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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

III: Stand and be counted - it is time to declare yourself

**UPDATE**  For you folks who remain unconvinced that MBV never truly left his Communist roots and is still actively doing the work of the Left, here ya go: He posted a link to this piece from a left-wing media hitter purely in an attempt to undermine III projects.  If you don't think he is actively willing to do anything he can to destroy Patriots, morale, and cohesion, you're a flippin' idiot.  If you are a Liberty Movement blogger and still haven't spoken up to defend people like Miller...noted.


Mike Vanderboegh has been a parasitic Soul for so long that when he casts his eyes upon a Free Enterprise endeavor with hundreds of happy, hopeful Patriots, he thinks only "scam", the same way liars always see lies and cheaters always see cheats.  It is called projection.

He can also only work to destroy the work of Patriots.  He is not a builder, but a destroyer.

How many of you who are supportive of the Citadel project will continue to let this man and his sycophants spread lies in their attempts to deny what you want from your own future?  How many of you Patriots out there, whether the Citadel is for you or not, will continue to let Vanderboegh blatantly lie and divide the community without publicly pushing back?  Such silence does not speak well of principled Patriots.

For you patriotic bloggers, I would ask you to consider your silence.  I would ask you to consider a post defending hundreds of your fellow Patriots who are being attacked by Mikey, again.  I don't want anyone to defend me, it isn't necessary.  Holly and I are squared away and the Citadel Steering Committee and corporate officers are in control.  But consider letting Mike know you don't appreciate his continual attacks on Patriot projects.  If this community will not discipline itself, how can outsiders expect to ever see us as Leaders in the coming ugliness?

The Citadel project was not made by MBV, Rawles or any other individual, and they can't break it, either.  It has reached critical mass and it is now sentient.  There are too many lawyers, doctors, .mil, and other Patriots from all walks of life in support of the project and devoting their time and skills to make it happen.  From Texas to Idaho, Florida to Maine to California, from Holland and even the UAE, the Citadel is alive in patriotic hearts around the globe.

It has happened.  It is over.  The III will live for generations in stone and concrete, defending Patriots who choose to live according to our Founding Ideals.

But success does not mean defense is not warranted.  If you are part of the Liberty Movement, show it by having the courage to tell MBV to stand down, that his destruction attempts of the III and of Liberty projects will not be tolerated.  He's a sad, defeated, pathetic old Communist who is going to die unfulfilled and penniless.  If you are a good person, you can't help but feel pain for his life.  But it is the life he created for himself.

I wrote a column at Kerodin.com, here.

Stand and be counted.  Rattle his cage.



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  1. Both you and Mike have histories that either of you cannot simply dismiss. Nothing is wrong with either of you pointing out those facts about each other because it allows the rest of us to weigh past actions in light of current endeavors, opinion, etc.

    Each of you have earned your past by making conscious decisions to do this or that. To think that they won't follow you around and be used by people that dislike you (OK, hate in the case of the two of you) isn't reality. Even when it frustrates you both, you must both understand you both have earned the TRUE parts of the criticims both of you have. The rest of us in the prepper/survivalist/III community are not hurt by this tit-for-tat and the info helps us understand each of your biases better.

    For the record, I don't care either way. Both of you provide us good info on news and the somewhat scary state of things. Take care, Brent

    1. Brent: Thank you for the honesty.

      But doesn't that lack of honesty in Mike's attacks offend you intellectually, especially when he is willfully doing injury to so many other people?

      He never, ever offers a shred of proof for any of his accusations. That doesn't offend you intellectually?

      When Bill makes an accusation he always backs it up with links.

      I have owned my past since day one. If Mike stuck to facts, I'd have no problem. It's the lies that offend. It's his willingness to injure innocents that offends. But the most disappointing part of it all is how many people will remain silent and allow injury to innocents without demanding that he show his proof.

      That's not what I think of when I consider the definition of a brave Patriot. Brave Patriots demand truth and defend the innocent.


  2. I did my part yesterday:


  3. I have been disgusted with the silence, I have zero skin in the game. Yet I know right from wrong, the recent behavior from che and company makes my gut wrench. I am starting to think these folks are confused. The days of paddy cake have been long gone for some time. If you so called patriots refuse to look the bully in the eye, I am no longer willing to help wimps that seem to like beat downs from petty tyrants and pimps.

