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Friday, January 25, 2013

Still Standing - and Winning

One of the great Patriots involved in the Citadel project sent me a link to a story in the Washington Times.  The piece discussed the Citadel, Beck's Independence USA and Peter Thiel's Seasteading project.  A major media outlet covered us favorably (again) without any stigma.

Shall I interpret?  That means, as we have known internally all along, that despite the best efforts of many sad, pathetic, diseased Souls who tried to kill the project, they are left holding another heaping, steaming pile of FAIL.

The lies, the hit pieces, the attempts to sabotage via comments on story threads.  F. A. I. L.

The Citadel is sentient.  It lives.  It is bigger than any single participant, and it is far too well-received in the hearts of real Patriots to go gently into that good night.  Every single day we add new Patriots who want a place to live among us in safety and patriotism, and in reverence of our Founding Ideals.

If any of you had any doubts about whether or not the Citadel would survive the assassination attempts of little minds - now you know.

We are still standing.  We are bigger and stronger now than a week ago.  We gain new supporters with every single story - whether favorable, objective, or a hit piece.

Am I gloating?  Yep.  A bit.  I deserve it.  So does every single supporter of this project who came under attack from MBV and his Useful Idiots.  And I am also proud, damned proud, that our idea about joining together in a single location to build a large Tribe is a concept shared, at least in many ways, by so many other Americans.  Glenn Beck has plans for a community much larger and more elaborate, I daresay even more sophisticated, than ours.  That is of monumental importance for America.  The Seasteading project is brilliant in its concept.

We are not alone, Patriots.

The values we cherish are still out there, and people like us, and Beck, and others, are finding ways to get us all together and to propagate those ideals.

To the haters - you lose.  Gads it must suck to be you!  Even when you try to destroy, you futz it up!

And to every single Patriot who supports our concept and our ideals - let's keep rolling.  We have the Enemies of Liberty on the run.

Here's the piece.


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