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Friday, January 18, 2013

Citadel: Continuity of Liberty

Our Governments, from Federal down to local levels, have Continuity of Governance protocols in place for nearly any circumstance.  From nuclear war to land invasion by Canada to solar flares that drop the grid, to economic collapse and probably even First Contact with ET, FedGov has plans in place to ensure it survives.  From tunnels out of DC to bunkers to underground mountain cities, Government has built the infrastructure to survive an event and come out the other side with men, food, shelter, water and weapons.

Why shouldn't Citizens do the same?

Most people who read this blog have already decided that they should do the same, and they have taken steps to ensure they survive and even prevail in the face of catastrophic events.

What about Liberty?  Liberty is the bedrock premise of life for Americans under Natural Law.  Should not Americans take steps as individuals to prepare for life-altering events, be they natural or man-made, to secure their Liberties?  Is not that exactly why our Founders and Framers established our current form of Government, to help us protect those cherished essentials of America - Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness?

Of course.  And such preparations need not be limited to owning a shotgun and having a few racks of food in the basement.  History has shown time and again that threats to Natural Law can come from even your neighbors, and such threats can last for years of strife and danger.

Enemies foreign and domestic.  There are enemies among us working tirelessly to murder your Liberty.

It is sad to many of us that we must even consider the concept of moving behind walls again for safety in America.  And in the last week we learned that we are not alone - a very significant portion of our Countrymen find the idea appealing.

It is what it is.

Consider the Citadel our effort to ensure the Continuity of Liberty.


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