    You are on your own, and if you do not stand up to the ilk of che and company, you will be slaughtered by fed gov.

    No longer interested in weak minds and weak constitutions. Sam approve or not, it no longer matters to me, I refuse to fight for those that refuse to fight themselves. It is a total waste and I have better things to do.

    Bill Nye

    1. Thanks Bill. I have to agree - hard Patriots who won't even stand up on a keyboard and demand proof when their fellow Patriots are being injured (not me, but the hundreds who support the project and have a lot to lose) strikes me as weak.

      If a man chooses not to stand up for truth on a keyboard, how can we expect him to do so when a team of men are pointing rifles at him?

      It is sad.

      Stay safe.


  4. Do we not have better things to be concerned with than waste our time discussing petty personal disagreements?

    If you really want to stand up for something, stand up and put your Country ahead of your personal grievances.

    Is this not a time to pull together?

    Time for all of us to grow up.

    "This blog is about issues.

    This blog is NOT about Kerodin."

    1. Lord: Are you reading the words being written? It is NOT about Kerodin, it is about MBV using lies to injure hundreds of Patriots who are trying to improve the nation by pulling together, as you suggest.

      MBV is using malicious lies to destroy that "pulling together".

      That's ok with you? We should all just ignore it?


    2. You call what they say lies, they call what you say lies.

      Point is. What is it accomplishing? Really?

      It's certainly not accomplishing all of us pulling together against the real issue.

      I just want to see ALL Patriots focused right now. We need NOTHING to distract us.

      And yes, I read both sites.

      Both of you have a wide audience. Call a truce and let's get focused.

    3. I would add, if you and the project are above reproach then how can what he says harm you? Lay the truth out, all the details, and leave it at that.

      The ones that are interested will not be swayed from the truth.

      The quality of the people that I expect to be involved in an honest project of this type would not listen to lies once they had the truth.

      So speak the truth and then let the truth speak for you and move on.

      Situations like this can eat up your energy and time that could better be used elsewhere and on other subjects.

      Just FYI, I have no dog in this hunt other than my Country.

  5. I must be on a different planet but I've never even heard of the guy. Who is he?

    1. Anon: You, literally, just made my day. You are a person surfing III sites and don't even know MBV's name - that makes me happy. So much for his "Legacy". ;)

      There is no need to draw you into the drama, it is pettiness at its most base.

      Stay safe.


  6. There is a strangeness out there. People who have nothing invested in this project and should be cheering for us are instead making judgements that aren't true. I've seen it on other blogs, stuff that has nothing to do with K or MBV. They are thinking that we are defying .gov, or setting up some sort of base to conduct warfare. So they take this assumption and paint a picture of drones launching rockets and other bullshit.

    Or they try and turn it around and call it a commune. I put in my rebuttal and two cents where I can, but really I think I'm done trying to explain the situation to these asshats. I believe I've seen enough genuine interest from like minded folks that we can start to ignore the ass holes looking to cause trouble. Would you want that person living next to you anyway?

    I don't have an answer for the MBV situation, but making fantastic firearms would be a wet blanket on his parade.

    I don't have a blog (yet), but I'd step up if I did.
    Chuck Myhre

  7. Mr. K,
    Give me some time. The Steel Ibeam will be joining the ranks. I would like to add that one of your quotes comes to mind however in this situation when seeing this man or anonymous anywhere in the blogs. Any time I see negativity, recently on the Active Post page, I try to not flame, but educate and encourage folks to read up about our project. Your quote, "III Patriots must provide the mettle to take point, and the determination not to violate the Constitution to save the Constitution." Has stuck with me before the creation of The Steel Ibeam. It rings in my ears.

    In Liberty,

  8. Ask and you shall receive:

  9. I am slightly embarrassed but I must confess being introduced to the III by MBV and the Story of Sipsey St. Good stuff. I went as far as to donate some to his cause and followed through some of the Fast and Furious Debacle.

    But the truth was showing through his postings. Ad Hominem and worse. Unbelievable Bigotry. His hand out always, if not money, then sympathy. I witnessed unwarranted public attacks upon a man trying to do good works.

    All at a time when 'we' needed to be getting together, not attacking each other. I even posted to the primary parties that they were losing their audience because of the BS. MBV did not stand down. The latest is just vindication of my position.

    No Mike, stick it in your ear. You are the worst that we have to offer, the movement, certainly the country, perhaps the world, is better off without you.


