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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Charles Hurt

Denial of acquisition is the pre-emptive confiscation

What does the Department of “Homeland Security” suddenly need 1.4 billion more rounds of ammunition at the very point the same government is making it harder for citizens to arm themselves?

There are only 300 million of us. How many bullets do you need? That’s more than four bullets for every American man, woman and child. Is your aim really that bad? I mean, have you seen us lately? We are too fat to run very far.

You can say these concerns are some sort of Alex Jones, wack-nut, black helicopter paranoia or you can simply ask, “Why does the government need a billion more rounds of ammo just as it is trying to disarm citizens?”

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  1. don't forget about the orders of riot gear, the armored vehicles, the drones over American skies, and roadside checkpoints and strip searches. Oh yeh, and don't forget the fact that the gov. can lock you up indefinitely without charge. The pieces coming together for this puzzle don't paint a nice picture. It's a shame people don't remember the past and live with the notion that because this is the United States of America it could never happen here.


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