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Current ThreatCon for CONUS

Current ThreatCon for CONUS
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

BonnieGadsden: WWJPD

Here's the link.

Answer the question for yourself, folks.

Then ask yourself this question: At what point do you stop waiting at home for the visit?


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  1. Extremely telling and revealing, watching
    (C-SPAN) the assortment of gilded lords and ladies of privilege, that are allowed to sit up close and personal for Barry's cermonial, public love fest: 10:02 am, lingering close up of very early arrivals, the overrated guitar hack, John Mayer mugging for the iphone camera of his talentless jugg-fest, Katy Perry.
    10:23 am, Richard Trumka, the incorruptible president of the united mine workers of America, 1982-1995 and president of the afl-cio, elected in 2009(no union corruption there), quickly cuts in to the row where he is seated.
    10:29 am, the arrival of Al Sharpton.
    I got it before, but I really get it now.
    Sitting here on my couch of serfdom, watching this shameless spectacle of privilege, organized by those who represent nothing but lies, greed and petty power. A blatant fuck you to those of us who are productive, who actually sacrifice, who bear the burdens, who shed the blood, sweat and tears.
    We, the serfs, who have been sent, or watch the next generation of our beloved family and friends sent to suffer and die in defense of lies, dressed in the sheep's/emperor's clothing of defense of our Republic and Constitution.


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