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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I know you can feel it...

...there is a hardening among Patriots.


A resignation.

I mentioned many weeks ago that guns and ammo were selling because Americans were preparing for war.

As I reflect on that analysis and consider the general calm among the men and women I consider allies, the Warrior in me can only nod in respect.

I do not see panic.  I do not see outrage.  I do not see unhinged emotions.

I see acceptance.

I see an American trait that I had feared was all but dead.

I see Patriots who have simply decided it is what it is, and if they mean to have war...come get some.

Whatever comes in the coming hours, days, or months, I am proud to have known you.



  1. No less the honor we have had knowing you. However this washes out, we'll see you on the other side, be it heaven or hell. So...."Once more unto the beach."

  2. Proud to have known you too. If I don't get a chance for a formal goodbye, I'm sure y'all will understand.

    Bring it on, you sons of bitches.

  3. I feel it too. Not afraid or particularly angry. Just ready. I hope we all meet at some point before, but if not we will have a toast after. Godspeed brothers. -55six

  4. Kerodin, it's my Honor, as the Patriots above have said. I hope that others will agree that you've been a great influence with your writings and insistence on the foundations of Liberty and Freedom. If I don't get to the Green put a notch in the coup stick for me.


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