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Thursday, January 24, 2013

AWB SitRep & Housekeeping

DiFi's AWB is one of the biggest Sparklies in Washington right now.  It is DoA in every facet, unless Boehner decides to simply give them a gift, say hi caps or whatever.  (I think if he tries his caucus will hogtie him)  I've never been able to fathom how the Rs constantly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory time and again...unless I consider that they are all on the same team.  As we predicted the real threat immediately is the list of Prohibited Persons and how rapidly it will grow, now that Doctors are being given power over 2A. 

Were the Marxists ever serious about confiscation?  I think so, in some of their sillier moments.  Reliable sources relayed that they were approached (LEO) and their temperature taken about kicking in doors.  But reality smacked them in the face and made them back up, at least for now.  We'll see what tomorrow holds.  But do not think they are done.

I still predict the End Game will be joined prior to November 2016.  If the Marxists miss that window of opportunity, they'll never have a better chance.  I think they know it.  Watch for continued gutting of the economy, debasing the value of currency and infringements of 4A to levels that will confound the rational mind.

If you walk away thinking the Left was just beaten and you lower your guard, you really don't comprehend the battlespace.  Do not go back to Singing with the Stars.  The next 48 months will determine just how bloody the American genocide will be, and who ends up in the ditches.

I believe the beginning of the Ruckus is now in our rearview.

IIIGear and related Liberty Movement activities: As you know we got bombed over the holiday season with IIIGear orders.  KA-BAR and Cold Steel discontinued several of their blades that we had orders on the books for customers.  Our OD shirts and hoodies got delayed, but the Liberty Congress shirts made it through.  Several items were backordered.  But most of those issues are finally working out and we are shipping daily.  For some reason a UPS Ground order took 5 days from my place in DC to Pennsylvania, and we've hit similar delays with USPS. 

Here's the upside - we are moving IIIGear, the 527 and several of our other III endeavors to Idaho.  Everything will be under one roof as soon as we can make it happen.  H and I have decided to expand a few of the IIIGear lines, and to invest in more inventory.  As you all know I have gone back and forth with this for nearly a year.  Sometimes it felt like it simply wasn't worth it.  But as I look back at how many people are sporting III Branded gear and how many of us are proudly identifying with the Brand, I think the benefit to morale and cohesion is worth the work.

We are exploring a small line of canvas gear.  Personally, I prefer canvas gear bags and packs to nylon.  So we are working to have a small line made here in America.  We'll keep you in the loop as it evolves.  I mentioned the silver earlier - I like that idea. 

We've been working behind the scenes and putting together the Media Kit for recent III projects.  This will kick into a more public phase soon, and we'll be inviting you to weigh-in to help us select a Model for our cover.  That'll be fun.

There is a LOT going on in the III world right now.  Some if obvious in the media and on our sites.  Much is behind the scenes as our projects advance.  We will continue working to build morale and cohesion right up until the lights go out, then we'll meet you on the Green.

Stay safe.  Keep swinging, prepping, building.  Do not ever let the bastards get you down and knock you out of the fight.  If you need to choke someone out, do it and then get back to work.

We've got this.



  1. It's very telling that all mainstream
    cable media(including the revered Fox news)conveniently cut away from Feinste in's PC
    (and never returned)when she began speaking and revealing what her bill seeks to ban.
    Moreover, none of the quisling whores of state propaganda (all MSM, including Fox) have broadcast any updates about the PC.
    Without question, it's like this morning's PC has been wiped from existence.
    No surprise there.
    Wait, wait, I stand corrected, Fox is returning from a commercial break with "BREAKING NEWS!"
    Shit, never mind, it's about the Katie Couric interview with Manti Te'o.

  2. But there sparklies dude! SPARKLIES!!

  3. Yes, I know.
    I agree.
    I understand.
    My intent was to inform with sarcasm.
    As you know, not everyone who claims
    to be a knowledgeable patriot is.

  4. Sam, if you or the III need help with any endeavors I am ready to step in. I'm fully retired now (at the ripe age of 52), and have nothing filling my days other than working out and hitting the shooting ranges. Being a bit more involved would be welcome. We've traded emails (with you and H, both), so you have my address (ask H about SHOT Show, me, and millerized to refresh memories). I'm also going to be one of the first to (temp) move up the Idaho when we go hot this spring/summer. Will bring along my camper and set up shop either on site or in a campground nearby. Happy to be Jim's clean-up pogue, cut wood, clear brush, run errands, whatever. Let me know.


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