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Thursday, January 3, 2013

FBI: More People Killed with Hammers, Clubs Each Year Than Rifles

This is a smart bit of numbers parsing that I found at Fox.

Hammers and blunt instruments are used to murder more people in America each year than all rifles (including hunting) combined.  This is a factoid that actually has value as you speak to the less-informed on the topic of gun bans.  You and I already know it isn't about reducing murders - it is about reducing the ability to defend oneself against .Gov - but you'll never sell that truth to the less-informed.

Sell 'em the hammers.  Mock those who would be Masters.  Start a petition demanding DiFi include hammers in her legislation.

And I ask you once more: If it started tomorrow, do you have your first 72 hours set?

Do you even know what constitutes "...started tomorrow..."?

Will it be the passing of such a law in Illinois?  Do we all meet there to rescue the residents of Illinois?  Or are the folks in Illinois on their own?  Are we all for one, or is it bad strategy for every Patriot in America getting in a car and mustering in Illinois and reminding the Masters of the State that we will look out for our Countrymen?

Think about it.  Here's the link.



  1. I honestly am not sure whether it would be bad strategy or not. I do think that simply not complying will be the best way forward in the immediate short term. Illinois is perhaps the most gun stupid place on the planet with DC coming in neck and neck. Would 100 armed men showing up do anything? would 1000? Not sure as my experience in insurrections is a bit lacking. I will say here and now that if everyone is in agreement to muster there, I will drive to DC and ride with you Sam.

    What constitutes "it"? Economic collapse beginning, POSPOTUS EO to disarm us. First 72 would be a very tense time of getting in place and attempting to get info and make contact. If the web goes down, my tribe would be almost cut off from any news.

    At that point this movement would be small individual groups with a common goal but no chain of command. I honestly think that form is our best chance until the lines are clearly drawn. No leader means no head to cut off.

    I have purposed in my heart to see this through. I will not bend knee to this regime. Perhaps I will be sprinkled on the tree of liberty myself, I am OK with that. I am not without hope, but it is principle that spurs me on.

    True and resolved -55six

  2. http://denver.cbslocal.com/2013/01/03/diana-degette-introduces-gun-control-bill-that-would-ban-large-magazines/

    Congressman Dist. 1 Colorado Diana Degette has officially begun the assault (above).

    It is fundamentally illegal for U.S. Supreme court to interpret the Bill of Rights. Yet it has supported the individual right to bear arms. In DC and Chicago the illegitimate laws banning hand guns have been overruled time and again.
    As much as I recognize the Progressive/Liberal influence of Chicago, I know the state of Illinois is also full of Red Blooded Americans like us. Hell, Lewis Machine and Tool (LMT) makes AR platform rifles there.

    I believe we must rally for them.

    Are we gonna do this or what?

  3. Uh oh. I work at a lumberyard.

    We have hammers for sale. Does that mean I should start asking for ID and intent, especially if they don't buy any nails?


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