving Americans from coast to coast.  The project has weathered first contact with ideological enemies and emerged even stronger than before, now tempered to an even stronger hardness by the fires of enemies.

Spring arrives in just about 2 months, and site development will proceed on schedule.

Enemies of Liberty: You lost.  You can't destroy the Citadel project, because it is not about Kerodin.  Thank you for helping make the project stronger.  Thank you for helping more Patriots find the project.



  1. The really funny thing is that the ones that are the most vocal in their criticism are the least intelligent ones, at least on my blog - Razor, Tino, IIIAmerican among others.

  2. Excellent commentary and recap, Sam. It's nice to see the Haters couldn't even dent the paint on the project and only made it stronger.


  3. I can honestly say that all the free advertisement has done wonders for the III Arms side of things. I will have to thank all that have pushed the hate button, because it pushed sales from 'meh', past 'daaaaaaamn' and into 'oh, shit' territory. I've got enough orders that the 'real' job can be left behind, and concentrate full time on firearms.

    My thanks to those who spoke up, one way or another, and pushed both projects forward. Even those who will hang by the rope were pulling on it this time....and I couldn't ask for much more.

  4. If you need me, you call me.

    I'll be there.

  5. bitter clinging texanJanuary 19, 2013 at 4:28 PM

    One criticism that IMO should be addressed by investors and supporters of the citidal is the concern that a large concentration of like minded folks creates an easy target for al-fed'da. how legit in yalls opinion is this concern and how do yall propose to deal with it

    1. bct,

      I'm not in leadership but here's my understanding. The Citadel isn't intended to take on the government and it isn't anti-government, but if it comes to that would you rather be alone or with a few thousand armed and like-minded friends?


  6. After reading this I am reminded of an old gamer term, that my teenage son uses occasionally.

    I think the term is..."LOL,WTF...PWND"

    He seems to use it most when he decimates multiple opponents in various combat games. I think it is apt for this situation.

    Drive on Sam

  7. Let me state up front that I support The Citadel project fully and without reservation, even though I am not an active participant - I had made my commitments here in NC before the inception of The Citadel, and am obliged to keep them; otherwise I would be very seriously considering a strategic relo with this group of fine patriots.

    I find it ironic that the more deceitful, corrupt, and/or deluded a person is, the more freely they acuse others of having those very same defects. It is also to be noted that those crying foul rarely, if ever, have set foot upon the field of *real endeavors* in any meaningful way - theirs is but vague and empty ranting aginst a world into which they have commited neither faith nor great effort.

    Those of us who are rationaly and actively engaged in life; who live upon the field of real endeavors; who have tasted some measure of success, tempered with the pain of failure and/or misjudgement; are profoundly reticent to speak ill of another who is *actually working to achieve something they believe in*.

    Perhaps this is because, when you have actually committed a portion of your life and effort to accomplishing something, wether you have succeeded or not, you understand how much effort is required just to overcome the toxic inertia of our Prohibitum Malum society, and therefore are morally bound to respect the efforts of others, even if when you do not see eye to eye regarding a particular project.

    Ignorance never looks further than it must to survive; whilst wisdom ever surveys the horizon of possibilities.



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