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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Killin' Commies: 2013

As it is the first of the year I think it is fair to begin with a brief explanation of why I will act this year as I intend.  Many of you who have followed me for a while already know the answer.  Others will never bother to take the time to go back and read the essays I have written over the years to support my actions.  So, I will offer this brief summary.

Golitsyn was correct.  Marxism has infiltrated America, currently has hold of the remainder of the planet, and is preparing for the final event, that final challenge when the Enemies of Liberty drop all facades and seek to murder the final remnants of Liberty and gather America into the arms of Marxism fully.

Some fools have accused me of seeking to build a mountain of skulls.  To them I say simply: Go die.  Every mountain of skulls in the past few hundred years has been the result of tyrants in charges of tyrannical governments attacking their own citizens and through foreign wars.  No man seeking Jefferson's Rightful Liberty has ever built a mountain of skulls, and it will remain that way.  I will not further attempt to dispute this obvious truth with fools.

Most Marxists in America do not even know enough to label themselves as such.  They prefer words like Liberal, or Democrat, or Compassionate Conservative or Establishment Republican.  But the commonality amongst them all is simple and obvious: They each believe it is the moral Right of the majority to take from one citizen the fruits of his labor and deliver that fruit to another Citizen, through the force of Government and at the muzzle of Government weapons.

I was raised in a family that abhorred Marxism, and considered the defeat of Marxism, by any means necessary, to be the responsibility of the adult generation of every American family, a debt owed to the younger generations of Americans.

Stopping Marxists is Patriotic.

Killing Marxists is merely a means to the end of Marxism.

The Cold War never ended, Patriots.  The Marxists are here, they call themselves American Patriots with "...legitimate differences of political opinion..."

They are a cancer upon humanity.

Marxism is a cancer that we, the patient, can battle ourselves.

If we fall to this cancer, it is because we allowed it to happen.

I am an American.

Rightful Liberty can not coexist with Marxism.

I am done explaining myself.



  1. india alpha mike whiskey india tango yankee yankee oscar uniform.

    Bring it!


  2. Guns are for hunting tyrants and commies and bears, oh my.


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