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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Nation's Pulse

The Citadel has gotten a tremendous amount of publicity in the last ten days. 

Forget the silly attempts to do damage by MBV and his taint-sucklers, their attempts have failed in an epic manner.  Every single day the projects add new people to the roster and each of the related III projects gains more customers.  Forget the Leftist Media that have piled on, they too have failed.  Every single negative story sends more orders and reservations into the projects.

Put it all in perspective for a moment.  There is a much bigger story unfolding.

Nearly 2 dozen Americans have asked for guidance, asking how they can get a Citadel community going in their AO.  The Citadel has hundreds of reservations on the books.  Families and couples and single Americans from coast to coast, border to border, from college aged kids to retired seniors, have considered the idea of moving into a community with like-minded Countrymen and surrounded by protective walls, and they want a residence. 

They want safety and they want people near them who see the world as do they.

The response has been humbling.

Now consider what we all witnessed this weekend at 2A rallies across the country.  Armed men and women got off their couches and felt the need to show up.  And LEO was, from every report submitted here, very polite and respectful.  (That tends to happen when outnumbered by serious people who have lost their sense of humor about 2A  ;)

Now consider that every gun shop, gun show and firearm and ammo manufacturer in America is essentially sold out of almost everything that is designed for a fight.  You can still find many handguns, lever guns, deer rifles.  But firearms and ammo designed for defense, good luck finding much.  Americans everywhere have gone on a hunt to arm themselves.  What scared them into action?

In just days nearly the entire national inventory of fighting arms and ammo to feed them, and accessories such as magazines, were gone.

You know that many, many people who were not engaged a month ago are now fully engaged and temperatures are running hot.

Now consider this final thought: What if every single person who has purchased firearms and/or ammunition in the past 30 days decided to pull their cash out of the bank and go to the store and turn it into food.

The banking system would implode in 3 days.  The cascading failures that would follow would implode every single facet of the American economy.  In days.

Still think the folks who want to live in the Citadel are wrong?


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  1. "There is a much bigger story unfolding."

    Believe it. Following is a comment verbatim that I sent so SSI. I don't know if it'll show there or not, but I think it captures the principles involved adequately.


    The Citadel is important because it's an attempt by individuals to say, "This is how I choose to live," AND THEN DO IT! It doesn't matter WHO the people are. It doesn't matter if they're nice people, lousy people, scammers, racists, peaceniks, gun lovers, drug users or Bible thumpers. NONE OF THAT MATTERS.

    ALL that matters is that they are individuals who wish to live as they choose and NOT impose their wishes on ANYONE else. Don't like 'em? Stay away from them. Don't like the rules? Don't join. Until and unless they impose their values or desires on others--and that can only be done physically, of course--then who they are or what they do IS NOBODY ELSE'S BUSINESS. Period, already. PERIOD. That's what this country was once all about and if THESE people aren't free to live how THEY wish, then neither are you.

    Enough is enough. THIS is the principle involved...not personal opinions, not the country, not the Constitution, not patriotism, not anything except people's LIVES. Think about it...how pompous must a person be, from any "side," to think that their beliefs or wishes could possibly be worth more than other people's lives?

    It doesn't sound so high and noble when it's worded that way, eh? But that's what's going on and that's ALL that's going on. I hope the Citadel folk get exactly what they want. But even if they don't, all the "freedom mongers" out there better wake the hell up to what the principles are.

    This is why the Bad Guys are winning in a rout. The Good Guys can't even figure out what they're fighting for. Sheesh.


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