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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Open Letter to NRA Members

Are you a member of the NRA? 

Do you believe in reasonable restrictions on 2A matters?  Have you dutifully sent your membership dues each year, called or written your political representatives when NRA issued a call to action? 

Consider this quote from Charles Schumer, United States Senator: ...the senator responded: “Well they [NRA - Ed] sure are a fringe group, but whether enough of my colleagues are ready to admit that, I’m not sure.”  He continued: “They are a very extreme group. They don’t even represent average gun holders.”

A sitting United States Senator has now labeled you as fringe and extreme.

How does that feel?  Does your mind and integrity rail at being lumped in with those other fringe and extreme Americans who choose to own and shoot ARs, and Americans who take the position that the Second Amendment should be interpreted literally?

Do you understand that the attacks from the Left in America will not ever stop at "Assault Rifles" or high cap mags?  The NRA is the largest 2A group in America.  They have been devoted to protecting your right to deer rifles and shotguns, unfailingly.  And when they give ground to the anti 2A elements in society on issues like ARs, it is never enough.

Folks like me think NRA gives way too much away.  We draw a harder line.  But look at what NRA efforts have gotten you. 

Look at New York today.  A Ruger .22 single action revolver is now an "Assault Weapon".

Your deer rifle and goose guns are on the list.  Schumer simply hasn't gotten to you yet.

People like me think it is time for NRA and all of its members to take a hard position and defend it.

This is the moment in your life to stand up.  Even if you don't want an AR, even if you think they are unnecessary, even if you do not own a magazine with a capacity of more than 5 rounds, you need to stand with your fellow shooters, your Countrymen, for 2A is not only about deer rifles, it isn't even about firearms exclusively.  It is about your fundamental Right to possess arms.

Stand and be counted. 

When Schumer and his ilk decide to come for your duck gun, the men they send will not be carrying single-shots.

Here's the link to Schumer and his comments.



  1. During the last "Assault Weapon" Ban, I actually heard a life member tell me "Well, it doesn't affect me"...... I have no reason to believe that his views and attitudes will change.

    1. I agree. Most people won't move until the pain of staying in place becomes unbearable. Most people will never see a threat on the horizon and begin to react - they'll wait until it is on top of them.

      The culling of the herd will include those people. Nature is harsh.


    2. IMHO,people will whine about it, but will do nothing until someone else starts it. Perhaps when they see a neighbor get raided they'll realize it's for real.
      I was in the NRA for awhile until they kept sending me every month to renew my membership and I was paid up for two years. What a waste of money in mail outs.
      I got tired of the way were going in gun rights it didn't fit with my beliefs.
      K, the sheep will follow nothing with out a shephard and we have no shephard.
      Papa Mike

  2. Nature can be harsh indeed. Yeah that old "Didn't matter cause it wasn't me...until it was then I was screwed" story is absolute truth. I am a voting Life Member of the NRA, sure. I also respond to GOA and JPFO movements as well. I am also a III%er, and my blood pressure is on the way back up. I have a number of other people who realize that things could get very ugly, and are preparing for same. I don't think there are going to be as many concessions this time, not by a long shot. Say around 800 yds.

  3. i used to send them my money but have stopped as they are too willing to concede for the sake of being allowed to continue... but once all is gone, what's left to "continue" with..?? they are not 2A rights advocates because they see "infringement" as acceptable...

  4. I was a member several years ago, but let it lapse after I realized the absurdity of paying someone to defend a natural right. That is also the reason I will not attend a protest and hold a sign. The powers that be do not give a rats ass about rallies. They will keep going until they get the results they want, whether it's capitulation or war.

  5. The main benefits I see to the rallies are you get to shake hands and talk face to face with those in your AO. Now that's a social network.

    Mike M.

  6. This, and many statements like this from Keene on down is why I stopped being a member years ago and refuse to join again. They are a bunch of pussies. - Bill in IL

    At the gun shows, we suggested to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms some years ago, if they want everybody that makes an exchange there checked, all they have to do is provide a booth and do it. They said, "No, we weren't interested in that; we weren't going to fund it."

    But as a general proposition, the NRA has been very supportive of doing background checks on purchasers through the instant system, and secondly, of adding the potentially violently mentally ill to the database, which most states and the federal government have up to now not done. The President now says he'll do that, and that's good.


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