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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rhetorical Question...

Should a person who proudly admits this: "...I was a communist and an avowed
enemy of the constitutional republic of the United States...”
  be approved by NICS to own a firearm?  Not that I believe in NICS and infringements, but hey - rules are rules and we are supposed to all play by the same rules, right?

What if the same person today claims to be a full-throated Patriot, but wrote back then: "Toward the end, I became a member of the PLP’s “secret party,”...

Taqiyya, anyone?

Either you get it, or you don't.  The truth is right there in black and white, from the horse's mouth.

Here's more truth offered by Bill



  1. So now you call for people's rights to be taken away?


    I don't agree that you should have lost your rights for your conviction but is it really demonstrating a "Patriot" spirit to wish and ask for someone to have their Creator given rights taken away?

    Sounds pretty hypocritical and petty to me.

    Who are we to judge what is in anyone's heart?

    If you say you had no ill intent in your past business dealings and were just railroaded by the government, what would you have us to believe.

    If he says he changed his ways and moved away from his past, who are we to question that?

    Actions from both of you speak louder than words. If you both have "clean" records since the incidents then you have paid your debt and it should be forgotten and forgiven.

    Someone take the high road here or I for one, will leave both sites, which I hate to be forced to do, given the otherwise excellent information provided.

    I will post the same to his site.

    So bottom line, is all this worth losing people that you could otherwise positively influence and reducing your influence to a small group at a time when we all need to pull together?

    1. LordChamp: First, did you read my words and still think I said anyone's rights should be taken away? Because I didn't write any such thing. I did say it is interesting that rules only seem to apply to some.

      As for someone taking the higher ground and leaving it alone - you must be relatively new to this part of the web. That has been done, by me, several times. Mike always comes back, as should be obvious by the list of bloggers who weighed in on a post below.

      And for the record: If you have been watching what Mike has done to the hundreds of Patriots involved in the Citadel project and you have no problem with him hurting them with his actions, and you remain with a foot in his camp - make it both feet and stay there.

      This isn't some Kerodin vs. MBV snit - this is Mike, once again, doing the work of the left and deliberately hurting innocent Patriots. From Barnhardt to TL to Lizard Farmer and beyond, Mike only promotes Mike.

      Lucky for us, he failed as miserably in this attempt as he has failed in life. If you think "We all need to pull together" and you think MBV and I share principles, or are working for the same goals, you're just not paying attention.


    2. By the way - why are you calling me a PoS at Mike's site and then coming here like an ally?


    3. Sam, I've noticed that with several "patriots". Supposedly having your back on one blog, then sticking a knife in it to the hilt on the next blog.

      We have the example of LordChamp here, Tino is another.

      In these trying times, loyalty and trust are indeed hard to come by.

    4. Redwulf - can't forget Razor, either. He tried playing that bullshit at my site until I publicly called him on it.
      Haven't heard a word from that piece of shit since.

  2. This article in the Idaho Statesman is not helpful at all:



    1. Bob - Ms. Dutton has her facts wrong, as do most of the hit pieces out there. But they never let facts interfere with their agenda.

      Get used to it, folks - the ideals embodied in the Citadel (Liberty, Patriotism, etc) will remain under attack by people who want you to bend knee. This stuff will never stop.

      Fact: America 527 served as a payment processor for the Citadel until the Citadel was able to establish it's own account with paperwork provided by Idaho. It has established it's own account and America 527 helped when needed - that is THE PURPOSE of the 527, issue advocacy and helping promote patriotic endeavors.

      Remember the way reporters of the Left work - they accuse you of X, and if you try to defend yourself, they twist your words. And if you do not answer them, they declare you are guilty because you refused to answer their Holy Queries.

      Fugg'em. We know what we are doing, and every single time they publish, the projects benefit. Real Americans and Patriots already know MSM is nothing but liars - noone who matters believes a word they write or say.

      You'll notice the only people slamming he project are faux Patriots, Liberal Media, Marxists and general Low Information Idiots. Have you seen a single report, anywhere, by anyone, who says the project "scammed" them? Have you seen a single LEO or regulatory agency support a single claim of wrong-doing?


      Buckle in, folks. We are on the radar of the enemy and they will never back off, they will never stop lying.



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