  10. Adam - I also got my start in the online community with him and split from him for the same reasons you did.

    1. Yeah I see your reply on your site-incoming....


  11. He has not changed since his youth. He is still a fat piece of shit.

    He tries to throw enough of it in hopes that some will stick so his 3 followers can find it.


  12. Adam and Kenny, same here. Donated to the cause enough times but stopped when I realized that unless we did something ourselves, and towards a different end than he was moving towards, nothing was going to happen.

    Chance meetings, discussions that would not have happened otherwise have put us where we are today: Major coverage of projects that mere months ago did not exist.

    Folks are pissed right now, and not that we're succeeding. They're pissed that they've failed.

    Imagine your life's work of trying to keep the III from organizing under one brand being tossed in the trash by those who actually tried, and is currently gaining ground by leaps and bounds.

    Imagine, lying on your deathbed, knowing that you have accomplished nothing good in your life. Knowing that the only thing you've accomplished is, besides your own suffering, the suffering of your own followers. Sad, pathetic, and oh so fitting for those who will suffer with the taste of his ass on their lips.

    Even made a haiku for him, for when the time comes:

    Goodbye Vanderboegh
    You Communist piece of filth
    Rest in hell, Comrade

    Strive to be the best you can be, become part of something that works towards the betterment of yourself and the III, and get away from those who have made it their life's work to break it up and break you down. It doesn't have to be The Citadel. It doesn't have to be III Arms.

    This isn't being fought for personal gain, because if we fail at this, there is no gain for anyone, period.

    You hear the music, this is our last dance. The band has already put the song list away, and they're playing out of memory. Roadies have already rolled the cases to the edge of the stage. If we fail to organize the III with either of these projects, this IS our last concert folks, and retirement isn't going to be all the sunshine and cheap drinks we've watched those before us enjoy.

  13. A haiku Millerized? Really?! C'mon man, that's my slapstick humor on The Steel Ibeam. :)
    I may have to commandeer this haiku for the Haiku section. That is of course with your blessing.

    Stay safe and keep up the great work.
    In Liberty,

  14. LordChamp, K has on many occassions tried to put aside this thing, MVB is the one that always keeps bringing it up. Believe me, everyone is tired of it, but MVB just can't let it go.
    Miss Violet

  15. From our site:


  16. Okay Jim, your last paragraph sent shivers down my spine. That doesn't happen very often.

  17. http://libertyendanger.com/2013/01/16/defending-the-citadel/

    Sorry gentlemen, little late to the party. I never ready soapy so I had no idea what was going. I stopped reading him years ago because some of what he said did not sound like liberty.

  18. Like many others, MBV introduced me to the III concept, CA, and some other really good folks that I respect greatly. I supported MBV financially to one degree or another for a time, too, just as others have done, most likely much more to a greater extent than I. I urged him to publish his book a couple years ago as it was a really good manuscript and had great potential not only for the patriot community, but himself personally and for his family. I've met them, and they are fine people, including his son, who I enjoyed meeting once while he was on leave.

    That said, I have to agree with others here on MBV's unwarranted ad hominem attacks. In the not so distant past, I asked K and MBV to let things go and not attack each other for the good of the community. K gave his word on this site that he would not attack unless and until the time came that any other unwarranted attack was made. He's kept his word.

    Apparently, MBV cannot let sleeping dogs lie, and continues to find any reason to tear down anything to do with K, and by extension, anyone who agrees with any initiative K supports. MBV cannot let go of the fact that K is a convicted felon (having paid his debt to society) while he, himself, is a self-confessed former Communist, a title of dubious distinction at best. He cannot be questioned, even by those he considers "close" without losing his temper and railing against them even in public venues (ask me how I know this...rhetorical).

    Unacceptable double standard in my eyes.

    I don't know K personally. But based upon my interaction with him (heated debates here and personal email) when it comes to the patriot community, movement and initiatives, I will trust him until such time, if any, that he gives me reason to doubt his word.

    He's earned that much, at the very least.

    While I'm not a part of the Citadel, I am part of the III community, and if this works for those who wish it, I commend them for their efforts and success. If it doesn't work, there will be other initiatives.

    As CA says, "Muzzles front. Onward"

    1. Trainer, the fact that K kept his word and MVB didn't speaks volumes about both men. At the end of the day the only thing we have is our word. Sacred honor starts with honesty and integrity, all devotion and fidelity flow from these traits.

