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Saturday, January 19, 2013


IIIGear: Thanks to everyone who rec'd gear recently and gave us a heads-up.  More orders are shipping today and Monday.  We are working through the snafus thrown our way over the holidays, especially by KA-BAR and Cold Steel.  As some of you know, KA-BAR discontinued the 1265 without letting dealers know, and they shipped 1245s (8" black tanto) as a replacement.  They've all been engraved by the great folks at CADD and are on our shelves.  I learned yesterday that one or two of you who ordered the 1265 had not been contacted and given the new options - so if you have ordered a 1265 and haven't squared away with us yet, let me know.  Cold Steel did the same thing with their Japanese Tantos.  They discontinued them (with orders on the books) - but surprisingly they are back in stock on most models - so if you placed a Cold Steel tanto order that hasn't been delivered yet, give me a heads up.  A few orders remain in the back-order pile, they'll ship as soon as we have everything in stock.

We will be placing a new Condor order tomorrow night (Sunday at 10pm EST) - so if you want any Condor Gear hit IIIGear.com and place your order today or tomorrow.

Any order/shipping/"Where's my order, dammit!" questions, send them directly to me: Kerodin@Kerodin.com so I can personally put my eyes on the issue.  In some cases we shipped UPS and will have a tracking number for you. (Most orders go USPS - no tracking)

Patches: Many shipped, more shipping.  We are also placing a fresh order for more patches this weekend.  Shirts/hoodies: This will make me open a vein before it's over.  Liberty Congress shirts have shipped to you, more are shipping.  OD shirts and hoodies "in progress" at the shirt printer. 

IIIGear leads us to III Congress: There was a spike of activity for the Congress when we evolved the idea.  What makes a "Congress" is active participation by members and delegates.  A very small number of people remain actively engaged - so if you are serious about the Congress please head over there, pick up a task, submit a working document for consideration, or otherwise make yourself known.  Several of us intend to meet in April.  But if you think efforts are better spent elsewhere, please head over there and say so.  None of us want to spin our wheels on unproductive pursuits.  Weigh in at IIICongress, here.

Road Trip: I think a road trip may be in order to meet a few folks...

More later.


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  1. The IIICongress is a great idea and much needed. I went to the 2nd Amendment rally at my capitol today wearing my III hat and shirt along with 5 from my AO. In the process we met and talked with those in the crowd and handed out III business cards to direct them our way. It looked to be a crowd of about 400.

    Mike M.


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