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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

III: Time to focus

You feel the tempo quickening.  You know the destination.  The only remaining variables are what details lie between here and there, now and then.  And there will be many details, the situation on the ground will remain fluid and dynamic, especially in different parts of the country.

The timeline is impossible to flesh out accurately, and will remain so.

Any extraneous activities in which you have been indulging need to stop.

Every move you make, every action you take, must now advance your position.  Think carefully about that, Patriots.  If the news cycles over the holidays have revealed anything to you, it must be that the Enemies of Liberty are not playing a game.  They will have you bend knee, or dead.

In a fight with a younger, stronger, faster and better trained enemy (or multiple enemies) there are many mistakes you will only get to make once.  The first rule is do not waste your energy with unnecessary motion.  Please pay attention to that rule, folks.  Apply it to every aspect of life.

Here are a few tidbits that have fleshed out over the holidays: Any AWB or even Hi Cap ban will take many months at a bare minimum to become law (I remain convinced it will not become law without war - and this is not how they want the war to begin).  Even the President is leaving the timeline open-ended, and "hoping" to "get it done this year", leaving it open for 2014.  What does that mean?  It means manufacturers will add capacity and they will add staff and they will crank product as fast as they are able.  It means prices will rise, but product will be available.  And if you have been wondering about III Arms, nothing has changed.  If Obama has not imposed an EO yet, he won't - at least for many, many months and only then if he is getting shut down in Congress.  First come, first built at III Arms - have you secured your place in line?  Better move, one other tidbit is pure Free Enterprise: Prices WILL rise.

This all translates to a timeline that continues to give Patriots a bit of time to lay in more preps and even relocate if that is in your plans.  The Citadel is charging forward with determination, and it will be prepared to offer safe haven before the storm, even if that safe haven is modified.  So for you folks who have been waiting for the holidays to pass before taking the next step regarding the Citadel, I will offer this single warning: Go there now and reserve your space.  Many of you reserved prior to the Application process - now is time to formerly apply.  If you have not reserved your place in line - you may be out of luck when crunch-time hits.  Here's the link.

And now a simple question, that I do not want you to answer anywhere except in your own head:

If it started tomorrow, have you a hard plan for the first 72 hours?  Do you know where you will go, what you will take, what you will challenge?

If you don't know that answer, get on it.

Welcome to 2013.



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    MT Patriot

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