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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Citadel in the news

Folks, most media have an agenda.  We all know it.

Drudge linked the Citadel (based on the CNS story) before they knew Kerodin was involved.  They wrote the story and linked it because the Citadel concept is striking a deep nerve across America with our Countrymen.  People are angry, concerned, and becoming motivated to take action.

The disease of scandal that so many Enemies of Liberty tried to infect the Citadel with has failed miserably.  Sorry, Mikey.  Sorry Leftists.  Your smear campaign was a massive FAIL.  The Citadel and related endeavors are growing every single day.

That said, I want to point every one of the readers of this blog to a piece that came out today at TPM written by Eric Lach.

I can tell you his piece is the most objective, honest and factual piece I have yet read.

I have to tell you that Mr. Lach gives me hope that there are honest people remaining in Media, along with Drudge and a few others.

Here's the link.


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