  19. I left my comment, maybe he'll post it, maybe he won't, I don't care. I can't judge anyone by past actions without proof that they're still doing what they used to do, this is a good plan that Kerodin and Miller are heading up with help, and this is a worthwile goal.

    Here's a paraphrase from a L'Amour book that fits: when the wagon train passes a town, the dogs will bark and chase the wagons, but the people in the wagons keep on moving without giving attention to the dogs. It's always been the habit of some to criticize others out of envy/jealousy/whateverthefuck word could be used, so keep on keeping on, K and company, this is a good concept, and you're doing what you believe, to live as free as possible in Liberty.

  20. Mike didn't post my last comment, even after letting "Tino" run some BS about me. That's telling. Here's some unsolicited advice---it's time to re-focus.

    Don't ever let the other guy set the playing field. Most importantly, the goal is to create, not out-destroy. Hey, there's been more publicity than y'all could buy. Two cliches:

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    Build it and they will come.

  21. Friends, I added my piece. Hopefully this will be the last of this BS.
    Keep Calm
    Let them rot.

  22. Ya know..every g--damn one of you is a "felon". WTF-ever that means...only reason your not "convicted" is you haven't been dragged in front of the proper black robed babalonian bastard...yet.

  23. "declare yourself" really? Quite the opposite in my opinion. I think if every patriot learned how to be anonymous on the web, we would be a lot more free. Not to mention op-sec would be much better when it comes to organized resistance. I am disgusted by the lack of technical knowledge of patriots. You all know how to shoot and to secure the 2nd, but how many of you know how to communicate behind a proxy, how to encrypt and hide your comms? Sorry, but if you don't learn some basic hacking skills and at the very least net anonymity - I don't want you near me.

    1. Anon: Free on the web isn't the goal, is it? Isn't freedom and Liberty in the material world the goal?

      Either way: Some projects and organizing should be done quietly, and some should not. There are many good reasons for making this project transparent and public, not the least of which is to provide a symbol, a rallying point, for the ideals involved.

      The Founders and Framers were vocal, for they had to rally the masses. The Sons of Liberty had good reason for wearing Indian paint in Boston.

      There is a time and place for all things - and in the case of this project secrecy and anonymity are not allies.

      By the way, if you know how to hack, do everyone a favor and go to work and take out a few sites that need to be taken out. You have your skills, I have mine - and mine don't include hacking.


  24. WOOHOO!!! With these great stories, Google is getting a work-out digging up 'millerized' stuff. People who I've not had contact with in years are coming out of the woodwork asking if this is me.

    Wow, I have to thank Mike for the publicity. I'm finding out all my previously sewn oats have all gone to crop failure. One less thing I have to wonder about showing up at the Citadel begging to be let in the gate.

    What he's left out entirely, is the organ donation last year, the 12yrs of .mil, the pro-gun activism and a few 'plays well with others' links.

    What IS unfortunate, though, is that one local pair of friends is deeply in bed with Mike, and quite possibly been feeding him information. One reason Fakebook is not a good repository of personal stuff, and the reason it's been scrubbed a bit over days past. Not hiding, just preventing.

    And to think the fun is just starting!

  25. Life is full of irony. I'm pretty sure I found K because of MBV. The conflict was very confusing. Then K said he wouldn't have these public arguments any more because it was bad for the Patriot movement and confusing to newcomers (bingo!) and I figured out which way to go.

    Now, here I am - part of the most important and meaningful thing I feel I have ever done in my entire life. Irony, indeed.


  26. Sir -

    I have no blog, so I posted here.

    I am simply a man, distant from you all and with no "dog in the fight" save my own self-interest.

    I discovered the III concept by random chance while surfing one blog after another. I have read here, and I have read at SSI - and I have bookmarked many of those on your blogroll for both the information and entertainment values.

    Never once have I seen any attempt by you to hide your past - in fact it is linked above in glorious color for any to read.

    The Citadel Project is wide open as well - the website answers questions and has forms to submit others. It is plainly stated that it is a work in progress. It is clear to any that there will be 'bugs in the system'. To suddenly decry it as somehow tainted due to its affiliation with you? What is the point, beyond simple character assassination? Third-grade schoolyard tactics that have no merit.

    Again, I am no blogger, but I will not be silent.



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