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Monday, January 28, 2013

RevWarIII Poll

75% of you say that if it goes hot in New York over registration that you'll go hot in your Ao.

75% is a big number.

There are obviously many variables.  LEO in NY won't try confiscation at an armed rally at the State House.  They'll come at Zero Dark Thirty when the odds are 10:1 in their favor.  Then we'll see if New Yorkers decide to get off the couch once more and gear up to go hunting.

When 75% of you say it'll start in your AO when it starts in New York, do you mean you are going hunting?

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  1. 75% is a big percentage. It may not be a big number. Eg. 75 % of 4 is 3.

    1. Gads - back in 3rd grade in a second. ;)

  2. I always thought it would start in NY. New York is a big hunter state. Yep, it's gonna somewhere in the east coast.
    Papa Mike

  3. If NY is the only AO that is active then that will allow .Gov to focus their attention and pull resources from other areas. If we are able to apply heat in multiple areas it would cause them to have to spread thin. Better scenario for all of us. Not to mention it's just the right thing to do.

  4. While I can understand why people would start in their AO(families, property, business, etc.), I see a third option taken from the insurgencies in the Middle East/Afghanistan here.

    I live in a fairly free state relatively speaking - not a lot of infringement anyway - why not simply take the fight to NY? I have no family or significant other here and no reason that I need to be around other than my career. Why would I want to start something here when the state government hasn't done anything excessive to me? I realize this is a weak line of reason but it makes sense to me.

    Call it the "foreign fighter" option. The goal would be to put the most pressure where it will matter the most and make the Marxists think the most about plans for the future.

    If we're willing to show up at a rally for gun rights in another state, I don't see where we shouldn't be willing to move in if hostilities were to open somewhere else.

    Call me a coward maybe, I don't know. I just see it as the third option in a bad situation. No one should be hoping for this on their home soil anyway but God willing we'll be ready.

    1. A valid option for some Eric. When I left NY a few years ago for WY I did so, in part, because it would be a difficult place to fight an insurgency from (or just to survive when the shtf). Downstate the population would NOT be on your side; which is a must. Upstate would be better in regards to a sympathetic population and terrain. Regardless we can't stand toe-to-toe with the Feds. I think small unit, hit-and-run tactics are the order of the day. Spread them thin, probe their weak point, hurt them and melt away to do it again tomorrow. Massing in NY has logistical problems - safe houses, food, medical support. Aim small, miss small.

    2. Actually that's not necessarily weak. I could very well be logical. We don't need to alienate possible allies in local governments. We may actually need them.

      Let's face it, reality says we can't do this alone, we need a support system, a strong one.

      If we turn those that could support us against us then we make our job all the more difficult. No loose cannons needed.

      That's not saying that ALL locals are ok but we should be careful.

      It's evident in NY who the enemy is though, pretty much all the State government.

      Some dark cities in their near future would not surprise me in the least.

      Can you only imagine what would happen with a long term power outage in their big cities?

      Think the state government might get a bit overwhelmed and have other things to worry about than guns?

  5. I know this is off topic but that's a nice bear.

  6. Folks should already have local plans if it goes pear shaped. If not, you're way behind the OpFor since they've been planning for decades. Got your muzzle loaders squared away and sighted in? CARVER scores?

  7. Being in the neighboring "Keystone" state of PA I would say the fight would be surrounding. But for some reason the quote "Your best offense is your defense" comes to mind. This is also the reason why networking has become something our tribe is discussing as of late. We take for granted the fact we have smart phones and the "intardnet" as Zoomie would say so hearing about the small fires popping up may be null and void. Keep in mind what tent city from Sandy's(Fema's) victims taught us with cell phones and evidence being compromised. It's easy to say "I am coming off the porch"! But how much of a reality is it? Do you have the rig to sustain right now in a NY winter? What in your rig could you carry? Where would you stay? What will you do when your ammo, food and supplies run out? This is a reality you have to choose. This aint your Go Bag in the trunk of your car to get you home, this would be down right, unreal conditions war! If you have armor, when was the last time you trained in it? Well your opposition trains in it. They have a never ending taxpayer supply chain of food and ammo and they hold communications when ours are down.

    I do not bring these points up to wave a white flag, I am a realist and we have some work to do folks based on the facts above. These points plague my mind everyday. This is why I say and have stated we are running out of time. If we all are granted the time, we must make it a goal to meet. Be it III Congress or a PatCon we need to get face to face and have a contingency plan.

    In Liberty,

  8. I beam, my tribe is in the begining stages. We are right now focusing on every legal option to fight back, along with non compliance and some civil disobedience. But the main point of the group is to prepare for the inevitable. If theres any one thing about the safe act that could be positive, its that we have a year before we become outlaws. In the mean time we desperately need contacts in one of our neighboring states which is where you could come in if your tribe is interested. My ao is stamped on the barrel of every 870 and 700. Even if its just logistical support or a safe place to get to when things get hairy, if this idea apeals to you heres my email- jdv.315@gmail.com


  9. Buy what you can.

    If you can't buy privately, get someone else to do it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nthgmo_5t0c

    I'd also look into upgrading your truck...


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